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Boost Your Career with Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento

aerial lift certification sacremento There are many opportunities to find a great life and career in Sacramento. As with any large and growing city, there will always be the need for individuals who dedicate their career to ensuring their great city remains safe, structurally sound, and in tune with modern technology. This need includes equipment operators like aerial lift workers. To keep the infrastructure sturdy and the citizens of Sacramento safe, aerial lift workers are necessary employees and can find plentiful and rewarding careers. Whether you’re interested in construction work, repairing systems, or project management, Sacramento has the aerial lift work for you. Continue reading

Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts: When to Use Them

aerial lift vs. scissor lift

Aerial lifts and scissor lifts are both vehicle-mounted devices used to “lift” workers to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. They are most commonly used in construction sites and to repair electrical lines. Lifts can elevate people as well as supplies to transport them throughout a worksite, including cargo and building materials. However, aerial lifts and scissor lifts are designed to be effective for different jobs, and their main difference is the mechanical method they use to elevate the passenger.

Aerial Lifts are mobile elevating platforms used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to areas of great height. Aerial lifts, or aerial work platforms, are used for temporary flexible access mostly for maintenance purposes, construction work, or for firefighters during emergencies. Aerial lifts can be powered by hydraulic pistons, diesel, gasoline, or electrically. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons For Getting Your Cherry Picker Certification

Cherry Picker Certification

Many top jobs require and value employees with a cherry picker certification. As a potential worker, this training shows that you take the job position seriously and value safety protocols, as well as doing everything you can to prevent accidents at work. This dedication to ongoing education and the desire to prepare for all types of situations is something employers will greatly appreciate and will want a part of their team. Receiving cherry picker certification is the best way to show you’re fully capable and well prepared to operate complicated machinery to a new or existing employer.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should look into a cherry picker certification today: Continue reading