How to Drive an Electric Scissor Lift Safely

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An electric scissor lift requires no gas. Rather, the lift runs exclusively on electricity. And it enables workers to complete a wide range of tasks at heights. Read on to learn more about electric scissor lifts and associated OSHA certification requirements. 

Using an electric scissor lift requires OSHA certification. Thanks to, businesses can ensure all workers who use electric scissor lifts are trained and certified in accordance with OSHA standards.

What Is an Electric-Powered Scissor Lift?

Electric scissor lifts are commonly used in manufacturing and maintenance. They have crisscrossing braces and can move a platform up and down. 

Businesses frequently use electric scissor lifts in warehouses and other indoor work environments. Electric scissor lifts tend to be more compact and quieter than diesel-powered ones. These lifts also do not emit toxic fumes. 

An electric scissor lift runs on a battery. The average lifespan of an electric-powered scissor lift battery ranges from six to 48 months. 

How to Drive Electric Scissor Lifts

To drive an electric scissor lift, an operator uses the base control console. Here, the operator can access various switches and buttons. 

Electric scissor lifts have switches to activate the platform and raise and lower it. In addition, they include an emergency stop button that an operator can use to immediately deactivate their machine. 

Regardless of electric-powered scissor lift, an operator should only drive the machine if he or she has OSHA-approved certification. Otherwise, the operator can inadvertently cause accidents that result in serious injury or death. 

Electric Scissor Lift Operator Certification Needs

Anyone who drives electric scissor lifts must hold valid certification. OSHA covers scissor lift certification under standard 1926.451.

An OSHA-compliant scissor lift certification program is extensive. The program teaches workers about electric scissor lift sizes and related safety topics. It includes a variety of learning materials.  

Online scissor lift certification training is available. This training can be completed on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. It offers 24/7 access to web-based learning materials.

To receive a scissor lift certification card, a student must pass a test administered by an OSHA-approved trainer. After the student successfully completes their test, he or she receives a certification card that stays valid for up to three years. 

Consequences of Not Certifying Employees to Drive Scissor Lifts 

There are serious consequences for businesses that do not certify workers to drive scissor lifts. These companies can face fines that total hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can also suffer revenue losses and brand reputation if they receive OSHA scissor lift safety compliance penalties. 

Electric Scissor Lift FAQs

What are the pros and cons of electric scissor lifts?

Electric scissor lifts are more portable than other lifts. Comparatively, they offer less power than diesel-powered scissor lifts. 

Can two people be on an electric scissor lift at once?

It depends on the lifting capacity. Most electric lifts can hold about 400 lbs., which means two workers may be able to use one simultaneously. 

Do I need a spotter when I use a scissor lift?

Yes. There should be a spotter on the ground at all times, regardless of the type of scissor lift in use. 

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