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Agreement and Disclaimer This Agreement and Disclaimer for Employee Right to Know Training (this “Agreement”) is entered into between Certifyme.net Inc,(the “Company”) and the employer or other entity which is registering to use the training on this web site (“End User,”) for its employees or other persons under the supervision of End User.. By registering to use this site where indicated herein, End User agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The purpose of this online training provided by the Company is to assist End User in addressing and meeting compliance requirements set forth in the OHSA regulations regarding Operator Training. The Company has prepared this online training for the purpose of assisting End User in complying with such regulations in connection with its employees. However, this online training is not sufficient in and of itself to complete training. The OSHA in regulations require substantial additional practical training and evaluation by End User with respect to each Employee. End User is solely responsible for ensuring its compliance with such regulations. Completion of this online training will not be sufficient to satisfy the OSHA regulations and End User will not be in compliance with OSHA regulations simply by having Employees use the online training provided by the Company. General Disclaimer: The principles and suggestions in this website are presented to apply to diverse personal and company situations. These materials and information are for general informational and educational purposes only. The materials, in general, are presented with the understanding that CertifyMe.net Inc. is not engaged in rendering legal advice. Employers with significant legal issues and questions about workplace safety and OSHA compliance should consult an attorney. End User will assume any and all responsibility for ascertaining which of its personnel are required to undergo training, testing, and evaluations to reach and maintain compliance with OSHA. Such responsibility will include End User familiarizing its personnel with on-site hazards and conditions. End User agrees that it is solely responsible for determining which Employees are required to complete the necessary OSHA training and to ensure that each particular Employee has in fact completed all necessary training. End User agrees that neither the Company nor any of its officers, employees, members, affiliates, or agents shall have any liability or responsibility for End User’s failure to comply with any OSHA regulations including, but not limited to, the regulations regarding hazard communication. End User agrees that it is solely responsible for ensuring its compliance with OSHA and all regulations promulgated by OSHA. By registering to use this site, End User hereby releases and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company, and its officers, employees, members, affiliates, and agents, for, from, and against any and all liability, loss, damage, claim, threatened claim, or expense (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) resulting from, arising out of, or in any way related to End User’s failure to comply with OSHA regulations. Any and all certificates or licenses will also be the complete responsibility of End User. Privacy and Security Transactions are processed by SSL Secured Servers at Authorize.net. At CertifyMe.net, we are committed to protecting your privacy online. Below is a brief overview of the highlights of our Privacy Policy. This will give you a summary sketch about how information is collected from you and how it is used. Information Collected When you utilize our site, we collect personal information from you such as your name, e-mail address, billing address, telephone number, credit card or other payment information and a password. We may also collect the URL you came from, IP address, domain types (e.g. .com or .org, etc.), your browser type, the country, state and telephone area code where your server is located, the pages of our site that were viewed during a visit, the advertisements you clicked, and any search terms that you entered on our site. How Information is Used We do not sell or rent your personal information to others. We use customer information we collect only for the purposes of certifying employees, sending promotional information, enhancing the operation of our site, serving advertisements, for statistical purposes and to administer our systems. We may use third parties to help process payments, to provide customer service, to serve site content, to serve the advertisements you see on our site, and to help administer promotional emails. We give them access to the information needed to do their job. Sometimes that includes your personal information. Our computer system protects personal information using advanced firewall technology. Cookies We use cookies to help identify you when you visit our site and to customize your experience. The cookies contain randomly assigned user identification numbers, the country where you are located, and your first name to welcome you back to our site. The cookies make your use of the site easier, allow you to retrieve employees certification records, make the site run more smoothly and help us to maintain a secure site. You will be unable to use our site without your browser set to accept cookies. We do not disclose your personal account information or any information about your purchases to our ad server. We do not store any credit card information on our server.
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