Forklift Certification Course Description

For Operators & Employees

Who need to get OSHA Compliant

Without needing expensive consultants

By using our Online Certification Course

Become 100% OSHA Compliant in Forklift Safety with our online program including INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE free 3-year renewals

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Our course includes:

 Driver Seat Controls

 Inspection & Maintenance 

 Safe Operation

Load Handling


 Fueling & Batteries

Loading Dock Safety

Vertical Mast Lifts

Extended Reach Lifts



Warehouse Forklifts

For Classes 1, 4 & 5

Internal Combustions 




Pallet Jacks & Order Pickers

For Classes 2 & 3
Powered Walk Behind


Narrow Aisle



Rough Terrain Forklifts

For Class 7


Straight Mast Forklifts

Extended Boom Lifts

Available in ENLISH & SPANISH


1) How does OSHA regulate forklift training and certification?

OSHA is committed to workplace safety across all industries and has established certification and training requirements for forklift operators. These requirements apply to all forklift operators at all job sites in the U.S.

After a series of deadly accidents involving powered industrial trucks, the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Division initially instituted a series of regulations requiring training and certification of all people who operate forklifts. The intent behind the regulations was to reduce the number of serious accidents and fatalities in the future. Here’s a summary of OSHA’s forklift operator requirements:

Forklift operators must be 18 years of age or older.
To drive forklifts, operators must complete an OSHA-approved training and certification course, such as the course offered by
OSHA’s requirements include a list of mandatory topics that need to be covered by the training.
A designated individual needs to evaluate a driver’s understanding of the material, as well as their ability to properly and safely operate the equipment.
Training must be specific to the site and equipment type.
Failure to comply with or ignore OSHA regulations, including having untrained and unlicensed forklift operators can have severe consequences. OSHA can impose daily fines up to $13,653 for each day a violation of its forklift operator regulations continues, up to a maximum of $136,532.

2) What is forklift worker certification?

In simple terms, a forklift certification is a document that shows a forklift operator has successfully completed an OSHA-approved training program, such as our forklift operator training course.

3) Where can I get forklift certified?

Hiring an outside consultant to conduct either on-site or off-site training is both expensive and disruptive to operations. A much faster, more convenient, and less expensive way for employers to have their operators trained and certified is through our online Train a Trainer program. This comprehensive course includes all the standard forklift training and more so you can have operator training, evaluation, and certification take place entirely in-house.