Atlanta Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification

atlanta aerial lift certificationThe economy is strong in Atlanta, one of the biggest cities for business and a transportation hub for the entire country. In fact, Forbes ranks Atlanta fifth in the US on its list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.” Because of all this, Atlanta is the place for a broad range of job opportunities, especially for skilled people with expertise in a special trade. Certified aerial and scissor lift operators are definitely on this list of careers that are experiencing healthy growth and high demand. Transportation companies and warehouse-based businesses are among the top aerial and scissor lift employers in Atlanta. These businesses are so prevalent locally that people with Atlanta aerial lift certification have a better chance to earn more and have their choice of employers.

The Demand for Workers with Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta

Atlanta is a great place for commerce, serving as home to the world headquarters of businesses including UPS, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Turner Broadcasting and Delta Air Lines. Because both the standards of individual industries and OSHA all require aerial and scissor lift certification for many employees, certified workers are in demand in Atlanta. Finding employees with the right credentials is essential to good business and reducing the risk of liability for any employer. These best practices for employee Atlanta aerial lift certification are also an important part of maximizing profit and performance.

Why Do I Need an Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification in Atlanta?

Without the right training, working with heavy equipment like aerial and scissor lifts can be hazardous. In large urban centers like Atlanta only properly trained and certified workers are hired to operate an aerial or scissor lift. This is because operators without the right knowledge and experience run the risk of falling prey to lift platform ejections, structural failures, entanglement hazards and falls. These physical dangers are not the only consequence of improper operation of aerial and scissor lifts; employees without the right training also threaten businesses with financial and legal liability. Demonstrate to potential employers that you have the right experience, training and skills to safely operate this equipment and minimize risk with Atlanta aerial lift certification and scissor lift training.

The Benefits of Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification

There are many reasons why employees need aerial lift certification in Atlanta to find a great job with a great employer. But did you also know that there are actually many benefits involved with aerial lift training in Atlanta?

Protect Your Life. There are about 26 fatal injuries involving aerial lifts that occur every year, and most often, a lack of training is the root cause. You can potentially save your life by completing this education which will teach you how to recognize a variety of hazards.

Qualify for Higher Paying Jobs. One of the greatest bonuses to Atlanta aerial lift certification is that it opens the door to many more job opportunities, including higher paying ones as well.

Be More Productive at Work. Aerial lift training covers everything workers need to know to operate an aerial lift safely and efficiently. This means you might be the most productive employee at work.

Become an Invaluable Asset. When you complete the training with, you will know how to be the greatest employee you can be. We teach you how to operate an aerial lift, as well as how to inspect the equipment thoroughly and assess the surrounding environment for any hazards. This means you are able to pick up on dangerous situations that can lead to injury and damage to equipment. Employers recognize the quality of our training and will consider you an invaluable asset to their company.

Aerial and Scissor Lift Jobs in Atlanta

Atlanta is home to a range of great aerial and scissor lift jobs. Huge employers like UPS, Home Depot and Coca-Cola need warehouse employees in particular, so they are frequently searching for workers with Atlanta aerial lift certification, scissor lift certification or both. The range of other industries and businesses in Atlanta ensures that employers are usually looking for certified operators, making this kind of job steady, profitable and rewarding.

Some of these employment opportunities include:

Tree Trimmer
Comcast Network Maintenance Technician
Aircraft Exterior Washer
Aerial Lift Mechanic/Operator
Scissor Lift Mechanic/Operator
Forestry Technician
Regional Account Manager
Project Manager
Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift Trainer

Whether you are interested in construction jobs in Atlanta, warehouse jobs in Atlanta, or other types of positions, look into completing your Atlanta aerial lift certification and scissor lift training. This training is what will get you ready to operate one of these massive pieces of equipment safely. It also protects you and your fellow workers from injury and fatality on the worksite. Many employers now require workers have this certification to even be considered for a job. OSHA is a sector of the Department of Labor and they crack down on businesses with uncertified employees, writing out expensive fines to employers.

How Can I Get My Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification?

You may be concerned about getting the right training, but fortunately it is easy to find education for your certification that is comprehensive, flexible and affordable. Costing under $100, the Atlanta aerial lift certification course from CMO takes about one hour to complete and can be accessed wherever you have internet. This might be at home, in a coffee shop, or while on a lunch break at work. All you have to do to get started is create an account on the website, and complete each learning module. Once you have successfully worked through the program, you can print your certification to display your skills at your job site or interview. You will also be 100% compliant with OSHA which is something all employers appreciate.

Our online aerial lift programs offer you lots of choices so you can work around your existing responsibilities without disrupting your schedule. And it’s easy to get your valid, OSHA-compliant Atlanta aerial lift certification and scissor lift training once you’ve completed your training. Don’t wait to follow the new career path that’s waiting for you. Get started today! is the first online program to offer OSHA compliant Atlanta aerial and scissor lift certification. Training is easy and affordable, and can be completed in one hour from the comfort of your home. in Atlanta works with top companies in the area to prepare new operators and experienced workers for all kinds of job opportunities.

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