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Regardless of the size or type of the business, employers are urged to verify that the operators they hire have received OSHA-compliant lift operator training. If the business hires or already has uncertified operators on its payroll, it’s imperative that they receive their lift operator certifications as soon as possible.

If your company needs assistance with aerial lift certification in Atlanta, look no further than, the leader in OSHA compliance and safety training. Our courses feature:

atlanta aerial lift certification

☑ Free renewal training

☑ Friendly customer service

☑ Complete OSHA compliance

☑ Total aerial lift certification in Atlanta for all employees

☑ Great prices (check out our courses today)

☑ And much more!

Just register your company to enjoy all the benefits of our aerial lift certification in Atlanta!

Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification – Courses & Pricing

Looking for affordable, on-point, OSHA compliant aerial lift certification in Atlanta? You’ve come to the right place!

– Train the Trainer Certification – Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift – Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification

$ 149.00

– Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Great Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta for less than $100

$ 75.00

– Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification for Bi-Lingual Workers

$ 75.00

– Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification – Class 7 Equipment

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

 Straight mast forklift

✓ Extended reach forklift

Each course just $ 75.00 each!

– Class 7 – Spanish – Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta for Bi-Lingual Workplaces

✓ Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

✓ Straight mast forklift

✓ Extended reach forklift

$ 75.00 – and that’s affordable in any language!

– Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta – Fall Protection for Advanced Safety

$ 75.00

– Fall Protection – Spanish

$ 75.00

Atlanta boasts a strong and steadily growing economy. So strong in fact that Forbes recently ranked Atlanta fifth in the US on its list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.” With its strong manufacturing base and plenty of construction activity, there’s a huge demand in Atlanta offers for skilled workers, including aerial lift and scissor lift operators, and the need for these workers is expected to grow. Employers need to be aware, however, that OSHA requires Atlanta aerial lift and scissor lift operators to be properly trained and certified before they’re legally allowed to operate lifts in the workplace.

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aerial lift certification

It’s easy to get started – just follow these five easy steps:

 Create an account and register your company (it takes just a few minutes)

 Register each of your aerial lift or scissor lift operators

✓ Have the registered students log in to the account

✓ Have students complete the online test (it takes only about an hour)

✓ After completing the exam, students undergo hands-on, in-person equipment operating evaluation conducted by a qualified trainer

That’s all there is to it! Once the students have passed the test, they’ve completed their 100% OSHA-compliant Atlanta aerial lift certification training. Download and print their aerial and scissor lift operator cards and they’re good to go! is the premier provider of comprehensive Atlanta aerial lift certification and scissor lift training. Affordably priced for optimal value, CMO’s Lift Operator Courses will train all your employees to levels that meet or exceed safety standards set by OSHA. There’s no need to look further than CMO for aerial lift certification  Atlanta. From the city center to the surrounding communities of Duluth, Holly Springs, Canton, Alpharetta and Blue Ridge, CMO is your best option for providing your workers with scissor lift and aerial lift training in Atlanta.

Check out our course lineup and enroll your employees today in Atlanta’s aerial lift certification training program! You’ll be glad you did!

Reasons to Enroll Your Employees in CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification Training

First and foremost, Atlanta aerial lift and scissor lift certification is intended to improve workplace safety and save lives. It’s also required by OSHA, and failure to comply can result in severe penalties and fines. recently conducted a company safety program survey of more than 100 managers, supervisors, and safety personnel. Over half the respondents reported having been audited by OSHA. Of these, 18% had received fines; the majority of which exceeded $100,000. Click here to read the entire study.

More Reasons Why CMO is Your Best Choice for Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta

 Our online Atlanta aerial lift training programs is fast and easy

All training materials are available online 24/7. Although the classes can be completed in as little as an hour, there are no time limits, so students can complete the courses working at their own pace using a digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection. Most students pass the exam the first time it’s taken, although if necessary, students can repeat the training as many times as needed.

 We’re 100 % OSHA compliant

Having your workers complete CMO’s Atlanta aerial lift certification and scissor lift training means you’ll not only have a safer workplace, but you’ll also avoid hefty OSHA fines and penalties for noncompliance.

✓ CMO training is affordable

Our aerial lift and scissor lift training program cost just $75 per employee, so there’s no need to break the bank to have your operators properly trained and your business OSHA compliant.

✓  Our training is flexible and convenient

The coursework can be taken at any time and anywhere that’s convenient, which can be during a lunch break, at a coffee shop or at home. This flexibility means there’s no need to take time off work to travel to and from an expensive offsite training facility.

✓ OSHA certifications and operator cards are available immediately

There’s no need to wait for the mail. After students complete the training, their OSHA certification and aerial lift operator cards can immediately be downloaded and printed, making it legal for them to resume operate lift equipment in the workplace.

Why Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta is Important

In the hands of an inexperienced or improperly trained operator, aerial lifts and scissor lifts are extremely dangerous pieces of equipment. That’s why in Atlanta as in other areas throughout the country it’s against the law to operate lifts without OSHA-approved aerial lift and scissor lift training. Only properly trained and certified workers are allowed to operate aerial lifts or scissor lifts.

Our courses benefit employers and employees alike. Without the knowledge that comes with having completed our aerial lift and scissor lift training, your operators run the risks of falling from lift platforms, being ejected, lift tip-overs, entanglement hazards, and other life-threatening incidents. You, as an employer risk incurring severe penalties, fines, and potentially costly litigation.

Enroll your workers in CMO’s Atlanta aerial lift certification training today – you won’t be disappointed!

The Benefits of Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification

There are numerous benefits that come with having your employees complete CMO’s aerial lift training in Atlanta. Here are some of the highlights:

✓ Protect the Lives of Your Workforce

On average, there are about 26 fatal accidents involving aerial lifts that occur every year. Most often, operator error due to a lack of proper training is the root cause. By having your employees complete our training, they’ll learn how to recognize and avoid various hazards that could potentially cost them their lives.

✓ Enjoy a More Efficient and Productive Workplace

 Aerial lift training covers everything workers need to know about operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts safely and efficiently, which in turn translates to more efficient operation and increased productivity

✓ Become OSHA Compliant

It’s the law. Anyone who operates an aerial lift in the workplace must first receive OSHA-approved training and certification. When your employees complete the training with, they’ll not only know how to operate an aerial lift but will also have learned how to thoroughly inspect the equipment before each use and assess the surrounding environment for potential hazards. They will have been trained to avoid dangerous situations that can lead to serious injuries or death and damages to property and equipment.

✓ Keep Up to Date with Changing Safety Rules

ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, recently updated ANSI A92.22 Safe Use and A92.24, which are two important guidelines that impact the use of scissor lifts and aerial lifts. Since CMO routinely checks for changing safety rules, we automatically updated our training materials to reflect these changes. Imagine the hassle and headaches involved with having to find out on your own how this legislation will affect your business. That’s another reason why companies all across the city rely on CMO for their Atlanta aerial lift certification needs!

✓ Free Refresher Training for Life

When your employees receive their initial Atlanta aerial lift certification training through CMO, the recertification training OSHA requires every three years are free.

Enjoy thorough, affordable, OSHA compliant aerial lift certification in Atlanta today with CMO!

aerial lift certification

Get Atlanta Aerial Lift Certification For Your Employees Today

Still have questions about CMO’s aerial lift certification in Atlanta training programs? Call us at (602) 277-0615 to speak with one of our knowledgeable aerial lift training experts. You can also click here to contact us online to register your business and enroll your employees in our Atlanta aerial lift operator training program. CMO is here to help you with all your Atlanta aerial lift certification needs!

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