aerial and scissor lift certification

There’s always a demand for qualified aerial lift and scissor lift operators throughout the country. If you’re an employer, you need to ensure all of your aerial lift and scissor lift operators are compliant through an OSHA-approved trainer. 

With online aerial lift certification and online scissor lift certification through, compliance is easy and affordable. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a safer, more productive workplace. And it all starts with our online lift certification. 

The Top Spot for Aerial Lift Certification? Online!

Wondering where to go for the aerial and scissor lift training you’ll need? The answer is as close as your computer. The fastest and easiest way to become a certified aerial or scissor lift operator is through’s aerial and scissor lift training and certification program

CMO has been training and certifying aerial lift and scissor lift operators online since 1999. We offer a scissor lift course and aerial lift course, along with other OSHA-compliant training for all of your employees. Get started today and see how effortless and affordable OSHA compliance actually is!

Our online aerial lift certification courses offer:

– 24/7 access
– Affordable prices
– Lifetime support
– Expert industry knowledge on OSHA compliance
– And much more

aerial lift certificationWhat to Look for in Aerial and Scissor Lift Training

There are a few key components you need to look for in an aerial lift and scissor lift certification program. Choose an aerial lift or scissor lift training program carefully. Here are some of the main features to look for in a trainer; fulfill all of these points while offering the most affordable prices around.

– OSHA Compliant Training. All CMO training programs, including our online aerial lift certification and online scissor lift certification, are 100% OSHA approved.
Convenience. When you choose CMO, there’s no need to take time away from work or go offsite for the training. Courses can be taken at the workplace. If it’s more convenient, training can also be completed using a smartphone or other digital device at home or anywhere there’s an internet connection.
– Experience and Expertise. CMO trainers are OSHA experts. They’re always up to date. They know and understand the ins and outs of the latest OSHA regulations. When aerial lift and scissor lift operators are trained and certified by CMO, they receive the very best safety training available anywhere.
– Affordability. Aerial and scissor lift operator training and courses cost just $75 for each employee.
– Accessibility. Students registered with CMO can access course materials online 24/7.
– Renewals. With CMO, there’s no charge for the recertification training that OSHA requires every three years.
– Completion Time. CMO lift training operator programs can be completed in as little as an hour.
– Same Day Certification. After the training is completed, aerial and scissor lift certificates and operator training cards can be immediately downloaded and printed. CMO will send permanent lift operator training cards by mail within seven to ten days.
– Satisfaction Guarantee. All CMO training programs come with a 30-day,100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your scissor lift course or aerial lift course, just let us know.

We also develop our training programs in accordance with OSHA standards. Our programs are kept up to date based on any changes to these standards, too. 

Does OSHA Require Aerial Lift Certification?

It is an OSHA requirement for anyone that uses an aerial lift at a U.S. worksite to have an active license. Thus, any aerial lift operator on your company’s team must have valid certification. Otherwise, this operator and your business is violating an OSHA mandate. 

CMO takes the guesswork out of how to get scissor lift certification for your workforce. Our online aerial lift and scissor lift training provides all the components and paperwork you need to fulfill OSHA’s requirements while guiding you in how to complete the in-person evaluations with all necessary handouts, tests, and checklists.

Offer OSHA Scissor Lift Certification Anywhere in the U.S.

Wherever in the U.S. you live or are thinking about living, CMO makes it easy to become a certified aerial lift or scissor lift operator. Here are the cities with plenty of opportunities for aerial and scissor lift operators:


Atlanta, GA is ranked by Forbes as one of the top five places in the U.S. for business. An Atlanta aerial lift certificate will let your workers take part in the construction boom.


Nashville, TN isn’t just the Country Music Capital of the World. It’s also a vibrant growing city with lots of career opportunities for lift operators. Nashville aerial lift certification will help open the door for those who want to pursue myriad career opportunities.

New York City

New York City, NY is the country’s largest job market, and unemployment is low. A New York City aerial lift certification will let you take advantage of the many employment opportunities available in the Big Apple. With New York online lift certification, employers and employees can take advantage of 100% OSHA compliance!

San Antonio

San Antonio, TX is another area where aerial and scissor lift operators are in demand. CMO’s San Antonio aerial lift training will help your workers jumpstart their careers.


Anaheim, CA is more than Disneyland. Construction, warehousing, and landscaping are just a few of the many good jobs available for operators who complete CMO’s Anaheim aerial lift certification training. Sign your workers up for a scissor lift course or aerial lift course today!

San Francisco

San Francisco, CA also has some great job opportunities for aerial and scissor lift operators. Completing CMO’s San Francisco OSHA scissor lift certification program will bring you to the front of the line, and also keep your workplace safer.

San Jose

San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, has many employers who rely on our San Jose certification online training.


Stockton, CA is another California city with lots of opportunities for lift operators. Your Stockton aerial lift training will give your workers the education they need to take part in the city’s rapid growth. Stockton online scissor lift certification is the perfect complement to your company’s safety program.


Maui, HI, Maui online lift certification is mandatory for all Maui employers. This tropical paradise island includes many employers that use CMO’s Maui aerial lift certification training.


Memphis, TN is a transportation and manufacturing hub. A Memphis aerial lift certificate is the key to helping your workers capitalize on career advancement opportunities. 


Phoenix, AZ is growing faster than just about any other city in America. CMO’s Phoenix aerial lift training can help your workers enhance their skill set and maintain a good, well-paid job in the Valley of the Sun.


Philadelphia, PA, home of the Liberty Bell, is another city with lots of job opportunities for lift operators who have received CMO’s Philadelphia certification for aerial lift operators.

San Diego

San Diego, CA is another area with a booming economy. With San Diego certification for aerial lift operators, your workers have the ticket to a good job and year-round great weather.


Sacramento, CA, the state’s capital, also needs skilled workers. A Sacramento aerial lift operator certification can help anyone land a job that pays well in the “Gold Rush City.”


Houston, TX, with a population of over two million people, has lots of job opportunities for qualified aerial lift operators. A CMO Houston aerial lift certificate can help people land aerial lift operator jobs at your company.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, like most of California, has a vibrant economy. It’s a great place for lift operators who hold a Los Angeles aerial lift certification. Plus, LA online aerial lift and scissor lift certification is required by OSHA. Sign up today!


Chicago, IL, always needs aerial lift operators. Thanks to Chicago OSHA scissor lift certification, anyone can take advantage of your company’s aerial lift operator jobs in the “Windy City”.


Dallas, TX Has low unemployment and a booming economy. The job opportunities for operators with a Dallas scissor lift certification are virtually unlimited.


Charlotte, NC offers job seekers who have completed Charlotte aerial lift training both lots of employment opportunities and a great quality of life.


Seattle, WA is home to both Microsoft and Amazon. The “Emerald City” a great place to start a new career once someone has completed CMO’s Seattle certification training for aerial lift operators.


Boston, MA is rich with history and culture. It also has lots of job opportunities for workers with Boston aerial lift operator certification training. Boston-area employers should sign up today for aerial lift training and online scissor lift certification.


Portland, OR has low unemployment and a high growth rate. Complete CMO’s Portland aerial lift operator certification training and get in on the boom!


Denver, CO is another city with a rapidly growing population and an expanding economy. Operators with Denver aerial lift operator certification are always in demand.


Austin, TX is a beautiful city with plenty of job opportunities for construction workers. Completing CMO’s Austin aerial lift operator certification online training program can give anyone a great start toward a new career.

Ontario, CA

Ontario, CA is just 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. It’s a great place to start a new career as an aerial or scissor lift operator after completing Ontario aerial lift operator certification training.


Orlando, FL, home of Disney World, is a constantly changing and expanding city. Construction workers who have completed Orlando aerial lift training and certification are always in demand.

Ashburn, VA

There is no place quite like Ashburn, VA. Here, people can enjoy a great quality of life, along with a convenient commute to Washington D.C. They also can take advantage of best-in-class Ashburn aerial lift operator certification training. 

Concord, CA

For those who want to explore all that San Francisco has to offer, a stop in Concord, CA is a must. Concord is a terrific destination for families. It provides many people with opportunities to earn Concord aerial lift operator certification and accelerate their career growth, too. 

Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas, NV is commonly referred to as the “City That Never Sleeps,” it offers much more. In fact, Las Vegas aerial lift operator certification training is available that enables anyone to pursue many career opportunities across the city.

Long Island, NY

There is a lot to like about Long Island, NY. From eye-catching views to a variety of attractions for residents and visitors of all ages, Long Island has plenty to offer. For those who want to build a career in the area, Long Island aerial lift operator training is also available.  


Minneapolis, Minnesota helps form the “Twin Cities.” Meanwhile, it is Minnesota’s most populous city and home to many businesses. Those who want to take their career to the next level can pursue Minneapolis aerial lift operator certification. 


Pittsburgh, PA is frequently referred to as the “Steel City.” It offers steel mills where aerial lift operators are required to complete many tasks at heights. With Pittsburgh aerial lift operator certification training, steel mills or other local businesses can stand out to job seekers in search of new career opportunities. 

Windsor, CA

Windsor, CA is a Sonoma County favorite. For businesses interested in Windsor aerial lift operator certification to one or more employees, CMO has you covered. 


Florida, aka the “Sunshine State,” offers warm temperatures year-round. Businesses in agriculture, construction, and other industries want OSHA-approved aerial lift operators in Florida. They may even provide Florida aerial lift operator training to attract top talent. 

aerial lift certification

Choose CMO for Fast and Easy Online Aerial Lift Certification

Aerial lift and scissor lift online operator training from is available in each of the aforementioned areas. Our training is fast, easy, and affordable. Your employees can complete the 100% online OSHA-approved training from a digital device in about an hour anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

To help your employees earn their OSHA scissor lift certification, contact us online today or call us at (602) 277-0615. Or, register your company today for our scissor lift courses or aerial lift courses – it’s the best move you can make for your most important assets…your employees!