Get Your Los Angeles Aerial Lift Certification

Los Angeles Aerial Lift Certification

The greater Los Angeles/Long Beach area is home to an estimated 18.7 million people. With more than four million residents, Los Angeles is second only to New York City in terms of U.S. population Nicknamed the “City of Angels”, L.A. is perhaps best known for being the home of Hollywood and the early film industry. Whatever your interests, there’s always plenty to do in Los Angeles. From famous sports teams to other interests, there are plenty of diverse attractions in and around L.A. enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

L.A. also has a busy economy. If your company hires aerial lift or scissor lift operators, you need aerial lift certification in Los Angeles. offers a convenient, cost-effective solution for all of your OSHA training needs.

Sign up today and get your employees Los Angeles aerial lift certification. You’ll immediately make your workplace safer, and you’ll also be OSHA compliant. Without proper training records and aerial lift certification in Los Angeles, your company is subject to super-expensive OSHA fines and penalties.

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Aerial Lift Certification in Los Angeles – 100% Required by OSHA!

The Los Angeles metropolitan area is served by five major airports, which are LA International, Long Beach Airport, Bob Hope/Burbank Airport and John Wayne Airport in Orange County, all of which need trained and certified aerial lift operators. The huge Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro occupies 4,300 acres of land, has a 3,200 acre harbor and 43 miles of waterfront. The Port of Los Angeles moves more containers than any other U.S. port. The second busiest is the immediately adjacent Port of Long Beach. Both Ports have lots of job opportunities for people who have completed OSHA-approved Los Angeles aerial lift operator training and certification.

Plus, there are plenty of construction sites that require scissor lift and aerial lift operators. The need for Los Angeles aerial lift certification is greater than ever – thankfully, is here to offer both employers and employees the best possible training!

The Benefits of’s Los Angeles Aerial Lift Training and Certification

Getting your aerial lift training and certification in Los Angeles through CMO provides more than just the qualifications for a better and higher paying job. Your Los Angeles aerial lift certification and training will, of course, help immensely when you apply for aerial lift jobs in Los Angeles, since the majority of employers hire only those operators with OSHA approved training and certification, such as is offered by

OSHA requires and regulates aerial lift operator training and certification for more than just liability reasons. OSHA’s requirements were created specifically to help reduce workplace injuries and fatalities involving aerial lifts and scissor lifts. Workers without proper training are far more likely to make mistakes when operating and inspecting aerial lifts than those who have been properly trained and certified. provides workers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely operate aerial lifts, inspect the equipment and perform routine maintenance. CMO students are also trained to make needed repairs, as well as assess the surrounding environment to recognize and avoid potential safety hazards. When you choose CMO for your aerial lift training in Los Angeles, you’ll be qualified for higher paying jobs that can lead to a better quality of life for you and your family. You’ll also be prepared to avoid on the job accidents that can result in life-threatening injuries or even death. What’s more, you’ll be more productive, which can lead to pay raises and more money in your pocket.

How to Get Your Aerial Lift Certification in Los Angeles

You can access and enroll in the best aerial lift training and certification school in Los Angeles from the comfort of your home or anywhere else that’s convenient that has an Internet connection. aerial lift and scissor lift training and certification is 100% OSHA compliant, and can be completed online in about an hour using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital device.

After finishing the coursework, your employees have their temporary operator cards and certification can be immediately downloaded and printed. A permanent operator card will be mailed to you in seven to ten days. Our program is without a doubt the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to receive your aerial lift certification in Los Angeles.

Enroll for CMO Aerial Lift Training in Los Angeles Today

It’s never been faster, easier or more affordable to get aerial lift training and certification in Los Angeles. Our courses have been designed with our students in mind. CMO training is hassle free, stress free and fast. Each online course can be completed in about an hour using a laptop, smartphone or other digital device from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. All course materials are available online 24/7, which means you can complete the training at your convenience.

Our two primary types of certification courses are for Los Angeles aerial lift and scissor lift operators. The cost is $75 for both OSHA-approved certifications, The training can be completed online in about an hour, and is available in both English and Spanish versions.

Other CMO online training courses include:

Forklift Certification

*Class 7 training covering: Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks, Straight Mast Forklifts, and Extended Reach Forklifts
*Can be completed online in 60 minutes
*OSHA compliant
*Spanish version available

Fall Protection Certification

*OSHA compliant
*Protects businesses from costs from employee injuries
*Spanish version available

Train the Trainer Certification

*Aerial lift and scissor lift trainer for employees
*Meant as a component to one of the equipment training courses

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Register today (it’s free!) to begin your fast, easy and convenient  online training with the best aerial lift school in Los Angeles! After you complete your training, you’ll be able to keep your certification current with our free lifetime 3-year renewal classes! There’s no reason to put off starting your new career in Los Angeles as a well-trained, certified and highly-qualified aerial lift operator.

All Los Angeles aerial lift certification courses are 100% OSHA compliant and include lifetime free renewal training as required by OSHA every three years. Most of our training programs can be completed online in about an hour, and many are available in both English and Spanish versions. With bilingual capability, no other aerial lift certification in Los Angeles can touch

Enroll today in CMO’s Los Angeles aerial lift or scissor lift training and certification program or any of our other 100% OSHA approved training courses, and you can be certified in as little as one hour!

Have questions or need more information about our aerial lift certification in Los Angeles? Contact us online or call us at (602) 277-0615 – we’re here to help you get started on the road to an exciting and rewarding new career!


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