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Scissor Lift Certification Online: It’s Easy and Affordable with CMO!

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Scissor Lift TrainingThere’s a lot of confusion around the use of scissor lifts. Are they considered scaffolding or a type of aerial lift? Well, OSHA considers scissor lifts to be both categories. Their training requirements list them as scaffolding. However, since they’re used to lift workers to different heights, they’re also “mechanized scaffolding,” with many similarities to aerial lifts.

If your company doesn’t have scissor lift training, has everything you need to become OSHA compliant. Our Aerial Lift Trainer certification package covers all scissor lifts, giving your employees the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to learn how to operate a scissor lift and achieve full OSHA compliance. This course is just $75, and we have a great selection of other courses, too!


Scissor Lift Certification Online: It’s Easy and Affordable with CMO!

In addition to learning how to operate a scissor lift, our scissor lift operator certification comes with numerous advantages, including:

  • Total online learning
  • 100% OSHA compliance for all your employees
  • Great prices – your employees can get their scissor lift licenses at a price that won’t break the bank! CMO is known for affordable scissor lift certification costs.
  • FREE 3-year renewal training — scissor lift training expires after 36 months, but with CMO, you can immediately providerenewal training, so you don’t have to worry about any work stoppages.
  • Superb customer support – contact us anytime you need help with your OSHA compliance or scissor lift training.
  • And much more

CMO offers a flexible, affordable solution to all your scissor lift certification requirements. What’s more, our courses are also available in Spanish!

Scissor Lift Training and Certification Cost

Online learning is much more affordable than traditional offsite, 3rd party training classes. With CMO, compliance is just a mouse click away. We give your company all the tools and resources necessary to train and certify your scissor lift operators.

While some courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, CMO’s scissor lift training packages cost less than $100. We also offer supplementary training to complement your scissor lift compliance program, thanks to courses like Fall Protection, HAZMAT requirements, Train the Trainer, and much more!

Why pay extra when you can get fully OSHA compliant with CMO? Register your company today and enjoy the flexibility – and affordability – of our online scissor lift training.

OSHA Scissor Lift Training Requirements

Scaffolding accidents are routinely ranked in the top 10 OSHA safety violations annually. As such, your employees must have the necessary scissor lift training to avoid accidents, maintain a safe work environment, and perform to their full capacity.

OSHA standard 1926.21 sets the parameters for scissor lift training and licenses. As part of this guideline, all employers are responsible for providing OSHA-compliant training and instruction to ensure the safe operation of all industrial equipment.

It not only makes sense to get OSHA compliant – it’s also the law! If your company has a scissor lift accident and you don’t have the paperwork to show scissor lift training, you can be fined $100,000 or more.

Our Aerial Lift Trainer course, including all scissor lift makes and models, covers all key aspects of OSHA compliance and includes online learning and on-site evaluation. This proven approach helps prevent accidents and keeps your employees and everyone else safe.

The Role of a Scissor Lift Operator

All fully trained scissor lift operators who have earned their license through a fully accredited training program like CMO must know basic and advanced safety techniques that meet and exceed OSHA standards.

Some things a scissor lift operator is expected to do include:

  • Safety maneuver the scaffolding to a work location
  • Be aware of overhead hazards, nearby pedestrians, and more
  • Know the maximum load capacity of the equipment
  • Raise and lower the platform in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize them or workers on the ground
  • Secure any fall protection harnesses, if required

When your workers earn their scissor lift license through CMO, they’re thoroughly prepared to perform the above tasks more safely! Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind with 100% complete OSHA compliance. Our scissor lift training is ideal for employers and employees!

Scissor Lift Operator Certification FAQs

Figuring out how to get scissor lift certification, what to look for in a scissor lift training course, or general info about OSHA scissor lift certification can be confusing for employers. CMO is here to help with all of your scissor lift training questions. Our info-packed website has plenty of articles and blogs to help you get the certification for scissor lift questions and issues resolved!

Get Info on OSHA Scissor Lift Certification Requirements

What exactly should your company know when it comes to OSHA scissor lift certification? Check out our page on this topic, which includes certification for scissor lifts, scissor lift training course content, and much more!

What’s Behind the OSHA 3-Year Renewal Requirement?

Your company’s scissor lift certification is good for 36 months. After that, you’ll have to provide renewal training to keep your scissor lift training current. No problem with CMO – we provide FREE 3-year renewal training when you register with us for scissor lift certification. Learn all about 3-year renewal training here.

Differences Between Aerial Lift & Scissor Lifts

Understanding the key differences between two of the most common aerial work platforms (AWPs) – scissor lifts and aerial lifts – is important for your safety program. CMO’s helpful article on these distinctions simplifies the contrast, helping you learn how to get scissor lift certification and general aerial lift training.

Why Our Scissor Lift Training Courses Help Avoid Accidents?

Why does your company need scissor lift training? What are the latest OSHA scissor lift certification guidelines? You have questions…and CMO has the answers in our Scissor Lift Safety page! Read it today and get more in-depth knowledge on the most important topics about OSHA compliance!

How Much Does OSHA Scissor Lift Certification Cost?

Here’s the bottom line…getting certification for your scissor lift operators is important. But it also helps if training prices agree with your own bottom line. And that’s exactly why CMO’s courses are priced for optimal value. See how affordable our scissor lift training courses are today!

Where Is Aerial Lift Certification Available?

So where can you get reliable, affordable scissor lift training courses? With CMO, the answer is easy – wherever you have a reliable internet connection and some free time! Discover how to get scissor lift certification – from anywhere – and all the amazing benefits that come with CMO’s value-packed content!

How to Get Certified with CMO

The process for getting scissor lift operator certification is super simple with CMO:

  • Register your company
  • Register all your operators that need a scissor lift license
  • Student Login
  • Online test/evaluation
  • Print scissor lift license

That’s it – you’ll have OSHA-compliant scissor lift training in just a few easy steps. Since your employees can retake their tests and reference the training content anytime, we have a 100% pass rate! 

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If you’re ready to elevate your safety program, CMO can lead you in the right direction. Register today and select your scissor lift training courses. If you have questions about scissor lift certification costs, how to operate a scissor lift, or anything else, contact us today or call our scissor lift training experts at (602) 277-0615.