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Scissor lifts, which are hydraulically powered aerial platforms, can be found on jobsites throughout the country engaged in a variety of maintenance, construction and materiel handling activities. In order to operate scissor lifts safely and avoid workplace accidents, however, adequate safety training and operator certification are required for all employees who drive or work from forklifts while on the job.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created a strict set of scissor lift training and certification rules for employers and their employees who operate scissor lifts. According to OSHA, an average of 26 deaths involving aerial lifts occur every year, and scissor lifts are involved in approximately one out of every four of these fatalities. Although there are numerous hazards associated with operating scissor lifts, the most common cause of injury or death result from falling or being ejected from the equipment.

Are you a company owner or manager who’s curious as to whether your employees need scissor lift licenses to operate a scissor lifts on your jobsite or at your place of business? Have you been wondering how to have your operators receive the necessary OSHA-approved scissor lift training and certification that will teach them how to avoid hazards that lead to accidents? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” you’ve come to the right place!

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Do Your Employees Need OSHA Scissor Lift Certifications to Operate Scissor Lifts?

OSHA requires each person who works with or near scissor lifts to be properly trained and certified. According to OSHA regulations, it’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure that each of his or her operators have received OSHA-approved training and are competent to operate the equipment before they’re legally allowed to drive scissor lifts in the workplace. Scissor lift training needs to include both formal and practical instruction, as well as information that covers how to operate various types of scissor lifts, perform routine equipment inspections, assess the environment for potential hazards and avoid accidents.

OSHA guidelines emphasize that the only effective way to prevent workplace accidents that result in damage to property and equipment, employee injuries and workplace fatalities is through proper aerial lift and scissor lift training such as the online programs offered by The benefits of our training go well beyond simply complying with OSHA standards. When you choose CMO to train and certify your company’s scissor lift operators, they will learn everything they need to know about scissor lifts. Here are just some of the topics covered in our comprehensive online scissor lift training programs:

How to safely operate a scissor lift under a variety of workplace conditions or situations
Navigating around workers, equipment and obstacles
Operating scissor lifts outdoors over various types of terrain
Loading, moving, unloading and stacking materials and equipment
Identifying and operating all scissor lift controls
Performing equipment inspections and routine maintenance
Avoiding costly repairs by keeping scissor lifts in good working order and condition
Assessing the surrounding environment for potential hazards
Recognizing and avoiding hazards that could result in accidents

Simply put, it’s impossible to place a value on the many benefits you and your employees will receive from CMO’s OSHA-approved scissor lift operator training courses. Scissor lifts can be extremely dangerous pieces of equipment when in the hands of an untrained or poorly trained operator, and can lead to accidents that result in damage to property and equipment, as well as serious injuries to or even deaths of employees. The fastest, most convenient and most affordable way to prevent these accidents is to enroll your employees in’s online scissor lift operator training. In addition to preventing accidents, proper scissor lift training will save your company time and money through reduced damage costs, equipment downtime and increased worker productivity.

Being a Scissor Lift Operator is Also a Great Career Opportunity for Self-Employed Contractors

Whether you’re currently employed as an operator or are a small business owner who regularly hires out your equipment and services, receiving your OSHA-approved scissor lift operator certification can help advance your career, or if you’re self-employed, grow your business.

Lots of industries use scissor lifts in their day to day operations. Countless businesses throughout the country employ scissor lifts for a myriad of workplace activities ranging from installing and maintaining ductwork and electrical systems, accessing overhead cable and communication lines, lifting workers to install or maintain overhead signage and lighting and window washing. Qualified scissor lift operators are in demand just about everywhere and those who are certified enjoy rewarding and virtually recession-proof careers.

Here are some other positions typically available to properly trained and certified scissor lift workers:

Lift equipment operator
Scissor lift mechanic
Project Manager
Museum artwork installer
Special event lighting installer
Overhead communications and cable system worker
HVAC installation and maintenance
Tree trimmer
Warehouse worker
And a lot more!

To qualify for these and similar positions, scissor lift operators need OSHA scissor lift training and certification from an approved institution such as

Have Your Scissor Lift Operators OSHA Trained and Certified Today!

If your company’s scissor lift operators haven’t been certified, you’re in violation of OSHA regulations. You’re also running the risk of penalties, fines and potentially costly litigation. Here are the five simple steps you’ll need to take for your employees to receive their scissor lift certifications and become OSHA compliant :

1. Register your company (it only takes a few minutes).

2. Create operator login information for each employee.

3. Choose the aerial lift and scissor lift certification course or courses that match your business’s needs.

4. Have your employees work through the online training modules and pass the exam. There’s no time limit, so employees complete the training working at their own pace. What’s more, our pass rate is 100%!

5. Student operators undergo a hands-on, in-person evaluation conducted by a qualified trainer.

After passing the exam and operator evaluation, operator certification cards can be immediately downloaded and printed, which is proof of the operator having successfully completed OSHA-approved scissor lift operator training. Your employees will then be qualified to legally operate scissor lifts in your workplace.

That’s all there is to it! CMO makes it faster, easier and more convenient than ever for your employees to complete scissor lift training and become a 100% OSHA-compliant certified scissor lift operator.

In as little as an hour, your workers can complete CMO’s OSHA-approved scissor lift operator training and receive their scissor lift certifications. All training materials are online and accessible online 24/7 using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other digital device. Your employees can complete their training any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

It’s never been faster, easier or more convenient for your company to become OSHA compliant by having your workers complete CMO’s online scissor lift certification program. What’s more, there’s no charge for the mandatory renewal training OSHA requires every three years or whenever there’s a workplace accident where a scissor lift is involved. CMO is by far your best choice for fast, convenient and affordable scissor lift training and certification.

What People Are Saying About CMO’s Scissor Lift Training Program

Our online interactive training takes the headache out of having your employees become certified scissor lift operators. We’ll provide everything you need to comply with OSHA requirements in a simple, easy to use, certification program that can be completed in as little as one hour.

Most other training programs require students to attend off site, in-person classes that can last several days, which can mean taking time away from work for several days in a row and fighting traffic while traveling to and from the school to attend classes.’s 100% OSHA-approved online training program offers a much faster, easier and more affordable way for your employees to become certified scissor lift operators. We’ve saved tons of time, money and stress for literally thousands of satisfied clients throughout the country. Here’s what two of them have to say about our OSHA scissor lift training program:

“I just wanted to compliment for their above and beyond customer service. I called in and was able to talk to an actual person. It caught me completely off guard. I completely expected the phone call to last an hour. The problem was handled within a minute’s time.” Thank you- Shane

“Thank you for your call this morning and for setting us up with your program. We look forward to getting our employees certified and not having to leave the office.” Cheers, Lisa

aerial lift certification’s Scissor Lift Training and Certification is Fast, Easy, Convenient, and Affordable

Why put it off any longer? Get started today by calling us at 602-277-0615 for more information on our various OSHA scissor lift training programs or to find out about our group rates. All it takes are just five easy steps for your company and your scissor lift operators to become OSHA compliant!

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