Scissor Lift Certification

Our online, interactive, training takes care of the headache and get’s you everything you need to comply with OSHA in a simple, easy to use, same day certification program.

In fact, here’s what some of my customers have said:

“I just wanted to compliment CertifyMe for its above and beyond customer service., I called in and was able to talk to an actual person. It caught me completely off guard. I completely expected the phone call to last an hour. The problem was handled within a minute’s time.” Thank you- Shane

“Thank you for your call this morning and for setting us up with your program. We look forward in getting our employees certified and not having to leave the office.” Cheers, Lisa

Here’s what I have for you.

My 5 Simple Steps process even allows you to print copies of your Forklift Operator’s Certification Cards the instant you complete the course — giving you 100% professional level PROOF that you passed with flying colors (for HR, risk management, and the boys at OSHA). You’ll instantly PROVE that your guys did the work and passed the test (they just don’t have to know how EASY it was).

You don’t have to be a computer nerd to complete my simple course — so even if you’ve never opened an email or “surfed the net”, you can still master the program like an old pro right out of the gate.

You’ll quickly learn how to train and certify operators from any computer with an internet connection. You already use the internet to communicate with your employees and cut costs. Learn the secret to harness the same power to easily train and certify forklift operators without all the fuss and headaches.

You and your operators will be OSHA certified, in about an hour of their time and not much more than 10 minutes of your time—they can do it over a couple breaks, while they eat lunch, heck, they can even do it from home. It’s never been fast or more convenient to get your company in compliance.

Why wait? Get Started or contact us for assistance and group rates.

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