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Mastering Boom Lift Certification Essentials

Boom lift certification equips your team with essential skills to safely operate lifts, understand common hazards, and navigate risks effectively. Beyond ensuring legal compliance with OSHA and avoiding potential fines, certification boosts your team’s knowledge on safety practices and equipment use. This includes specialized training like fall protection. While there’s an initial cost, the investment in certification pays off by creating a safer, more informed workplace.

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Boom Lift Operator Topics Include:

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boom lift certificationA failure to properly train and certify employees is the number one cause of aerial and boom lift accidents. A lack of safety gear and the improper use of safety gear are the top causes of aerial lift fatalities.

If you plan on utilizing an aerial, scissor, or boom lift, or cherry picker, on an upcoming job, it’s mandatory that you first receive a boom lift certification for those employees using the equipment.

OSHA makes seeking out a boom lift certification a legal need because the agency knows that proper training saves lives. 

Scissor and boom lift certification don’t have to be a lengthy or costly experience for your team. By opting to work with CertifyMeOnline.Net, your team can get certified online anywhere with internet access. Learn more about the boom lift certification process, certification benefits, and more below.

Understanding Boom Lift Certification

Boom lift certification is the process of getting an official education on how to operate boom lifts. Training includes the most common hazards to be aware of, how to navigate common problems, challenges, and risks.

There are some major advantages to certifying your team. For one, getting your employees certified helps ensure that you remain legally compliant. OSHA requires all employers to certify any employee that utilizes a boom or scissor lift, or another type of aerial lift. If you aren’t compliant, you can face fines and other penalties from OSHA.

That’s not where your benefits end, either. Another advantage of getting your group boom lift certified is that they’ll be more informed. They will understand the best safety practices and how to use the equipment. When taking courses, like a fall protection certification class, your employees will be better equipped to make good, safe decisions at work.

The average aerial lift certification cost is a hefty initial investment. Still, it’s worth all the benefits you’ll get from having a certified team.

OSHA Scissor Lift Training Requirements

According to OSHA, a few steps must be completed to get an official scissor and boom lift certification. To get a scissor lift certification, employees first submit to official training. This scissor and boom lift certification education should go over all the basics of using the machine, its safety risks, and how to navigate challenges.

Employees will get their OSHA boom lift certification once they submit to an in-person evaluation conducted by a certified trainer. These OSHA scissor lift certification requirements may seem steep, but they help prevent accidents and fatalities.

Boom Lift Certification Process

Employees can obtain a boom lift certification online. Any boom lift certification OSHA approves must include an in-person evaluation. First, employees will go through the educational material. Then, they complete an assessment.

Per aerial lift training requirements, the evaluator will determine whether the employee should be approved for certification. The employer makes the final determination and certifies the employee after completing all training and evaluations.

Benefits of Boom Lift Certification

Boom lift certification provides invaluable lessons to your team members. Certification not only keeps your business OSHA compliant, but also keeps all your employees safer. In some cases, training and certification can even save lives.

Do You Need a License to Operate a Boom Lift?

Yes. You need an OSHA certification, also known as an operator license, to use a boom lift. We offer the following courses to meet your needs:

OSHA Aerial Lift Certification Requirements

Aerial lift training certification requirements state that operators must submit to formal training and an evaluation before becoming certified. This formal education should include specific training topics, evaluations, and documentation.

This evaluation should be conducted by a certified trainer. We offer a train the trainer course to help you certify one of your employees to conduct on-site assessments for the rest of your team.

OSHA Aerial Lift Training Expiration

Boom and aerial lift training certifications expire after three years. After that time, employees must seek out an aerial lift certification renewal. This process is very similar to the certification process. But, the employee can skip the educational part of the training if they feel competent enough to go straight to the evaluation conducted by a certified trainer.

Boom Lift Certification FAQs

Do you have more questions about OSHA’s standards, aerial lifts, and how to train your team? Check out our aerial lift blog for more free resources. You can also learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about boom lift certification below.

Do You Have to be Trained to Use a Boom Lift?

Yes. Under OSHA’s standards, anyone who is operating a boom lift should first receive the proper operator safety training. An official and OSHA-approved boom lift certification includes an educational part, hands-on instruction, and an in-person evaluation. Once the employee completes this process, their employer approves their official certification.

What is a Boom Training Certificate?

A boom training certification is for employees who want to conduct on-site evaluations to help certify other boom lift operators. These certifications are designed for operators of mobile elevating work platforms. A training certificate is also helpful when employees seek renewal licenses for aerial, boom, or scissor lifts, or articulated, and telescopic booms.

What Do I Need to Operate a Boom Lift?

Before anyone operates a boom lift, they must first get the proper education. Then, they need to seek out an official OSHA-approved license and certification. Anyone can become certified to operate aerial or boom lifts through a certification process like the one offered here at CertifyMeOnline.Net.

What is the Difference Between a Boom Lift and an Aerial Lift?

A boom lift is one type of aerial lift. It’s more flexible than a scissor lift, because it is supported by a hydraulic arm that can be maneuvered around obstacles. Boom lifts can usually extend to higher elevations than other types of aerial lifts, too.

Are You Ready to Certify Your Team to Operate Boom Lifts?

If you have any employees that will be operating a boom lift, they need to first get their OSHA-approved boom lift certification. Without taking this critical step, you’re putting your team at risk and risking facing OSHA’s consequences. OSHA has the legal authority to fine your business when an inspection reveals that you have uncertified employees operating boom, aerial, or scissor lifts.

Becoming certified ensures compliance, reduces the risk of a worksite accident, and saves lives.

In years past, getting a certification for your team meant traveling offsite, attending a seminar, and usually experiencing a loss of production time. If you opt to work with CeritfyMeOnline.Net, your employees can obtain their OSHA-approved certifications quickly and conveniently. The online educational material is accessible on any internet-connected device.

If you’re ready to start your team’s certification journey, contact our team for more information.