OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements

aerial lift training requirements

For employers that use aerial lifts and scissor lifts in their day-to-day operations, it’s important to have an effective plan in place to deal with the potential impact on your businesses when OSHA changes its workplace safety requirements.

For example, landscaping businesses need to always be up to date on the latest aerial lift height restrictions, as well as changes to safety harness regulations. Or, for manufacturers, changes to platform load limits could affect your daily activities from the standpoints of both individual workers and the overall production area as a unit. That’s a lot of information and OSHA aerial lift training requirements to try to keep up with, which is why you need a source you can trust for your company’s aerial lift training and safety requirement needs.

Businesses throughout the country prefer CertifyMeOnline.net for OSHA-approved training. We can help your company comply with OSHA aerial lift and man lift training requirements.

What Are OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements?

OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to have certification. If your business employs untrained, uncertified aerial lift operators, it risks OSHA penalties. Worst of all, these operators are prone to aerial lift accidents that can lead to injury or death.

As a recognized leader in online lift certification and training, CertifyMeOnline.net will make your organization OSHA compliant for far less money and in less time than you probably thought possible. Our convenient and easy to understand courses are available online to help each of your employees receive thorough operator training. What’s more, our OSHA-approved man-lift certification requirement classes also include free lifetime refresher training!

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What Is Taught in an OSHA-Compliant Aerial Lift Certification Training Program?

OSHA has stringent requirements for aerial lift certification training programs. Here are some of the items OSHA requires for approving lift operator training classes:

  • Understanding fall, electrical, and falling object hazards
  • ✓ Recognizing and avoiding hazards
  • ✓ Procedures for handling hazards
  • ✓ How to correctly and safely operate aerial lifts
  • ✓ Knowing lift maximum load capacities
  • ✓ Demonstrations of how to properly and safely operate a lift
  • ✓ Knowing how and when to perform equipment inspections
  • ✓ Observing the aerial lift manufacturer’s instructions


Not all aerial lift certification training programs are created equal. If you enroll your workers in a program that does not meet OSHA requirements, they risk missing out on valuable workplace safety insights. You also risk letting unauthorized operators use aerial lifts at your worksites. This can lead to OSHA penalties and put operators and other workers at risk of falls, electrocutions, and other aerial lift accidents.

CMO aerial lift certification program is OSHA-approved. It teaches workers about a wide range of aerial lift safety topics, including:

  • ✓ How to operate various types of aerial lifts, including cherry pickers, bucket trucks, and telescopic and articulating boom lifts
  • ✓ Operating both regular and rough terrain scissor lifts
  • ✓ Performing daily equipment inspections
  • ✓ Assessing the surrounding environment for potential hazards
  • ✓ Preventing accidents before they occur by recognizing dangerous situations
  • ✓ Everything necessary for 100% OSHA compliance


The bottom line: CMO’s team has in-depth knowledge of OSHA aerial lift training requirements, and we can get your company in compliance with OSHA standards in no time at all. We offer top-notch training from industry insiders who know exactly how OSHA operates. So, you can rest assured that whenever OSHA aerial lift training requirements change, we’re on top of it! Sign up today and experience the very best online OSHA boom lift safety requirement training from the experts at CertifyMeOnline.net.

Why Do You Need to Teach Your Workers About Aerial Lift Training Requirements?

More than two dozen deaths from aerial lift accidents happen each year. The main types of fatal incidents involving aerial lifts and scissor lifts are falls from platforms, electrocutions, and tip-overs. And, the primary cause of these accidents is operator error. The main reason is the lack of proper operator training and failure on the part of supervisors and employers to fully understand manlift certification requirements.

Proper training also helps ensure that your workers meet all man lift certification requirements and aren’t exposing your workplace to potential OSHA fines and penalties, job site accidents and injuries and possible litigation. Properly trained and certified aerial lift operators mean fewer workplace accidents that result in employee injuries or deaths, lower productivity losses due to downtime, and less damage to inventory and equipment. You’ll also reduce the risk of incurring hefty fines under the watchful eye of OSHA.

What to Expect After Your Workers Learn Aerial Lift Training Requirements

After completing CertifyMeOnline.net’s OSHA aerial lift operator training, your employees will be better prepared to recognize potential hazards and avoid accidents and injuries on the job – that’s just one more reason why CMO is your best option for satisfying OSHA’s boom lift safety requirements and man lift training requirements.

CertifyMeOnline.net Aerial Lift Certification Training FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our OSHA-approved aerial lift certification training program.

1) How often is aerial lift training required?

Per OSHA aerial lift training requirements, all new employees require aerial lift and scissor lift training. Every three years, your employees need to be recertified. CMO offers recertification training every three years, free of charge!

2) Does OSHA require aerial lift certification?

Yes, aerial lift certification is required by OSHA. Your employees can’t legally operate aerial lifts, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms (AWPs), or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) without training.

3) How long is aerial lift certification good for?

According to OSHA aerial lift training requirements, aerial lift certification is good for three years. Re-certification is required after this time, and CMO can help in this regard – we’re your training partner for life!

4) Are hard hats required on aerial lifts?

Hard hats should be worn at any worksite, and are required when operating aerial lifts. Our training courses have all the information you need on personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety gear.

5) Is a scissor lift considered an aerial lift?

A scissor lift is just one kind of aerial lift. The general term “aerial lift” includes MEWPs, boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks, and more. OSHA aerial lift training requirements use aerial lift as a “catch all” for all AWPs.

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Why Should You Choose CertifyMeOnline.net for Aerial Lift Operator Training?

We’re always up to date on OSHA guidelines and requirements, which is why so many companies here and overseas depend on CertifyMeOnline.net to learn about OSHA’s latest aerial lift training requirements, as well as to train and certify their scissor lift and aerial lift operators. Trying to understand and deal with OSHA regulations by yourself means using your own time and money to remain compliant.

OSHA is constantly making changes to their regulations, and just one small tweak can totally change the way you do business. If unnoticed or ignored, the result could subject you to large fines, substantial penalties and expensive legal costs. There is, however, an easy, 5-step process that will ensure all of your scissor lift and aerial lift training, fall protection measures, and other requirements will stand up to an OSHA evaluation.

How Does CMO Helps Employers and MEWP Operators Stay Up to Date with ANSI Standards?

An example of recent safety standard updates that affect OSHA lift training and certification requirements: American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A92.22 Safe Use and A92.24 Training Standards for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

These standards promote safe use and proper maintenance of MEWPs. They are important to both employers and MEWP operators.

For employers, ANSI’s standards can prevent worker injuries. They can also reduce or eliminate incidents that result in property damage, disrupt operations, and cause project delays.

Meanwhile, for MEWP operators, ANSI’s standards promote workplace safety. They empower MEWP operators to take precautions to use and maintain their machines. This ensures MEWP operators are well-equipped to avoid workplace accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

CMO’s up-to-date OSHA aerial lift certification requirements will ensure that your company has all the very latest safety guidance information. These recent ANSI changes include safety program and risk assessments enhancements, so CMO’s OSHA lift certification requirements and training courses have been updated to reflect the new safety standards. When you choose CertifyMeOnline.net, you’re always covered in the event of an OSHA audit! You don’t have to worry about changing OSHA aerial lift training requirements with CMO!

Teach Workers How to Use Fall Protection Equipment, Scissor Lifts, and More

OSHA aerial lift training requirements include knowing how to properly use harnesses and restraints and complying with lift height limitations. For instance, scissor lift safety training focuses on maximum load considerations, safe work practices, and how to secure lifts for transit.

Also, OSHA aerial lift training requires periodic operator renewal certifications. Operators must be retrained and recertified whenever the employer feels a worker is no longer competent to safely operate an aerial lift, when the operator is involved in an accident or when he or she is observed operating the lift in an unsafe manner. Retraining is also required whenever potential hazards are found in the workplace, a new type of aerial lift is put into use or there’s a major change in workplace conditions.

CMO’s training modules cover each aspect of the aerial lift equipment and the working environment in detail. Once the training is successfully completed, operator cards are immediately available online for download – all you need is a printer! and your newly certified operators are ready to get to work!

CertifyMeOnline.net’s Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training is Fast, Easy, and Affordable

A recognized leader in online lift operator training for more than 20 years, CertifyMeOnline.net classes offer complete coverage for all your OSHA aerial lift training, scissor lift certification requirements, and much more.

Our impressive client list include:

Harley-Davidson ○ Fuji Film ○ Coca-Cola ○ Hilti ○ Siemens ○ Verizon

We’ll handle all of your aerial lift training and OSHA aerial lift certification requirements. Rather than having an expensive third-party safety expert conduct training courses or traveling to and from an offsite training facility, choose CMO’s online lift operator training. We’ve been the OSHA experts since 1999, and our online training courses are very flexible. Using a digital device, your employees can fulfill their scissor lift and aerial lift training requirements any time that’s convenient and any place there’s internet access.

How to Get Started with CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification Training Program

When you create an account with us, you’ll receive our start-up guide for managers that will walk you through the simple, straight forward training and certification process. Using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, your employees can access our easy to follow online training materials 24/7 anywhere there’s an internet connection. You’ll also receive operator trainee evaluation forms, checklists, and training related handouts.

There’s no time limit for completing CMO’s easy to follow online training, although the program can be completed in as little as one hour. The easy-to-follow online format includes five pre-test summaries and quizzes, along with PowerPoint presentations on workplace safety.

CMO’s aerial lift and scissor lift training program includes free lifetime OSHA updates and access to changes to OSHA aerial lift training requirements. Periodic operator re-certification required by OSHA is also free for life. Our aerial lift and scissor lift certification and training courses are available in both English and Spanish versions.

In addition to covering your OSHA aerial lift training requirements, we also offer a “train the trainer” program, so you can teach one or more of your employees to train and certify your other employees and future hires in-house.

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The Bottom Line

To find out more about our scissor lift and aerial lift training course, our “train the trainer,” or other programs, please fill out our online contact form, call our customer service team at (602) 277-0615, or email us at info@certifymeonline.net. We’ll get your employees up to speed on OSHA aerial lift training requirements today.

To get started on your way OSHA compliance and increased workplace safety, create an account and enroll your operators in our aerial lift and scissor lift training program today!. Our knowledgeable training consultants are here to help with all your OSHA-related training and certification needs!

g consultants are here to help with all your OSHA-related training and certification needs!

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