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Satisfy the OSHA aerial lift training requirements by taking online certification courses from We make it easy and affordable to have OSHA aerial lift certification. Requirements for taking our classes are 60 minutes, a computer/mobile device, and the internet or Wi-Fi.

It’s easier than ever to take care of your OSHA aerial lift certification requirements! Along with these simple steps, we have super-affordable prices! Our Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Certification is just $75, while our Train the Trainer program is only $149.

How Getting Aerial Lift Training at Works

Thanks to, fulfilling OSHA aerial lift certification requirements is easy. The simple steps to getting an aerial lift training certificate are:

  1. Make an account – Make an account with your business and register your employees for classes.
  2. Pick the course – Our online courses cover everything from OSHA standards to various aerial lifts.
  3. Complete the online course – Our classes are 100% online and are available 24/7. All that is needed is the internet or Wi-Fi and a computer or mobile device.
  4. Take an online written exam – Workers must pass the online written exam. This exam can be re-taken until it’s passed. 
  5. Hands-on evaluation – A workplace employee needs to give the employee a hands-on assessment. has the “Train the Trainer” course to qualify one of your employees to provide the assessment.

After finishing the course, the written test, and the hands-on evaluation, an employee has aerial lift certification according to OSHA standards.

What Workers Will Learn in Aerial Lift Operator Training Courses with

Moreover, according to OSHA, aerial lift operator training requirements must include specific topics. We handle all your OSHA aerial lift certification requirements. With our training, your workers will know how to:

  •  Detect and avoid hazards
  •  Protocol for handling hazards
  •  Safely operate aerial lifts
  •  Determine the maximum load size for lifts.
  •  Perform equipment inspections
  •  Follow the aerial lift manufacturer’s instructions
  •  Work on many types of aerial lifts
  •  Perform daily checks of aerial lifts
  •  Stop accidents before they happen
  •  Fulfill all the 100% OSHA compliance requirements, including paperwork, HR compliance, checklist, etc.
  •  A hands-on evaluation to demonstrate that the employee has the required knowledge and skills.

Our OSHA aerial lift safety requirements can be used in any sector that uses aerial work platforms and mobile elevating work platforms. You can depend on us to be informed of any changes to OSHA aerial lift training requirements. Based on OSHA regulations, only employees with appropriate aerial lift training are authorized to operate the aerial lifts.

The Need for OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements

OSHA created these rules to help endorse safer workplaces. When employers ensure that employees are adequately trained and in compliance, the probability of an accident decreases. Injuries are also less common among trained employees. Poorly trained workers operating aerial lifts increase the chance of injuries and even fatalities. aids companies with OSHA aerial lift training and compliance. For $75, we cover all the vital OSHA aerial lift safety requirements, enhancing the safety of the operators and the workplace. You’re covered if OSHA performs an audit or investigation of your business. If OSHA discovers untrained aerial lift operators, companies are subjected to huge OSHA fines.

Stay Up-to-Date with ANSI Aerial Lift Training Requirements

An example of a recent update to the safety standards regarding OSHA aerial lift training requirements is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A92.22 Safe Use and A92.24 Training Standards for MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms).

These standards encourage correct maintenance and safe use of mobile elevating work platforms, crucial to operators and employers. ANSI’s guidelines can stop injuries to workers and others. They can also decrease or eliminate incidents that cause job delays, property damage, and daily disruptions.

ANSI’s standards promote workplace safety for operators. They help workers take precautions to use and sustain their equipment. Operators must be well-trained to avoid accidents and injuries.

Our ANSI aerial lift training requirements guarantee that your employees know all the latest safety guidance information. These recent ANSI changes consist of risk assessment and safety program enhancements. Our OSHA aerial lift certification requirements and training courses have been updated to include the new safety standards.

FAQs About Aerial Lift Certification Training with

Here are a few of the most common questions about our OSHA aerial lift certification training program.

How often is OSHA recertification required?

OSHA aerial lift training certificate must be renewed every three years. When you take our online course, you get lifetime access. You can refresh anytime you need. We make recertification easy for your employees.

Are OSHA aerial lift training requirements mandatory?

OSHA is the federal agency that regulates workplace safety. Their guidelines are required by law. Workers can’t legally work an aerial lift, aerial work platform, or scissor lift without OSHA certification. Employers are entirely responsible for guaranteeing their employees know all OSHA aerial lift training requirements and that they are certified to operate any aerial lift.

Are employees required to wear hard hats on aerial lifts?

Hard hats should be worn in the workplace. They are mandatory when working aerial lifts. Our online OSHA aerial lift training requirements course has all the necessary information on safety gear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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With, it takes only one hour. After completing and passing the course, the online exam, and the hands-on evaluation, employees can immediately print out their certification card from our website to show proof of certification. To begin, employers need to create an account with the name of their business so employees can start registering for the OSHA aerial lift certification course. If you have any questions, our consultants are ready to help.