Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Certification

aerial lift train the trainer certification

Do you hire aerial lift workers? Then you need  to ensure your aerial work platform (AWP), mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) and other aerial lift workers are fully trained and certified to operate your equipment., the leader in aerial lift train the trainer online courses, has U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) approved aerial lift trainer certification, which includes a requirement for passing a hands on equipment operating evaluation conducted by a qualified trainer.

With our Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Program, you always have an in-house safety expert to handle training, conduct renewal certification, and more. Plus, there’s no need to waste time or money renting a venue and hiring an outside “safety consultant” when you could be training your aerial work platform operators in-house through CMO’s aerial lift train the trainer online certification program. 

Register your company today with CMO and sign up for our Train the Trainer certification – yours for only $149.00!

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About CMO’s Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Certification Program

We structured our train the trainer course with a plan to identify and document Best Practices for AWP trainers and operators, along with MEWP operators and safety instructors. It was created using input from members of the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA), as well as aerial lift manufacturers, rental companies, educators, regulators and operators. Much of our course content was adapted from SIA’s February 2010.Statement of Best Practices of General Training and Familiarization for Aerial Work Platform Equipment.

Bottom line: you won’t find a more comprehensive, affordable, on-point train the trainer online course anywhere else. CMO has everything you need to have your own in-house training and certification expert!

The objective of the AWP Initiative for Best Practices of Trainers and Operators is to promote industry-wide safe use of aerial lift equipment. Here are some of the Initiative’s goals:

  • Educate management and workers on OSHA regulations and guidelines, including the American National Standards Institute/Scaffold Industry Association (ANSI/SIA) A92 Standards
  • Establish best practices and general training guidelines for aerial lift equipment operators and owners
  • Highlight the differences between equipment familiarization and actual operator training
  • Establish minimum qualifications for AWP trainers

It’s the Employers’ Responsibility to Provide AWP Operator Training

Safety starts with hands on evaluation, and CMO’s Train the Trainer course enables your on-site training coordinator to evaluate all employees who’ve completed our Aerial Lift Certification Training. After providing the training, the employer is required to monitor operators’ work to ensure the use, applications and operation of AWP equipment conforms to OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. After your workers complete our program, they’ll have free, 24-hour lifetime access to our training materials, which will make operating aerial lift equipment even safer.

It’s the responsibility of lift equipment owners to train their compliance with current ANSI/SIA’s  A92 Standards, which outline the general subject matter to be included in AWP equipment training. They don’t, however, set forth specific requirements for qualifying AWP operators or trainers. If you’re unsure about potential compliance gaps, feel free to contact us today with any questions!

How Long is our Train the Trainer Certification Valid?

Like our other training and lift certification courses, our Train the Trainer online course is good for three years. After three years, your internal trainer requires renewal training. No worries with CMO – all renewal training is included with your purchase of our Train the Trainer certification course!

Why Should I Choose CMO’s Aerial Work Platform Train the Trainer Course?

Here are some of the benefits you and your designated safety supervisor will enjoy when he or she is enrolled in our aerial lift trainer certification program:

  • Avoid the expense and disruption of third-party offsite training
  • Schedule training when it’s the most convenient for your business and employees
  • Gain the  peace of mind that comes with knowing the training complies with current OSHA safety regulations
  • Fall Protection training and use of personal protection equipment (PPE) is included in CMO’s online Train the Trainer program
  • Aerial lift Train the Trainer online course provides students with real-life examples of AWP workplace safety
  • Fewer workplace accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities
  • Less equipment downtime and expensive repair costs resulting from accidents involving aerial lift equipment

What is Train the Trainer Certification and What’s Included with this Popular Course?

Our aerial lift Train the Trainer online course includes everything required to have an in-house certified aerial lift safety expert who’s always available. What are some benefits of our Train the Trainer online course?

Affordable prices – just $149.00 for our Train the Trainer certification

All OSHA safety guidelines covered

Internal safety consultant always on site to handle training and certification questions & concerns

OSHA audit preparation & coverage

Overall safer workplace

CMO’s aerial lift trainer certification classes will enable your employees who are already operators to instruct your other workers and new employees in OSHA and ANSI safety measures and operating techniques for just $149.00. No other train the trainer online course gives you the value, safety training and complete OSHA compliance of CMO. Register today and experience OSHA compliant safety the way it’s supposed to be!

Aerial Lift Trainer Certification Questions? We Have the Answers

Have more questions about certification, train the trainer online courses and other issues related to AWPs, MEWPs and scissor lifts? Check out our Aerial Lift Certification FAQ page, with plenty of helpful info for everything from aerial lift train the trainer online courses, what our certification covers, and much more!

Hands On Training – The Key to Aerial Work Platform Train the Trainer Evaluation

Ever wonder what goes into effective hands on training for AWP certification? CMO’s created an article on this exact subject. Discover the importance of hands on evaluation, and how our aerial lift trainer certification covers all the bases when it comes to this critical step in OSHA compliance. 

OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements – What You Need to Know

Before signing up for our train the trainer online course, many customers want to know what the latest OSHA aerial lift training requirements are. Well, we’ve laid out the complete outline in this informative article. Learn what you need to teach your employees about AWP certification, and also how our aerial lift train the trainer online course can help keep your safety program on track.

The 3 Year Threshold: Understanding Aerial Lift Renewal Training

How long does a scissor lift certification last? Why is renewal training important for every company, especially those who’ve invested in a train the trainer online course? Find out why OSHA’s 3-year renewal term applies to all of your aerial lifts, and how CMO keeps  you ahead of the renewal training curve!

Course Catalog: Train the Trainer Online Courses & More

CMO makes aerial lift train the trainer online courses affordable for everyone. And we don’t stop there. Aside from our popular aerial work platform Train the Trainer classes, we also have safety certification for operators, fall protection courses, and more! Check out our course prices here!

Where Can You Get Aerial Lift Train The Trainer Online Courses?

CMO’s unique online-based approach to MEWP and AWP certification empowers employers to take control of their safety platforms. OSHA workplace safety requirements apply across the United States, and we offer anyone the opportunity to increase safety and decrease the chance of accidents and injuries. Learn more today!

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Ready to Get Train the Trainer Certification with CMO? has everything you’ll need for one or more of your workers to complete our aerial lift train the trainer online program, as well as our other OSHA-approved aerial lift & boom lift safety training classes. When you sign up an employee for our Aerial Lift  Train the Trainer online course, you’ll no longer need to worry about a surprise visit by OSHA – your newly certified trainer will have all the knowledge and expertise needed to evaluate and certify your other AWP operators! Register your company today for’s aerial lift trainer certification course.

If you have questions or need more information about our aerial work platform Train the Trainer training course, call us at (602) 277-0615 – we’re here to help!

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