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How to Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

  OSHA and ANSI recommend that MEWP operators should renew their certification every 3 years to make sure they can safely and effectively use the equipment.

Constantly changing technology and equipment require operators to receive more training and checks to make sure they know how to use the equipment safely and correctly.

Renewing certification helps prevent accidents and keeps everyone safe. It can also help companies avoid paying a lot of money in fines or legal fees if something goes wrong.

By renewing their certification regularly, companies show they care about their employees and want to make sure everyone stays safe and happy at work.

Scissor Lift License Renewal FAQs

ANSI, which stands for the American National Standards Institute, is a private non-profit organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for a wide range of industries and applications. 


According to ANSI standards, which OSHA references directly, operators of aerial lifts such as boom lifts and scissor lifts should receive both classroom and hands-on training prior to operating the equipment, and they should receive regular retraining and evaluation to maintain their proficiency. 


ANSI recommends that aerial lift operator training be renewed every three years, or more frequently if the operator demonstrates unsafe operating practices or if there are changes to the equipment or worksite that could affect safe operation.

Under OSHA regulations, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace and to comply with all applicable standards. If an employer is found to have willfully violated these standards, they may be subject to fines, penalties, and even criminal charges. Additionally, if an employee is injured or killed on the job due to an employer’s willful violation, the employer may face civil lawsuits and be held financially responsible for damages.

In certain cases, individual managers and supervisors may also be held personally liable for workplace safety violations. For example, if a supervisor orders an employee to perform a task that is known to be dangerous and the employee is injured as a result, the supervisor may be held personally responsible.


But perhaps most importantly, investing in OSHA compliance sends a message to your employees that their safety is a top priority. This can lead to increased employee morale and job satisfaction, resulting in lower turnover rates and increased productivity.


Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike before you invest in the safety of your employees and your business. Take the proactive step of subscribing to OSHA Mastery and give your business the protection it deserves.

Scissor lift certification lasts three years from the date of issue. Employers must verify that all workers who regularly use a scissor lift maintain a valid license. Otherwise, they can face OSHA penalties.

You should always know when each of your scissor lift operators need renewal training. If they’re involved in an accident and can’t show valid scissor lift refresher training, your company will be fined – and some OSHA penalties exceed $10,000! With CMO, you can keep tabs on your scissor lift certification expiration and ensure a safe, well-run workplace for all employees!

Scissor lift refresher training is very similar to a traditional aerial lift certification course. During a scissor lift refresher program, workers receive insights into lift dangers. Workers can also learn about proper use and maintenance of scissor lift. They will receive details about the latest scissor lift safety regulations as well.

OSHA requires lift equipment operators to renew their certifications every three years, and in certain instances sooner. They have this requirement for several reasons, one of which is that OSHA often creates new safety guidelines, and renewal training ensures workers are periodically brought up to date.

Scissor lift refresher training also plays a key role in avoiding on the job accidents and worker injuries. Failure to comply with OSHA’s lift license renewal guidelines can result in severe penalties and fines for both employers and workers.

Under OSHA regulations, it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure their lift workers are retrained every three years or as otherwise required. The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to comply with OSHA’s renewal regulations is through scissor lift refresher training from CMO.

When it’s time to renew scissor or aerial lift certifications, CMO is the right choice for businesses of all types and sizes. Workers can complete their online lift license renewal training in less than an hour, followed by a hands on performance evaluation. Upon passing the course, the renewed certificates, operator cards and evaluation forms can be printed right away. The new certificates will be valid for three years unless the holder is involved in an accident or other incident that causes retraining to be needed sooner.

Free renewal training with is fast, easy, and affordable. Just follow these few simple steps:

Have your operators login with usernames and passwords. If there are any issues accessing login credentials for scissor lift refresher training, simply call CMO at (888) 699-4800 and we’ll be glad to help!

Once logged in, your employees can complete the scissor lift license renewal at their own pace. Before work, after work, on the weekends – whenever it’s convenient for you and your employees!

Simply print the updated operator scissor lift license for HR records. Print as many as you want! 

Similar to initial training, every employee that takes scissor lift license renewal training then undergoes a hands-on evaluation to ensure they can safely operate your equipment. That’s it…4 simple steps for thorough, OSHA-approved scissor lift refresher training!

Copies of the new certificate, operator card, and evaluation form are kept in the employee’s HR file so they’re always available to be shown to OSHA in the event of an audit.

Untrained equipment operators also raise the risk of workplace accidents, which can damage the company’s public image, increase workers’ compensation payments and result in possible litigation by employees injured on the job. Here are a few reasons why passing aerial lift or scissor lift refresher training is important for your workers:

  • Renewal training enables workers to safely carry out their jobs without posing a risk to themselves or their coworkers
  • The risk of accidents due to negligence or operator error is reduced
  • Renewal certification serves as evidence that you and your employees have complied with OSHA regulations

All CMO programs are 100% OSHA compliant. CMO aerial lift and scissor lift refresher training provide a simple and affordable way to renew your lift workers’ operator licenses. As with our certification training classes, workers can complete their online lift license renewals using a digital device anywhere there’s an Internet connection at any time that’s convenient.

OSHA requires all lift workers to be recertified every three years. Although this may seem too often for experienced workers who operate lifts on a daily basis, there are many different types of aerial lifts in use today, including some with advanced safety features. Lifts are always being modified by manufacturers adding new features that can affect the way in which they’re operated, so it’s good for workers to be familiar with the different types of lifts.

Scissor lift license renewal can be fast and seamless. The process works in a similar fashion to the one required to earn scissor lift certification in the first place. Workers can sign up for scissor lift certification renewal training when their license’s expiration date approaches. The training teaches them about up-to-date OSHA scissor lift safety mandates and provides a refresher on various lift safety topics. After it is done, workers receive an updated license that will stay active for three years.

Yes. Recertification training is required whenever

A worker uses scissor lifts in an unsafe manner; even if an accident doesn’t result.

One of your operators is involved with a scissor lift accident or incident.

Your company purchases new equipment and renewal training is required for scissor lifts that haven’t been used yet.

You’re already there! Our aerial lift operator recertification program is online, so when it comes to where to renew your aerial lift license, you’ll find the renewal process will be quick and easy with CMO. Lift workers can complete online lift license renewal training in just a few short minutes. As a part of the renewal process, a new hands on performance evaluation will be conducted, which will be documented and placed in the worker’s HR training file. Upon completion of the renewal training, a new certificate, operator card and evaluation form can be immediately downloaded and printed. If you need renewal training or aren’t sure how long is scissor lift certification good for, contact CMO today and we’ll ensure you’re OSHA compliant!

Enroll Your Workers in CMO Aerial Lift License Renewal Training Today

Having your employees complete their aerial and scissor lift refresher training is one of the most important safety measures you as an employer can take for your workers and your business. CMO’s online lift license renewal program ensures your operators are fully certified to operate aerial lifts, scissor lifts and other types of aerial work platforms (AWPs).

As a part of CMO’s renewal training, workers will be reevaluated to ensure they know how to use the lifts correctly, including how to recognize unsafe workplace conditions and avoid potential hazards. Our scissor lift refresher training also includes:

Load limits and weight distribution

Avoiding overhead obstacles

Proper maintenance and use of aerial lift equipment

• Fall protection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Upon scissor lift certification expiration, aerial lift and scissor lift workers must also demonstrate that they know how to correctly operate the lifts, conduct inspections and perform routine lift maintenance. Proper recertification training will reduce the risk of worker injuries and fatalities, and since your company will be OSHA-compliant, the risk of penalties and fines will also be reduced.

To get started today, sign up online for our aerial lift training certification program or give us a call at (602) 277-0615. We look forward to helping you keep all your workers’ lift license renewals up to date and your business OSHA-compliant!

Help Your Workers Renew Your Scissor Lift Operators’ Licenses Today!

From understanding how long a scissor lift license lasts to taking care of your scissor lift refresher training, CMO has you covered!  Don’t risk an OSHA inspection or audit that shows you’re without scissor lift refresher training. The costs of non-compliance aren’t just about dollars and cents – they’re about your most valuable company assets…your employees! And they deserve the very best training whenever it’s time to take care of scissor lift certification expiration.

Click here to get started with registration or call us at (602) 277-0615 to speak with one of our OSHA experts and your employees can renew their operator certifications in as little as an hour!

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