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Cherry pickers are commonly used in warehouses, construction, mining, warehousing, and other locations to reach or move items that are placed too high for a ladder to work. Any operator driving cherry pickers must be certified to be compliant with OSHA regulations. (CMO) offers a complete range of cherry picker operator training and certification courses, so your company can obtain – and retain – OSHA compliance. It’s illegal to have any worker operate this equipment without a cherry picker training course and certification, and CMO offers affordable, practical, 100% OSHA-compliant training in as little as one hour! Check out our courses and get your company compliant today!

What is a Cherry Picker?

Cherry pickers are hydraulic cranes with a raised platform attached to the end of a boom to raise. They lower people and cargo and are powered by batteries, gasoline, or diesel fuel. Cherry pickers are used to perform a variety of tasks. 

First used to pick fruit on farms and orchards, cherry picker trucks have evolved over the past few decades to become one of the most versatile types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). What is a cherry picker used for today? Maintenance, construction, cargo management, transportation and mining are some of the business sectors and work environments you’ll find cherry picker trucks

Just like forklifts and other industrial equipment, cherry pickers are subject to investigations, inspections and audits from OSHA if you’re involved in an accident. Ensure your company is fully compliant with CMO – you can’t afford the cost of non-compliance! 

What Can Your Cherry Picker Operators Do With This Type of Aerial Lift?

Once certified and trained, Your cherry picker operators are able to do an impressive array of work with this type of aerial work platform (AWP). What are some advantages of using cherry picker trucks? Here are just a few:

A cherry picker can provide greater reach and improved safety than a standard ladder.

 Cherry pickers offer many features that help employees maximize their productivity.

○ Cherry picker operators can use the equipment on practically any type of jobsite, from maintenance facilities to construction, building cleaning and much more!

Of course, unsafe use of a cherry picker is problematic for a business and its employees.

Cherry picker operators who ignore safety precautions put themselves and others in danger. Thus, completing safety training is critical for anyone who operates one of a cherry picker.

Cherry Picker Trucks: Basic Driving Techniques

The cherry picker operator stands in the basket of a cherry picker and operates the machine. The controls may also be located at the base of the platform. The cherry picker operator will generally use either buttons or a joystick to control the cherry picker, raising the arm up and down or moving it side to side. An emergency stop button is usually placed where a person can stop the movement of the cherry picker even if they don’t have access to the controls.

How a Cherry Picker Truck Training Course Meets Your Certification Needs

How to Get Cherry Picker Certification

According to OSHA regulations, only workers who have received proper cherry picker training or have received an order picker license or stock picker license are authorized to operate the equipment in the workplace. Further according to OSHA, cherry picker operator training requirements need to cover the following topics:

Explanations of electrical, fall, and falling object hazards

✓ Procedures for dealing with each of these types of hazards

✓ Recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions in the working environment

✓ Instruction as to how to correctly and safely operate lifts, including maximum intended load and load capacity

✓ A hands-on review to demonstrate that the student has the necessary skills and knowledge to properly operate an aerial lift before he or she is allowed to use it in the workplace

✓ When and how to perform aerial lift inspections and routine maintenance

✓ Any special manufacturer’s requirements

Cherry picker forklift training certification must be renewed every three years. Failure to keep a cherry picker license up to date can result in OSHA penalties. It can also put workers at greater risk of cherry picker accidents that lead to serious injury or death.

There may be instances when cherry picker recertification is required before three years. These instances include:

✓ An aerial lift accident has occurred while the machine is in use.

✓ Workplace hazards involving an aerial lift are discovered

✓ A different type of aerial lift equipment is used

✓ A worker is observed operating the equipment improperly

All of CMO’s cherry picker training courses offer FREE renewal training!

What Is a Cherry Picker Forklift Certification Course?

A cherry picker certification course teaches workers how to safely operate a picker. Cherry picker operators use the course to learn OSHA cherry picker forklift safety requirements. They can also receive tips and insights to identify and address cherry picker hazards.

Certification is required for cherry picker operators across the United States. These operators must receive OSHA-approved cherry picker certification. Otherwise, unlicensed cherry picker operators are in violation of OSHA mandates.

Consequences of Not Certifying Employees to Drive Cherry Pickers

Failure to certify employees before they begin using cherry pickers could result in heavy fines and penalties from OSHA. Businesses can be audited at any time and many are fined by OSHA for failure to have the forklift operators certified or to show proof of such certification in the audit.

A study conducted by CertifyMe showed that out of 100 participants just over half at 53 have been audited by OSHA for their safety plan. Of the 100, 85 had been given some type of fine from OSHA with 57 of them costing more than $100,000.

How Does a Cherry Picker Differ from a Forklift?

Forklifts, which are a type of cherry picker that are sometimes also called order pickers or stock pickers, also contribute to workplace deaths and injuries. They’re involved in about 85 fatal accidents annually, most of which are due to operator error. Cherry pickers are also sometimes called order pickers or stock pickers. Whether it’s called cherry picker training, order picker training or stock picker training, CMO’s comprehensive classes will teach your drivers everything they need to know about operating various types of aerial lifts, including how to recognize and avoid potential hazards and complying with all OSHA cherry picker regulations. 

Your company’s safety supervisor or manager will help with all aspects related to training for forklifts, cherry picker trucks and other heavy-duty construction equipment. CMO offers a course for this specific purpose, our MEWP & Aerial Lift Supervisor training class. With proper cherry picker certification training, workplace injuries and fatalities can be prevented, and penalties, fines and lawsuits can be avoided.

Why Should Your Company Sign Up for CMO’s Cherry Picker Operator Training?

Most accidents occur due to lack of training and proper understanding of OSHA safety requirements. Cherry picker trucks are subject to some of the most common aerial lift violations, but well-trained workers know how to avoid them. 

This is important for their safety, and cherry picker training & certification also makes your workplace more productive. In short, CMO’s cherry picker operator training is a win-win for everyone!

○ Accident Prevention 

CMO’s cherry picker certification training helps prevent workplace accidents and injuries, so you’ll see a reduction in the number of accidents that lead to serious injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage.

○ Improved Productivity

A safe workplace is simply a more efficient and productive workplace. The Increased knowledge your staff will gain through our training will allow you to give them greater responsibilities. With our cherry picker certification, your company will have everything it needs for increased workplace safety, as well as a more informed and engaged workforce!

○ Save Time and Money

After your employees complete our affordable online training, you’ll experience a boost in revenue due to streamlined working processes and procedures.

○ Save Money on Costly Equipment Replacements and Repairs

Your workers will learn how to properly inspect, maintain and operate cherry pickers, which translates directly to savings.

○ Save Money With In-House Trainers

Your workers will learn how to properly inspect, maintain and operate cherry pickers, which translates directly to savings. Plus, they’ll also know what to do when a cherry picker truck stops working.

○ Comply With all OSHA Cherry Picker Regulations

Our cherry picker certifications can be printed as soon as the training is completed! There’s no need to wait for the official paperwork to arrive in the mail. Just print and file the certificates in each operator’s HR. file and you’ll be covered in the event of an OSHA audit!

Choose for High-Quality Cherry Picker Training That’s Fast, Easy and Affordable

Many cherry picker certification training programs are available, but none can match the quality, affordability, and convenience of CMO’s.

Our 100% OSHA-compliant online cherry picker training provides your workers with course materials they can use to learn how to properly operate a cherry picker and other types of lifts. Plus, our program enables your cherry pickers, order pickers, and stock pickers trained and certified in as little as an hour.

Register now and your entire workplace can be OSHA-compliant in one afternoon at a cost of only $75 per employee, which includes both aerial lift and scissor lift training.

Protect your business, your employees, and yourself by having your cherry picker operators complete our OSHA-approved Aerial Lift Operator Training. Enroll them today and you’ll soon be on your way to a safer, more productive and OSHA-compliant workplace! Call us at (602) 277-0615 to speak with one of our knowledgeable aerial lift operator experts.

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