How to Get Cherry Picker Certification

What do Katy Perry and the Mayor of London have in common? Both, apparently, have been known to rely on a cherry picker to help them through their working day. While specific training is a must, cherry pickers are versatile machines that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from a wow-factor entertainment appearance, to inspiring a crowd, to accessing a power line.

If you have employees who use cherry pickers at work, no matter the purpose, you need to look into getting proper cherry picker training to boost productivity and keep your workplace safe. In addition to the cherry picker forklift training is also essential if you use forklifts in your business for construction or maintenance work.

CMO is a great training tool for employers who need to get their employees OSHA certified. Whether you have one scissor lift operator or an entire fleet of aerial lift workers who need trained, our cherry picker forklift certification is ideal. Cherry picker certification is only one part of our entire selection of aerial lift training courses.

What is a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker, also known as a boom lift, man lift, hydraladder, or basket crane, is a type of elevated, hydraulic crane platform that is used to raise and lower personnel to and from elevated working surfaces. Cherry pickers are often used to give workers access to overhead cables, but they get their name from their history of picking high up fruit in orchards, like cherries.

Cherry pickers are not to be confused with order pickers, which are actually forklifts and designed for selecting items from heights inside a warehouse. Cherry pickers, classified as aerial lifts under the OSHA standard 1910.67 and cherry picker regulations, come in several different types, including truck-boom mounted picker, telescopic boom, articulated boom, and trailer mounted lift.

  • Truck mounted boom picker. Truck-mounted boom lifts are exactly as they sound. The body sits on a 4-wheel chassis of a truck that’s fitted with a boom arm on the back. This type of cherry picker lift is one of the most transportable and makes it easy to access a variety of work locations. Forklifts are similar to the truck-mounted boom picker, since they also rest on a 4-wheel chassis and use forks to lift and lower loads and access high up materials. Cherry picker forklift training teaches how to use both boom pickers and forklifts. Employers are required to ensure their workers have cherry picker and truck mounted boom picker training. CMO has everything you need – get started today!
  • Telescopic boom. Telescopic boom lifts are known for their great reach power. They are used on a variety of situations for accessing items at incredible heights that other machines can’t, like tall trees, power lines, and even stalled roller coasters. Telescopic booms extend farther than just about every other equipment. If your workers use telescopic booms, sign up for our cherry picker forklift certification.
  • Articulated boom. Articulated booms are made with a jointed “arm” which means that they can reach up and over structures to access hard-to-reach areas. They are one of the most flexible and versatile types of cherry pickers. These machines are commonly used on construction sites and are also good for surveillance activities. Regardless, your employees need trained on this equipment.
  • Trailer-mounted lift. The trailer-mounted cherry picker is made up of a boom arm that rests on top of wheels for moving and small arms for balance. It is very portable and can be brought in to work areas where typical machines can’t.

Where Are Cherry Pickers Used?

Now that you know exactly what is a cherry picker, it’s important to know what kinds of job they are used for. Cherry pickers are used on a variety of worksites, but for the primary purpose of reaching otherwise inaccessible areas. Construction workers use cherry pickers to access buildings to paint, install or maintain windows, work on electrical systems, install signage, install and maintain lighting, work on trees, and much more. They have made many types of projects possible and are incredibly useful machines. However, if you don’t know how to use a cherry picker properly, there are some serious risk involved. Injuries and fatalities caused by cherry picker lift accidents are not uncommon on worksites across the country, and it is essential for workers to receive adequate cherry picker certification training and to follow all cherry picker regulations to protect their life.

Additionally, you may want to know where forklifts are used. Forklifts are used on many construction sites, and in warehouses. They are used to lift, raise, stack, and lower loads onto shelving racks, as well as access materials high up in a warehouse. Cherry picker forklift training teaches operators how to operate cherry pickers outdoors on construction sites and forklifts indoors and out.

Why is Cherry Picker Training Important?How to Get Cherry Picker Certification

In 2011 alone, cherry pickers were responsible for the deaths of 39 workers. 66 more fatalities were caused by truck-mounted lifts, and cherry pickers were listed as the secondary cause of 34 other deaths.

Other types of boom lifts can additional deaths. Boom lifts are responsible for seven out of ten deaths, while scissor lifts account for more than 25 percent of aerial lift fatalities. These figures do not include fatalities from electrocution while using a lift vehicle.

The most common causes of cherry picker deaths and injuries include:

  • – Falling from lift
  • – Electrocution
  • – Lift tips over

These unfortunate accidents start with operators not being aware of what is a cherry picker and how to use a cherry picker properly. Have you guessed what is the key to preventing these accidents? Yep, it’s cherry picker training.

Cherry picker training teaches workers everything they need to know to operate all types of cherry pickers, how to recognize and avoid hazards, and how to be compliant with all cherry picker regulations. It prevents injuries and fatalities, and it keeps fines and legalities out of the workplace.

Forklifts also cause deaths and injuries every year on worksites. They cause about 85 fatalities every year, most of which can be boiled down to operator error. Cherry picker forklift training teaches workers how to operate not only cherry pickers, but also forklifts in warehouses and outside to be as safe as possible on all types of equipment.

Cherry Picker Regulations to Prevent Accidents

Ensure all workers receive proper cherry picker training to prevent accidents and avoid costly fines. For operators, the first step is knowing what a cherry picker is, its unique characteristics, and how to operate a cherry picker lift properly. It’s also essential to make sure training is compliant with OSHA requirements for using an aerial lift safely, which include:

  • – Do not exceed load or weight limits. You’ll learn all about this in our cherry picker forklift certification class.
  • – Do not sit or climb on guardrails. Common sense safety practices are part of CMO’s cherry picker certification.
  • – Don’t modify an aerial lift, without consulting the manufacturer in writing. Make sure your employees know about this – even small “tweaks” can compromise the safety of cherry pickers!
  • – Maintain aerial lifts properly (this applies to rented lifts in particular)
  • – Perform daily inspections of safety devices and lift controls
  • – Always wear a seat belt and fall protection equipment, including a full body harness and lanyard, if working on an elevated platform
  • – Do not drive an aerial lift with the lift extended
  • – Set the brakes and outriggers
  • – Use wheel chocks on sloped ground

To learn more about forklift training, visit our forklift training page.

How to Use a Cherry Picker Safely

In a document published on the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (ELCOSH), the Center for Construction Research and Training made the following recommendations for how to use a cherry picker safely:

  • – Avoid power lines. Keep non-electrical workers at least 10 feet away from live overhead power lines. This video shows what can happen when a crane is not even touching a power line.
  • – Rotate and move slowly. Sudden jerks of the bucket can cause direct contact with power lines and should be avoided. In fact, sudden jerks of the bucket or platform are not recommended under any circumstances, as this video shows.
  • – Wear protective clothing. Electrical workers who are working on or near live power lines should use insulated tools and wear rubber gloves, rubber sleeves, voltage-rated shoes, Class E (formerly Class B) insulated hard hats, and whatever other personal safety equipment is needed. If boom buckets cannot be insulated, then the aerial lift should be grounded.
  • – Safely remove electrocution hazards. Effort should be made to either insulate or de-energize live power lines.
  • – Remain compliant with safety protocols. Boom buckets should be regularly tested to ensure the insulation is up to regulation specifications.
  • – Make sure you are on stable ground. All cherry pickers must be placed on even, stable terrain to prevent tip-overs. Use outriggers when needed, and use brakes and wheel chocks when the lift is on an incline.
  • Use fall protection. When operators are working on cherry pickers, they must use full body harnesses and lanyards to prevent them from falling and being injured or killed.
  • – Understand what is a cherry picker and receive specialty cherry picker training.

The most important part of using a cherry picker safely, is to complete cherry picker training. With, it’s as easy as these simple steps:

1. Create an account on our website
2. Log into your account and choose your program
3. Work through the online modules
4. Pass all quizzes and tests
5. Pass the in-person evaluation at your work
6. Print your operator certification!

These easy steps can be completed online, apart from the in-person evaluation, and from any device with an internet connection. We help you save tons of time and money, all from your own home or workplace. Our cherry picker forklift training programs help you get your operator certification in as little as one day.

The Benefits of Cherry Picker Training

As you already know, the majority of accidents involving cherry pickers occur due to operators not knowing how to use them properly. It’s crucial that you look into a high quality, comprehensive cherry picker certification for all of your employees who work on or near cherry pickers. Cherry picker training isn’t merely a formality to make OSHA and other administrations happy; it has a direct impact on your business as well.

Here are the combined benefits of our cherry picker forklift training programs:

  • – Prevent accidents. Reduce the number of accidents that lead to injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage. CMO’s cherry picker forklift certification classes help avoid accidents and injuries.
  • – Improve the productivity on your worksite. Increase the knowledge of your staff and feel confident giving them more responsibilities. A safe workplace is simply a more productive workplace. With our cherry picker certification, you’ll have everything your company needs for increased safety and a more engaged, active workforce!
  • – Save money and time from affordable online training and a boost in revenue due to improved working processes
  • – Pay for less equipment repairs and replacements with workers who know how to use a cherry picker properly and perform maintenance
  • – Save money with in-house trainers. Train your own experienced operators to train others in-house
  • – Remain 100% OSHA-compliant with all cherry picker regulations. Plus, our cherry picker training certification is printable right away! No waiting for the official papers to arrive in the mail! Once your employees have completed their training and passed their cherry picker certification, simply print and file the document in their HR file!
  • – Create a safe workplace. Prepare your workers to handle cherry pickers properly and safely to avoid hazards

There are really no reasons why you shouldn’t use in your business to train your employees. Not only will workers learn what a cherry picker is, but they’ll also receive in-depth information on a cherry picker’s mechanics, hazards involved, and how to prevent accidents. Cherry picker lift certification has so many benefits when compared to other programs, that it won’t be hard to convince your cherry picker operators as well.

Learn How to Use a Cherry Picker with – High Quality Training That’s Fast, Easy and Affordable

At, we can provide 100% OSHA-compliant online cherry picker training to your employees. We will teach them what is a cherry picker, how to use a cherry picker, and how to have their certificates ready to print in about an hour. Register now and have your workplace trained and certified in one afternoon, all from a device with an internet connection. For only $75 for aerial lift and scissor lift training, you can have a certified and safe workplace that will boost your bottom line.

Our sister site teaches workers how to use forklifts properly and safely, how to avoid accidents and protect workers’ lives. Check out cherry picker forklift training to receive all of the equipment trainings you need for both your employees and your business.

If you need three-year renewal training in addition to initial cherry picker training, we offer all customers free renewals for life!

Still unsure about signing up? Read this great blog on the Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Cherry Picker Certification.


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