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How to Get Cherry Picker Certified at CMO

CertifyMeOnline.net makes acquiring your cherry picker operator certification both cost-effective and straightforward. We guarantee OSHA compliance for all your cherry picker forklift operators. Here are the simple steps to secure cherry picker forklift certification:

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Cherry Picker Operator Topics Include:

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Online Certification Process

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Cherry Picker Training

Getting your cherry picker certification is easy and affordable with CertifyMeOnline.net. For only $75.00, employees can get cherry picker forklift certification to operate a cherry picker forklift nationwide.

A cherry picker is a forklift that extends high in the air to lift heavy objects from one spot to another. Cherry pickers are hydraulic cranes fueled by diesel, gas, or batteries. They have a raised platform at the end that raises and lowers people and cargo. 

CertifyMeOnline.net offers fully compliant cherry picker forklift training. Our online courses guarantee your employees are capable of safely working the equipment. Untrained and uncertified cherry picker forklift operators can lead to accidents.

How Online Cherry Picker Forklift Certification Works

Thanks to CertifyMeOnline.net, getting your cherry picker operator certification is affordable and simple. We ensure all your cherry picker forklift operators will be OSHA compliant. The easy steps to getting cherry picker forklift certification are:

  1. Sign up with an account – Create an account with your business and register your employees.
  2. Choose the course – Our online courses cover everything from OSHA standards to various types of aerial lifts and more.
  3. Take the online course – Our classes are 100% online and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Take an online written test – Operators must pass the online written test. This test can be taken over again as needed to pass. After the test, a workplace employee gives a hands-on exam. CertifyMeOnline.net has the “Train the Trainer” course for a trained employee to take the test.

After completing the course, the written test, and the hands-on evaluation, an employee has a cherry picker forklift certification according to OSHA standards.

Cherry Picker Certification Needs

Based on  OSHA regulations, only employees with appropriate cherry picker forklift training are authorized to work the equipment in the workplace. Moreover, according to OSHA, cherry picker training requirements must cover the following topics:

  •  Instruction on how to safely operate lifts, including the maximum load capacity
  •  Recognizing unsafe conditions in the workplace and how to avoid them
  •  Explanations of various hazards, including electrical, falling, and falling objects and the protocol on how to deal with each of them
  •  A hands-on evaluation to demonstrate that the employee has the required knowledge and skills

Why Choose CertifyMeOnline.net for Cherry Picker Forklift Certification

Cherry picker certification must be renewed every three years. A failure to renew could result in huge OSHA fines. Our training is online, and the courses are available 24/7. Employees can take them anytime, anywhere. All that is required is the internet or Wi-Fi and a computer, laptop, or mobile device. Employees have lifetime access once a course is purchased, meaning they can return and refresh whenever necessary.

Workers could be at risk and put others in danger of being in an accident that can lead to injury or death. These instances include:

  •  A worker is observed working the equipment incorrectly.
  •  Workplace dangers involving an aerial lift are exposed.
  •  Another aerial lift type is being used.
  •  An aerial lift accident happened while the equipment was in use.

Benefits of Getting Cherry Picker Forklift Certification

There are numerous benefits to getting cherry picker forklift training from CertifyMeOnline.net. Most cherry picker accidents occur because the workers don’t know how to use the equipment

correctly. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your employees who are cherry picker forklift operators are trained and certified. Cherry picker operator training is not just done to comply with OSHA. It also has a direct impact on the safety and productivity of your company. Advantages you and your employees will enjoy when your workers complete the CertifyMeOnline.net cherry picker forklift certification program include:

Accident Prevention 

Our cherry picker forklift certification training helps stop workplace accidents and injuries. Employers will notice a decrease in cherry picker forklift accidents.

Enhanced Productivity

A safe workplace is a productive workplace. With our cherry picker certification, your business will have all it needs for enhanced workplace safety.

No More Costly Repairs and Replacements

After workers finish the low-cost cherry picker forklift training, revenue will likely increase thanks to the streamlined procedures. Your workers will know how to operate correctly and inspect a cherry picker forklift.

Save Money with Our 100% Online Certification Courses.

There will no longer be paying employees to take time off to train in a classroom. Our courses are online so that workers can train at home, in the breakroom, on their lunch break, or anywhere convenient.

Certification Card Can Be Printed Right from Your Computer

Employees can print our cherry picker certifications as soon as the training is completed and the test is passed. There’s no need to wait for a certification card to arrive in the mail. Just print it from a computer and show it for proof of certification.


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Online courses at CertifyMeOnline.net make OSHA-compliant cherry picker certification quick and affordable. Our training programs for cherry picker forklift certification help employees learn how to operate a cherry picker and other types of lifts. The course material teaches how to work a cherry picker accurately, including scissor lift training and aerial lift training.

Our OSHA-compliant cherry picker operator certification classes are just 60 minutes. For $75, your employees could be trained and certified in one day. Register your business now on our website and enroll your workers in our cherry picker forklift certification course. Contact us if you have any other questions or call (602)277-0615.