Scaffolding vs. Scissor Lift: Which Is Better?

Working at height requires a keen focus on safety. This starts with having the right equipment for keeping workers safe on the job. For years, scaffolding was the safest way to work above ground. But since the invention of scissor lifts and other aerial lifts, scaffolding has taken a back seat when it comes to […]

What Are the Best Aerial Lift Accessories?

Aerial lift accessories serve many purposes. Some accessories increase aerial lift safety. Others help operators work comfortably at heights. Various accessories enable operators to become more productive and efficient than ever before, too.  Your business can browse and purchase spill guards, tool trays, and other accessories for aerial lifts. But some of these accessories are […]

The 5 Most Common Aerial Lift Accidents

Aerial lift operators must prioritize safety. When workers aren’t properly trained to operate an aerial lift, accidents can occur. Some aerial lift accidents can cause injuries, and others can be fatal. Employers must provide aerial lift operator certification training. This ensures aerial lift operators are OSHA-certified. It also confirms that these operators know about common […]

How to Charge a Scissor Lift: Everything You Need to Know

For those who are uncertain about how to charge a scissor lift, help is available. In fact, workers who complete an OSHA-approved scissor lift certification training program can get the information they need to properly charge an electric lift. Plus, these workers can receive insights into OSHA scissor lift safety requirements, so they can take […]

Why Wear Protective Eyewear

Construction workers face many workplace hazards. One such issue that continues to plague construction companies and their employees: poor eye protection.  If you operate a construction company, you need to offer safety glasses to your workers. Construction safety glasses can help your employees guard against dirt, debris, and other foreign particles. They can even help […]