What to Know Before Using a Man Basket Lift

man basket lift

When construction workers need to be safely transported to great heights, they turn to man basket lifts to get the job done. Also known as safety cages and personnel baskets, these work platforms are ideal for accessing spaces too high to reach with a ladder. When used by trained professionals, man basket lifts are incredibly safe. That’s why all workers who use them must first be trained and certified.

What is a Man Basket Lift?

Also known as a personnel basket, man baskets are used to allow workers to reach areas they couldn’t access with a ladder or from the ground. The man basket attaches to a forklift or crane where it can be transported to the area where the work is to be done.san diego aerial lift certification

The forklift operator moves the man basket up and around to reach the location where the worker will be completing their task. These baskets come in various sizes to fit one or multiple people inside with different weight limits. The walls come up to about waist height to prevent the worker from falling out.

These baskets are used at construction sites and other locations where workers need to reach areas for repair, maintenance, and other tasks. For instance, they are ideal for window washing of large office buildings or to repair the roof of a multiple-story building. In general, a construction man basket can hold up to two workers and the tools and supplies they need for the job they are working on. However, other sizes with more capacity do exist. The load-bearing capacity must be listed on the outside of the basket as required by OSHA. The combined weight cannot exceed half this number and includes the workers, platform, and load. The man basket must have a guard rail and slip-resistant floor.

Uses of a Man Basket Lift

In the construction industry, man basket lifts are used in conjunction with telehandlers. These rough-terrain forklifts use a telescoping boom to lift the basket upwards of 50 feet in the air. Traction grip floor surfaces help keep workers inside safe. These are frequently used in bridge and overpass construction, in commercial painting, and for pressure-washing jobs.

In emergencies, man baskets are critical for saving injured workers. These baskets are safe, secure, and highly effective at extracting workers from crane-accessible locations. Some rescue baskets are even designed to fit a stretcher for emergency transport.

How to Drive a Man Basket

A man lift basket isn’t self-driving. Instead, it is attached and moved around by a forklift. The operator would use the joystick or buttons to move the basket to the desired location. If you want to learn how to drive a forklift with a man basket attached, you’ll need to receive proper certification and training. Without the right certification, these man baskets are dangerous and could cause harm to you, other workers and passersby while also putting the company at risk for OSHA fines.

What is the Maximum Capacity for a Man Lift?

Before using a construction man basket, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s guide for recommendations. Each make and model will come with its own maximum capacity. Generally speaking, man lifts tend to have a capacity of around 500 pounds. This includes both the weight of the worker and any tools or equipment they might be hauling with them. Exceeding weight requirements can be dangerous, so always be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a man lift basket.

Does OSHA Require Manlift Training?

All man lift operators are required to be trained and certified before they use such equipment. This isn’t just a recommendation, it’s the law. OSHA frequently penalizes companies that fail to abide by their safety requirements. If your business is hoping to avoid expensive OSHA fines, you’ll definitely want to invest in employee man lift training. Certification can help you sidestep fines while also ensuring the safest work environment possible for all employees.

Man Lift Basket Certification Requirements

If you or someone you have employed needs to drive a forklift with a man basket, they must be trained and certified. OSHA law requires that the maximum load amount is observed and the equipment inspected before each use. Any operator must receive forklift training and certification before operating the machine.

Training may include an online certification course for aerial lifts, which you can get through CertifyMeOnline. A hands-on test for certification must be administered by a certified trainer. Any employee can become a trainer with the Train the Trainer course from CertifyMeOnline.

Consequences of Not Certifying Employees to Drive Man Baskets

Failure to certify workers to drive forklifts with man baskets can lead to fines and penalties from OSHA. Many businesses are audited and end up receiving fines by OSHA because the forklift operators aren’t certified. A survey from CertifyMe was done on 100 participants with 53 having their safety plan audited by OSHA. Out of those 100, 85 received OSHA fines and of those, 57 amounted to more than $100,000. Companies can pay a high price for every instance of operators not being certified before operating forklifts.

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Start Man Basket Lift Training Now

Employers are legally required to provide workers with man basket lift training before they use these machines. The good news? Getting trained and certified is more convenient than ever before. CertifyMeOnline offers a comprehensive online course that allows workers to learn at their own pace. Most people complete the coursework in about an hour. So long as they pass the hands-on test for certification, they’ll be ready to print out proof of training and be ready to work.

Want to designate an employee to provide testing for all workers to get certified? Our Train the Trainer course is the ideal companion to our man lift training. It allows you to bring training in-house. For questions about certification, give us a call at (602) 277-0615. Ready to start training? Click here to sign up!

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