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Save Time and Money with an In-House Certified Aerial Lift Operator Certification

Starting with CMO is straightforward and efficient. Employers simply register an account and enroll their operators for training, which can be accessed on any internet-enabled device


The course typically takes about one hour to complete, followed by an online exam that participants can retake until they pass. 


For the hands-on-evaluation, if you don’t already have a designated evaluator, our Train the Trainer program can equip one of your employees with the skills needed for future assessments.


Upon completing the aerial lift certification training, you can print your instantly downloadable certificate. We also mail the certificate and wallet card to your facility.  This ensures you’re always prepared, especially for unexpected OSHA inspections.

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Aerial Lift Operator Topics Include:

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When it comes to workplace safety, there are few things as important as quality aerial lift certification. We’ve made it our mission to provide convenient, affordable, and comprehensive online training opportunities for aerial lift operators everywhere. CertifyMeOnline.net offers self-paced training modules that can be completed from any time or place that’s convenient. Sign your operators up today and they’ll enjoy free renewal training for life!

How Our Aerial Lift Certification Program Works

Getting started with CMO is easy. Employers should create an account and sign up each operator they want trained. Learners then complete the training course from any device with an internet connection. Most people finish the class in about one hour. Next comes an online written exam that can be taken as many times as necessary to earn a passing score. 

Finally, an on-site employee of yours should conduct a hands-on evaluation. Don’t have someone in mind? Our helpful Train the Trainer program can teach one of your employees how to train and oversee all future skills evaluations.

Once aerial lift certification training is complete, you can print off proof of certification immediately. Keep operator certification cards on hand in case OSHA stops by for an inspection.

Affordable, Comprehensive Aerial Lift Certification Training

At just $75, our aerial lift certification training is one of the best investments you can make in your organization. While traditional classroom training often requires learners to travel offsite and spend lots of time getting certified, our online course allows you to save valuable time and money by bringing training in-house. We also offer free lifetime renewal training. Considering that OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to recertify every three years, this adds up to significant savings. No training is as affordable or as comprehensive as CMO!

Included in Aerial Lift Training Online

Online aerial lift training makes it easier than ever to learn how to operate lifts. Over the course of an hour, participants learn the fundamentals of operation, how to avoid accidents, and best practices for efficiency and safety. Once training is complete, learners are ready to gain practical experience and earn their certification. A written exam is included in the course, as are certification cards you can print off for proof of your training as soon as you’re finished with the material. Free lifetime renewal training is also included for CMO members.

Requirements for Aerial Lift Certification

Many people find themselves wondering: is aerial lift training online really necessary? The answer is a resounding yes. Training helps educate the workforce to make smart, safe decisions on the job, contributing to an overall culture of safety. 

Certification is also legally required by OSHA. When they perform an inspection and find even a single operator who is not certified, OSHA may levy thousands of dollars in fines against the organization. By getting workers trained and certified, you protect your workplace from accidents and from expensive financial penalties. 

Aerial Lift Certification FAQs

Still feeling unsure about OSHA aerial lift certification requirements? Allow us to walk you through a few of the most frequently asked questions on the subject:

What Does Aerial Lift Training Entail?

Online aerial lift training makes it easier than ever to learn how to operate lifts. Over the course of an hour, participants learn the fundamentals of operation, how to avoid accidents, and best practices for efficiency and safety. Once training is complete, learners are ready to gain practical experience and earn their certification.

How Long is My Aerial Lift Certification Good for?

Aerial lift training operator cards are valid for three years from the date of issuance. After that point, operators must undergo refresher training to be recertified. CMO members are treated to a lifetime of free refresher training – it’s just one of the many perks of with us!

Are Employers Required to Provide Aerial Lift Training?

Yes. OSHA requires all employers to provide training to their workers. While lift operators may be more marketable to employers if they are already certified, training can take place after hiring. The responsibility to properly train and certify aerial lift operators falls to the employers, not to the individual employees.

What is the OSHA Standard for Aerial Lifts?

OSHA’s official website states that employees must always stand firmly on the floor of the basket they’re using. They must not sit or climb on the edge of the masket and may not use planks, ladders, or other devices for a work position. A body belt must be worn and a lanyard must be attached to the basket or boom when working on an aerial lift.

Enroll Your Workers in CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification Program Today

CertifyMeOnline.net offers fastest, most affordable, and most convenient way to train and certify your aerial lift operators. Get in compliance with OSHA regulations in a single afternoon. You’ll avoid expensive fines and penalties and help make your workplace safer for everyone. 

Get started today – by enrolling your employees in our aerial lift certification online program, your demonstrate your commitment to safety. There’s truly no better way to teach your operators about the importance of aerial lift safety. Register online or reach out for more information. Our knowledgeable OSHA training consultants are ready to take your call now at (602) 277-0615

CertifyMeOnline.net is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to achieve – and maintain – OSHA compliance. Enjoy the advantages that come with a CertifyMeOnline.net account – sign up today! Browse our courses and pricing. If you have any questions about our certification courses or how to get an aerial/scissor lift certification. license, call our training experts at

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