Your Guide to Aerial Lift Certification

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If you think your business can ignore aerial lift certification, think again.

Companies across the United States that employ aerial lift operators are required to comply with OSHA mandates. If businesses ignore OSHA requirements for aerial lift training, they can put their workers at risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. These companies also can face OSHA penalties that can cause financial losses, brand reputation damage, and other long-lasting problems.

Learn as much as you can about aerial lift certification and training — you’ll be glad you did. Because, if you know why aerial lift training is necessary, you can ensure your lift operators can remain safe and productive at work.

What is Aerial Lift Certification?

Aerial lift certification is the formal process by which operators can become legally trained to use aerial lifts. Just as you need a driver’s license to drive your car, you need your aerial lift certification before you can begin operating lifts on the job. This is required by law. Fail to earn your certification, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration may levy expensive fines and penalties against your organization. 

Aerial lift training is a critical step towards certification. Not only does it inform the certification process, it helps workers understand their role in reducing workplace accidents. On average, there are 26 construction worker fatalities each year that occurs as a result of aerial lift equipment accidents. Many of these deaths are due to operator error or negligence. This is equal to as much as 3% of all annual construction-related deaths. To help reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to complete aerial lift training and receive their certifications.

With proper OSHA-compliant lift certification, workplace accidents that result in injuries and fatalities can be prevented, workers can receive in-demand career training that is financially rewarding and employers benefit by having a safer and more productive working environment. 

aerial lift certification

Benefits of Aerial Lift Training

Businesses and their employees equally benefit from lift operator certification programs. Via training, workers become more aware of the latest jobsite safety practices, OSHA regulations, and related information. As a result, employers are less likely to incur OSHA penalties and fines, suffer negative audit findings, and experience workplace accidents. These issues can lead to employee injuries or fatalities, damage to property and equipment, and potentially expensive litigation. 

Proper aerial lift training is essential for anyone who wants to work as an aerial lift operator. An adequately trained applicant with an OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification has a far better chance of landing a high-paying job as an aerial lift operator than an untrained worker. Aerial lift operator training provides workers with the fundamentals needed for practicing and promoting workplace safety, regardless of whether the work environment is inside a warehouse, at an outdoor construction site, or elsewhere.

Ignore OSHA Aerial Lift Certification Requirements at Your Peril

Many people find themselves wondering: is aerial lift training really necessary? The answer is a resounding yes. Training helps educate the workforce to make smart, safe decisions on the job, contributing to an overall culture of safety. Certification is also legally required by OSHA. When they perform an inspection and find even a single operator who is not certified, OSHA may levy thousands of dollars in fines against the organization. By getting workers trained and certified, you protect your workplace from accidents and from expensive financial penalties. 

Aerial Lift Training FAQs

Still feeling unsure about OSHA aerial lift certification requirements? Allow us to walk you through a few of the most frequently asked questions on the subject:

What Does Aerial Lift Training Entail?

Online aerial lift training makes it easier than ever to learn how to operate lifts. Over the course of an hour, participants learn the fundamentals of operation, how to avoid accidents, and best practices for efficiency and safety. Once training is complete, learners are ready to gain practical experience and earn their certification

Is Aerial Lift Certification Required by OSHA?

Yes. According to OSHA, all scissor lift and aerial lift operators must be properly trained and certified before they’re legally allowed to operate or work with the equipment while on the job. CMO’s aerial lift training program fully complies with all OSHA’s lift operator training requirements.

How Long is My Aerial Lift Certification Good for?

A lift operator card is valid for a period of three years following the completion of training and the date of issuance, at which time the operator must be recertified through refresher training. Should you decide to train with CMO, you’ll be treated to free refresher training and certification renewals for life. 

Are Employers Required to Provide Aerial Lift Training?

Yes. OSHA requires all employers to provide training to their workers. While lift operators may be more marketable to employers if they are already certified, training can take place after hiring. The responsibility to properly train and certify aerial lift operators falls to the employers, not to the individual employees.

aerial lift certification

Enroll Your Workers in CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification Program Today is the fast, easy, and affordable way to train and certify your workers. Your employees can work through the aerial lift certification training modules at their own pace without taking time away from work. Our aerial scissor lift training will ensure your workers are up to date on the latest OSHA regulations, which will result in a workplace environment that will help protect the lives and safety of all involved.

Our aerial lift certification program features:

– Instant operator card access – Print your cards immediately and the official laminated cards will arrive within 7-10 days in the mail.

– 24/7 availability – Certification that’s flexible and schedule-friendly.

– Comprehensive coverage – Developed by OSHA experts, our aerial lift certification will keep your workforce well within OSHA standards.

– Affordable price tag – At just $75.00 per aerial lift operator, offers certification at a fraction of the cost most programs charge. Plus, our aerial lift certification is available in Spanish.

Check out our programs and prices and get on the fast track to OSHA compliance and workplace safety today through’s aerial lift training and certification programs. To get started today, please contact us online or call us at (602) 277-0615 to speak with one of our knowledgeable OSHA training consultants or click here to start your aerial and scissor lift training. is here to help you with all your aerial lift training and certification needs!