Aerial Lift Training & Certification

aerial lift trainingThere is an average of 26 construction worker fatalities each year resulting from aerial lift equipment accidents, many of which are due to operator error or negligence. This is equal to as much as three percent of all annual construction-related deaths. To help reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to complete aerial lift training and receive their certifications.

aerial lift certification

With proper OSHA-compliant lift certification, workplace accidents that result in injuries and fatalities can be prevented, workers can receive in-demand career training that is financially rewarding and employers benefit by having a safer and more productive working environment. CertifyMeOnline. net offers a 100 % OSHA compliant aerial lift training program that will certify equipment operators to safely and correctly operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts in the workplace.

CMO has provided thousands of employees and employers throughout the country with the training and certification needed to properly and safely operate aerial lift and scissor lift equipment. Our convenient operator training courses make it easy for anyone to become an OSHA-compliant aerial lift operator – all that’s needed is a willingness to learn and an hour or so of your time! With our affordable prices, online access and the best aerial lift and scissor lift training and certification program available anywhere, we can help your company become compliant as soon as today! Register your company and enroll your equipment operators now to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workplace will be both safer and OSHA compliant!

To sign up for’s OSHA compliant aerial and scissor lift training and certification programs, just follow these five easy steps – that’s all it takes! Your business can’t afford to be non-compliant, so have your workers receive their aerial lift certification training today!

How CMO’s Aerial Lift Training Helps Both Employers and Employees

Training promotes a safer workplace. CMO’s aerial lift certification training will make lift operators aware of the latest job site safety practices, OSHA regulations, and related information. As a result, employers are less likely to incur OSHA penalties and fines, suffer negative audit findings and experience workplace accidents that result in employee injuries or fatalities, damages to property and equipment and potentially expensive litigation. When you enroll your operators in CMO’s aerial lift training program, both you and your employees are winners!

Aerial lift certification enhances job opportunities. Proper training is essential for anyone who wants to work as an aerial lift operator. An adequately trained applicant with an OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification has a far better chance of landing a high-paying job as an aerial lift operator than an untrained worker.

Training encourages workplace safety practices by all. CMO’s aerial lift operator training provides workers with the fundamentals needed for practicing and promoting workplace safety, regardless of whether the environment is inside a warehouse, at an outdoor construction site or another work setting.

Renewal certifications from CMO are fast, easy and free. Every three years, OSHA requires aerial lift operators to complete certification renewal training. When your employees receive their certifications through CMO, recertification training is free for life.

CMO’s online aerial lift and scissor lift training is a fast, efficient and convenient way to provide your workers with everything they need to become qualified aerial lift operators. Once the training program and a hands-on operator evaluation are completed, operator certificates and cards can be immediately downloaded and printed, which means your drivers can legally operate aerial lift equipment at your workplace.

OSHA Aerial Lift Requirements for Employers

It’s illegal for anyone to operate an aerial lift or scissor lift in the workplace without having received OSHA-approved aerial lift training and certification. The fastest, easiest and most affordable solution is to have your workers trained and certified through

CertifyMeOnline is the ideal solution for employers whose operators need aerial lift and scissor lift certifications to comply with OSHA regulations. When you enroll them in our lift operator training and certification program, your drivers will receive the training they need to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and fatalities, as well as avoid costly penalties and fines for violating OSHA guidelines.

Our aerial lift training and certification courses are developed by OSHA experts with many years of hands-on, industry-wide experience. As a business owner, you can rest assured knowing that CMO’s aerial lift and scissor lift training courses fully comply with all OSHA regulations. In as little as just one hour, your employees can be properly trained and certified to safely operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts, which will promote workplace safety awareness and improve your business’s overall productivity.

In as little as a day, your employees can be properly trained and certified to safely operate aerial lift and scissor lift equipment. All training materials are available online 24/7, which means your employees can complete their training sessions using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or another digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection whenever time permits and wherever is convenient. The coursework can be taken during a lunch break before his or her shift starts or at home. This means there’s no need to take time away from work or stop production for training classes. Since there are no time limits, employees can work at their own pace starting and pausing whenever they like, which allows them to study and absorb the information in a manner that works best for them.

Some FAQs About CMO’s Aerial Lift Training Program

Q. What is aerial lift training?

A. Aerial lift training teaches operators the correct procedures for properly and safely working with aerial lifts and scissor lifts. In addition to studying safety issues, students are taught how to identify and operate the equipment’s various instruments and controls, maintain and inspect the equipment before each use, assess the environment for potential hazards and the proper use of lanyards and other personal safety equipment.

Q. Does OSHA require aerial lift training?

A. Yes. According to OSHA, all scissor lift and aerial lift operators must be properly trained and certified before they’re legally allowed to operate or work with the equipment while on the job. CMO’s aerial lift training program fully complies with all OSHA’s lift operator training requirements.

Q. How long is aerial lift training good for?

A. Although aerial lift certifications have no expiration date, if the certified individual is also an operator, the lift operator card is valid for a period of three years following the completion of training and the date of issuance, at which time the operator must be recertified through refresher training.

Q. How often is refresher training required?

A. According to OSHA regulations, aerial lift and scissor lift operators must be retrained and recertified every three years. Retraining and recertification is also required whenever an operator is observed operating the equipment improperly, there’s a workplace accident involving an aerial lift or scissor lift or when new types of lift equipment are brought into the workplace. When you choose CMO to train and certify your lift operators, renewal training is free for life.

aerial lift certification

Get Aerial Lift Certification Now is the fast, easy and affordable way to train and certify your workers. Your employees can work through the aerial certification training modules at their own pace without taking time away from work. Our aerial scissor lift training will ensure your workers are up to date on the latest OSHA regulations, which will result in a workplace environment that will help protect the lives and safety of all involved.

Check out our programs and prices and get on the fast track to OSHA compliance and workplace safety today through’s aerial lift and scissor lift training and certification programs. To get started today, call us at (602) 277-0615 to speak with one of our knowledgeable OSHA training consultants or click here to start your aerial and scissor lift training. is here to help you with all your aerial lift training and certification needs!