JCB Training

jcb aerial lift trainingJ.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, better known as JCB, is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world – in fact, they’re currently a top-3 producer of construction equipment. Based in the UK, JCB makes a wide-ranging array of equipment for three major industries:

  • • Agriculture
  • • Construction
  • • Defense & Government

If you work with scissor lifts or aerial lifts, you’ll probably come across JCB equipment. The company makes over 300 machines, including some you’ll find in everyday jobsites throughout the United States.

Operating a JCB scissor lift isn’t drastically different than other lifts. has four different training sessions for workers who need to familiar themselves with JCB operator training. Here’s our current course lineup, including many that apply to JCB scissor lifts:

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training

One of our most popular JCB training courses, this OSHA compliant training session explains everything you need to know about operating scissor lifts and aerial lifts. Think of it as your own JCB operating training class!

Train the Trainer

This JCB training class is exactly like it sounds – we train your company’s trainer to become an in-house expert on everything related to OSHA workplace safety. From JCB scissor lift maintenance schedules to JCB driving training suggestions, this popular course has everything you need to get started with your company’s safety program.

Class 7

Our Class 7 includes rough terrain lifts (a JCB specialty), straight mast lifts, and extended reach lifts (also manufactured by JCB). Closely related to aerial lifts, this specialized equipment requires a different set of skills and safety knowledge to operate. If you need extra JCB scissor lift training, sign up with our Class 7 training today.

Fall protection

Any worker who uses a JCB scissor lift will benefit from this CMO training module. Fall protection is an important part of OSHA training, and we’ll make sure this is part of your JCB training.

Get Your JCB Scissor Lift Training Today – Sign up with CMO! has the training you need to become OSHA complaint. This includes the full range of JCB equipment. While our courses aren’t specific to JCB machinery, they contain a comprehensive review of the most important OSHA standards. If you use a JCB scissor lift or need more JCB training for scissor lifts or aerial lifts, CMO can help.

Check out our courses for more information. If you have any questions about our training, JCB scissor lifts, or anything else, give our OSHA compliance consultants a call at (602) 277-0615. Thanks for visiting CMO – your source for JCB scissor lift training!