Here’s what we’ve got for you:

If you are looking for a simple and extremely easy OSHA-compliant compliance package that includes operator training, an Aerial/Scissor Lift Safety certification, operator cards, and the crucial hands-on evaluation forms you are in the right place!

Our lightning fast program gets your company safety plan on track in less than 15 minutes and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions.

You’ll be able to manage the whole process right from your desk top without all the headaches, and print ALL of the OSHA required credentials whenever you want.

And, there is no additional research required — our program eliminates the guesswork, and provides an audit-proof compliance package so you never have to worry about stiff OSHA fines, or a world ending denial of an insurance claim.

There are no more reasons to not finish this once and for all. . . TODAY!

Here what our program will do for you:

You can print your certificates and operator cards instantly.

You’ll have professional level proof and all your crucial documentation right at your fingertips. (You’ll get your permanent certificates and laminated operator cards in 7-10 days)

And . . . you’ll be able to certify new hires with zero hassle in minutes, and you’ll never have to sweat the details or worry about re-certification.

Our online program is available 24/7.

You can certify your operator’s when it’s most convenient for you and your employees

And . . . You can OSHA train and certify scissor lift/aerial lift operators whenever and wherever you want-no more scheduling headaches, paying overtime, or dragging everybody in on a weekend just for “Boom Lift Training Day”.

Our program has passed OSHA audits with flying colors and delivers everything required in a simple to use program.

You’ll never have to worry about your paperwork being denied by OSHA. Our customers have sailed through hundreds of audits

And . . . You’ll have confidence that your program has stood the test of time, and is the exact same program used by corporate giants.

You will have the confidence to Do It Your-self by following these simple steps that will make you the boom/scissor lift “Safety Expert” at your company in not much more than 10 minutes.

You don’t have to hassle with locating a “Safety Consultant” or wasting all day at rental outfit to do a simple, but misunderstood task that you can easily do your self in less than 15 minutes.

And . . . You’ll save thousands of dollars in direct expense–the actual cost of hiring a “Safety Consultant” and the indirect cost–your time, production demands, and your employee’s time and expense.

Here’s what to do now:

When you click on the 5 Easy Steps button you’ll be following the same simple process used by small business, Fortune 500 behemoths, and even United States Government agencies. Developed, refined, and tested over the last 9 years by our team of OSHA Safety experts.

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