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Dallas Aerial Lift Certification

Dallas employers need to be aware that OSHA requires workers to receive Dallas aerial lift certification training before they’re legally allowed to operate aerial lifts or scissor lifts at the workplace. If you’re a business owner who has aerial lift or scissor lift operators on your payroll, having them properly trained and certified by is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for your workers to become 100% OSHA compliant. With our Dallas aerial lift certification training, your employees will have all the necessary skills and training needed to safely operate lift equipment in your place of business.

Our aerial lift certification in Dallas includes:

– Affordable prices

– Free renewal training

– Complete certification for aerial work platform (AWP) and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) workers

– An insider’s knowledge of OSHA safety regulations

– Great customer support for aerial lift certification in Dallas

– And much more!

Courses, Pricing & More Information – Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas from CMO

Course lineup – aerial lift certification in Dallas:

Train the Trainer Certification – Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift – Dallas Aerial Lift Certification Course – $149.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas – For Every Employee – $75.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas (Great for Bi-Lingual Needs) – $75.00

Class 7 Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas – $75.00

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Straight mast forklift

Extended reach forklift

We’ll get your aerial lift certification in Dallas needs taken care of with these courses!

san diego aerial lift certification

Class 7 – Spanish – Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas – $75.00

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Straight mast forklift

Extended reach forklift

Fall Protection – Aerial Lift Certification for Dallas – $75.00

Fall Protection – Spanish – Ensure your aerial lift certification in Dallas includes bi-lingual workers – $75.00

Get registered today and take care of your aerial lift certification in Dallas!

“Everything is big in Texas,” as the saying goes. And Dallas, or “BIG D” as it’s sometimes called is no exception. The Greater Dallas area is one of the largest metro regions in the United States. It’s also the country’s sixth largest economy and ranks top 20 nationally in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Dallas Quality of Life Index, which takes into account such things as purchasing power, health care, CPI, safety, home price to income ratio, commute time and pollution is more than double that of New York.

With a growing economy, your company needs to provide aerial lift certification in Dallas. CMO can help get your company OSHA compliant!

Why Dallas Aerial Lift Certification is Important

There’ are risks that come with operating scissor lifts, aerial lifts or other aerial work platforms (AWPs). Injuries involving aerial lifts occur almost daily throughout the U.S., some of which unfortunately are fatal. The best way to prevent these accidents is to ensure all your AWP workers are properly trained. OSHA understands this, which is why Dallas aerial lift workers are required to have aerial lift certifications before they can legally operate lift equipment. Failure by an employer to provide the training violates OSHA guidelines and exposes the business to heavy fines.

Untrained aerial lift operators or those who aren’t up to date on the latest OSHA regulations can be dangerous. They’re unable to recognize workplace hazards, and therefore present a threat to themselves, their coworkers and to the business owner from a liability standpoint. To keep your workforce and workplace safe, your equipment operators need to complete OSHA-approved scissor lift training and receive official Dallas aerial lift certification to ensure they’re capable of safely operating the equipment.

Reasons to Choose CertifyMeOnline.Net for Dallas Aerial Lift Training

Some employers think aerial lift certification in Dallas takes too much time or costs too much, but that’s not the case with Our training is fast, affordable and 100% OSHA compliant. Enrolling your workers now in our online aerial lift or scissor lift certification program could be one of the best decisions you can make in terms of protecting your employees and your business.

You’ll probably find that CMO’s Dallas aerial lift certification training is more affordable than you thought. Enroll your operators in our Dallas aerial lift certification classes and if OSHA audits you, you’ll know that your lift workers’ training records are on file with CMO.

Our aerial lift certification in Dallas benefits both employers and employees. From small companies to major corporations, we’ve helped businesses of all types and sizes become OSHA compliant, and we can help your business as well.

About CMO’s Dallas Aerial Lift Certification

Having operators that are properly trained is essential for a safe working environment, and Dallas workplace safety begins with’s aerial lift certification. When you choose CMO for aerial lift certification in Dallas, you’ve chosen the best aerial lift training available. Here are a few of the many reasons why our lift certification programs just can’t be beat:

✓ CMO aerial lift training is fast:

All course materials are available online 24/7, and can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or other digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection. There are no time restrictions, so your trainees can work at their own pace, although some students complete our Dallas aerial lift training in about an hour.

✓ Our pass rate is 100%:

Most students pass the exam the first time it’s taken, although the course can be repeated as many times as necessary. The exam is open book, so if they’re unsure of an answer, students can refer to the training materials.

✓ We’re 100% OSHA compliant:

After your operators complete our Dallas lift certification training, you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace. Your business is also less likely to be fined by OSHA as a result of an audit.

✓ Our online training is affordable:’s Dallas aerial lift operator training classes cost just $75 each. All training and evaluation materials are included, so there’s nothing else to buy. With, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to certify your workers

✓ CMO training is convenient:

There’s no need for your employees to take time off work to travel back and forth from an expensive offsite training facility when you have them get their Dallas lift certifications through Our online classes can be taken take any time and place that’s convenient – over a lunch break, at a coffee shop or even at home!

✓ Documentation is immediately available:

There’s no need to wait for certificates and lift operator cards to arrive in the mail. Just as soon as the class is completed, they can be downloaded and printed.

✓ Renewal training is free:

OSHA requires forklift operators to be recertified at least every three years, or under some circumstances sooner. When your workers are trained by, refresher training is free for life.

✓ Avoid costly OSHA penalties:

There’s less chance of being fined by OSHA when your employees receive their certifications from CMO, since our training is 100% OSHA compliant. We surveyed more than100 business owners, managers and safety personnel about their experiences with OSHA, and found that more than half of the respondents reported having been audited by OSHA. Eighteen percent of these companies received fines, most of which were more than $100,000!

Click here to read the full study.

✓ We’re always up to date on OSHA regulations and ANSI (American National Standards Institute):

ANSI recently revised their standards A92.22-2018 & A92.24-2018, which affect all aerial lift operators and their owners. The previous standards are now outdated, which means employers need to update their operators’ aerial lift certification training to familiarize them with the new requirements.’s aerial lift courses always incorporate the latest ANSI standards, so enroll your operators today to remain OSHA compliant!

If there are untrained aerial lift operators on your payroll, it’s important that you have them certified as soon as possible. In as little as an hour, you can have a safer and more productive workplace. Protect your workers from accidents and your business from potentially crippling OSHA penalties and fines – sign them up for our Dallas aerial lift certification training now!

Topics Covered in CMO’s Online Aerial Lift Certification Training

To comply with OSHA’s requirements for Dallas aerial lift operator certification, drivers must successfully complete a training program that consists of classroom-style instruction, a written test and an equipment operating skills evaluation. Here’s some of what’s covered in our Dallas online aerial lift certification training:

✓ Identifying and using a lift’s various controls

✓ Operating various lifts types, including scissor lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts

✓ Using body harnesses, lanyards and other personal protective equipment (PPE)

✓ Driving and maneuvering on and across various types of terrain

✓ Maneuvering under and around fixed objects

✓ Recognizing and avoiding hazards

✓ Inspecting equipment and performing routine maintenance

✓ Operating aerial lifts with pedestrians present

Enrolling Your Employees in CMO’s Dallas Aerial Lift Certification Program

Talk about easy! Our 100% OSHA approved, Dallas aerial lift certification training can be completed in about an hour. To enroll your workers, just follow these five simple steps:

1. Set up an account

Register your company on the CMO website, which takes just a couple of minutes and is totally free!

2. Register your workersand create usernames and passwords

Payment can be made online by credit card and costs just $75 per student.

3. Have students log into the company account

Using their passwords, students log in on a smartphone or other digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection and any time that’s convenient.

4. Take the test

Working at their own pace, students watch the online instructions and take the quizzes. Although there are no time limitations, some students complete the course and open book exam in about an hour. Our pass rate is 100%.

5. Download Operator Cards and Evaluation Checklists

Once the CMO aerial lift training has been completed, temporary operator cards and certificates can be immediately downloaded and printed.

That’s all there is to it! It takes just a few minutes to enroll your employees and about an hour for them to complete the training and receive their OSHA compliant aerial lift certifications. Your operators can take the online training program anywhere and any time that’s convenient.

Sign Up Your Operators for CMO’s Dallas Aerial Lift Certification Training Today!

As a business owner, you can’t afford the consequences of having untrained and uncertified workers operating lift equipment in your workplace. That’s why you need aerial lift certification in Dallas! If there are training gaps you need to fill or you need to bring your safety program into compliance, the best time to get started is now, so sign up for our Dallas aerial lift certification training today! Scissor lift certification Dallas ensures your firm is OSHA compliant. It’s never been easier, more convenient or more affordable to receive your same day Dallas scissor lift training!

Ready to enroll your equipment operators in Dallas aerial lift and scissor lift certification training? Contact us online or give our aerial lift certification experts a call at (602) 277-0615 to get started. is the only resource you need for OSHA-approved aerial lift training Dallas.

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