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Situated on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is bursting with character, a vast showcase of three centuries of innovative architecture. The third most populous city in the country, Chicago is a haven for certified aerial lift operators with its bustling metropolitan area and firmly established economy., your #1 source for OSHA compliant online aerial lift, aerial work platform (AWP) and scissor lift training, is proud to offer affordable online certification classes and training sessions throughout the Chicago area. With our convenient online format, Chicago aerial lift certification has never been easier!

Quality of Life for People With Aerial Lift Training in Chicago

aerial lift certification chicago

With less than half the population density of New York City, the quality of life in Chicago is one-third better than in the Big Apple (very high compared to high, according to Numbeo). Chicago rates better in terms of health care, purchasing power, property price to income ratio, and pollution. With a vast lake to the east and the Chicago River and several branches running through the city, it is the perfect place to live and work for those with Chicago Aerial Lift Certification.

The Crime Index for Chicago compared to New York is 64.5, while the Safety Index is only 35.5. Apparently, Chicago is a safer place to live than people give it credit for. For people with aerial lift certification pondering life in Chicago, the crucial parameters are cost of living index and average salary. The average salaries of aerial lift operators in both Chicago and New York City are around $59,000 per annum. The cost of living index in Chicago is 77.13, only three-quarters that of NYC. So, if you are a trained aerial lift operator in Chicago, your money goes roughly 25 percent further than it does in NYC.

Job Opportunities in Chicago for Those with Chicago Aerial Lift Certification

There are many opportunities to find aerial lift jobs in Chicago. The top industries in Chicago include auto manufacturing with employers like Ford, Navistar, and Omron; Biotechnology with employers including Abbot, AbbVie, and Argonne National Laboratory; Fabricated metals with top employers like Atkore, Handi-Foil, and Spraying Systems; Food manufacturing with top employers Kraft, Pepsi and Nestle; Health services with Advocate, Presence Health, and Walgreens; Medical technology with employers including Baxter, Siemens and Medline; as well as the construction industry offering countless construction jobs Chicago and warehouse jobs in Chicago.

These top industries and their relevant companies are constantly looking for aerial lift operators just like you to work for them on a variety of projects. Some of these job positions include:

Field service technician
Construction worker
Mobile field service worker
Technical specialist

Other big employers for people in the city with Chicago aerial lift certification are power companies, airports, and the construction industry. Commonwealth Edison, a division of Exelon, provides electricity to northern Illinois, including Chicago.

Chicago is served by two major airports, O’Hare and Midway international airports, with support from Gary/Chicago and Chicago Rockford international airports. O’Hare is the second busiest airport in the world. United Airlines, the world’s third-largest international airline, makes its headquarters here.

Chicago’s largest general contractors, according to Crain’s Chicago Business, are Pepper Construction Group, Walsh Group, Limited, Power Construction, and Lend Lease (U.S).

If you want to be hired for any of these positions, you need to first be qualified. But what does “well-qualified” mean? In the truest sense, it means a worker with a thorough & comprehensive training background. Sure, on the job experience helps. So does having a good interview. But Chicago employers looking for an aerial lift worker, AWP operator and scissor lift employee will take a few considerations above all else: “What is this person’s training? Are they familiar with the most up-to-date OSHA regulations? And will our company increase our liability by hiring this job candidate?”

Answer those questions favorably, and you’ll probably receive the call you want to hear. Ignore OSHA compliant training, and you’ll be looking for work in Chicago for a long time. Simply put, aerial lift certification in Chicago is the single-most important factor in getting that aerial lift job you’ve always wanted!

Why You Need Chicago Aerial Lift Certification 

The job opportunities for aerial lift workers in Chicago are plentiful, but in order to qualify for them, you need to first complete Chicago aerial lift training. Employers look for workers who hold this certification because it demonstrates a worker’s competency at operating an aerial lift correctly and safely. Aerial lift training helps to reduce the number of mistakes that occur on a worksite, and as a result, accidents that lead to injury and equipment damage as well. Workers with Chicago aerial lift certification will have more job opportunities in front of them, and will often qualify for higher paying positions. But the main reason to complete aerial lift training in Chicago is to become aware of the hazards involved with operating an aerial lift so you can protect your safety.

Chicago Education for Families of Certified Aerial Lift Operators

In addition to the more than 600 public elementary and high schools in the city, Chicago also has 10 selective enrollment high schools, set up to serve the city’s most academically advanced students, and a number of magnet schools.

Where to Get Aerial Lift Training in Chicago

The best place to get aerial lift training in Chicago is through, offering a range of forklift and aerial lift training programs accessible in Chicago via the Internet. For less than $100 per employee, we can provide 100% OSHA-compliant training in the following areas:

Aerial/Scissor lift
Fall protection
Scissor lift training

In most cases, your operators can be trained and certified in as little as an hour. Visit or give us a call and see how we can help you train your operators with a minimum of expense and hassle.

Equipment-Specific Forklift Training in Chicago

To get your Chicago aerial lift certification and scissor lift certification, you don’t need to waste hours of your time, or pay for expensive books and in-class instruction. We have designed our training with you in mind, as well as your busy schedule. We understand most people don’t have tons of extra time and money lying around– that’s why we made our aerial lift training in Chicago as fast, convenient and affordable as possible.

We offer equipment-specific classes so you can get right to the education you need, and be qualified for so many job positions in Chicago within the same day!

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training

Costs just $75
Spanish version available

Class 7 Forklift Training

Costs just $75
Spanish version available
Equipment Options:
Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks
Straight Mast Forklift
Extended Reach Forklift

Fall Protection

Costs just $75
Spanish version available
Protects businesses from costs due to employee injuries

Don’t wait to receive your Chicago aerial lift certification or your scissor lift certification in Chicago because you are concerned it will take too much of your time, is too expensive, and is inconvenient. We have made scissor lift training in Chicago as easy and convenient as possible, and we want you to take advantage of this career booster and obtain your dream job today!

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