Aerial lift certification onlineYou need aerial lift certification in Denver for your company to operate mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), boom lifts, scissor lifts, aerial work platforms (AWPs), and other aerial lifts in the Mile High City. The problem is, how do you know what exactly is required? And what happens when OSHA regulations change?

Have questions about compliance with your Denver aerial lift certification online? Don’t worry – sign up with today! We make sure your company meets and exceeds the OSHA requirement for not just how to get aerial lift certified in Denver but how to stay certified!

Our prices are affordable enough for any company budget. And we’ll work with you to ensure you stay OSHA compliant. When it comes to aerial lift certification in Denver, CMO is the only training solution you need.

Our Operator Training course, just $75, is versatile enough for all skill levels, from beginner to experienced MEWP and AWP operators. Plus, our Train the Trainer certification puts you in complete control of your training program. You can designate any employee(s) to be certified to handle skills evaluation for only $149.

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How to Get Aerial Lift Certified in Denver

Complete these easy steps, and you’re on your way to 100% OSHA certification.

  1. Register online. Create login credentials for your employees and company.
  2. Do online training. The first step in Denver aerial lift certification online starts here. We’ll teach your employees important OSHA standards, avoiding accidents, and more.
  3. On-site skills evaluation. After the online portion of your aerial lift certification in Denver is done, it’s time to ensure your workers can safely run your aerial lifts.
  4. Hand out certification. Forget about waiting around in the mail for your Denver aerial lift certification; once your employees pass, print their certification, and they’re ready to work. 

Don’t forget! CMO provides free 3-year recertification when credentials expire. 

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Benefits of CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification in Denver

Check out some of the benefits of signing up with CMO:

  • Courses that keep up with changing OSHA guidelines: OSHA regulations and rules change. But you don’t have to worry about it. CMO’s Denver aerial lift certification is updated automatically.
  • Complete OSHA compliance. Whatever your company uses – aerial lifts, scissor lifts, cherry pickers, you name it – we have your compliance covered.
  • Awesome prices. Our pricing page explains our courses and affordable prices.
  • Limit your liability. While some OSHA fines can reach $100,000 or more, you don’t have to worry about the fines for non-compliance with CMO since we’ll show you how to get aerial lift certified in Denver – and stay certified! 

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Denver Aerial Lift Certification FAQs

Do you have more questions about Denver aerial lift certification?

What if I have questions about training AFTER certification?

No worries – Our company, CMO, is here for you! Contact us, and our informative customer service team will answer your questions.

I need specialized training. What does CMO have?

Aside from our affordable, OSHA-compliant Denver aerial lift certification online, we also offer HAZWOPER, fall protection, HAZCOM, andother training courses.

Are all my employees covered?

Absolutely! Whether you need Denver aerial lift certification for a new operator or veteran employee, we have what you need.

Thanks for stopping by CMO, the #1 source for aerial lift certification in Denver.Get registered today – for your company, your employees, and total OSHA compliance.

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