Aerial lift certification onlineOne of the main OSHA guidelines on safe operation of scissor lifts, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), cherry pickers, and aerial work platforms (AWPs) deals with employer responsibility for training and certification.

Any company with AWP operators requires aerial lift certification in Concord. The problem is, where do you start? What happens when OSHA requirements change for Concord aerial lift certification? (CMO) is used by employers all over New Hampshire for affordable, efficient, on-point Concord aerial lift certification – online and super convenient!  We offer a popular Operator Training course for $75, and a value-added Train the Trainer certification for only $149. These classes for aerial lift certification in Concord cover ALL your employees for a great price!

How to Get Aerial Lift Certified in Concord 

Our customers want to know how to get aerial lift certified in Concord. Follow these steps, and we’ll put you on the path to compliance!

  1. Register your employees and company in our system.
  2. Create login information for your Concord aerial lift certification.
  3. Students complete online tests. Your workers need to know about OSHA safety standards and other important information. With CMO, they can learn at their own pace, on anyone’s schedule.
  4. On-site evaluation. Now it’s time for your employees to operate your MEWPs and AWPs to verify they can operate your equipment to OSHA requirements.
  5. Print licenses and start working. When the online testing and on-site evaluation are complete and they’ve passed, just print their aerial lift licenses and they can start working right away.

 The licenses are good for 3 years. When that 36-month mark approaches, CMO also has you covered with 3-year recertification

Advantages of Aerial Lift Certification in Concord 

Here are just a few benefits you’ll have with our online Concord aerial lift certification:

  • Training for every make & model. CMO’s Concord aerial lift certification encompasses every make & model of aerial lifts, scissor lifts, MEWP and AWP – there’s no need to sign up for multiple courses based on your equipment. 
  • Affordable cost. Visit our pricing page for a complete rundown of our aerial lift certification in Concord.
  • Automatically updated training: OSHA rules and regulations change all the time. Instead of keeping track on this front, our training experts instantly notify you and update all training content to reflect the latest guidelines.
  • Avoid costly fines. Did you know that OSHA can levy expensive fines and penalties for safety violations, and these costs are increased if you don’t have proof of Concord aerial lift certification? Sign up with CMO, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with total OSHA compliance.

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Concord Aerial Lift Certification FAQs 

You have questions about how to get aerial lift certified in Concord, and what’s all involved with the process – and we have answers.

What else is included with my purchase?

Along with coverage for every type of aerial lift, you’ll also get our world-class customer service and all the support you need – just ask!

Do I have to buy separate courses for each employee?

Not at all – you can purchase any of our training packages and they’ll apply to all your employees. You’re able to create login info for each individual employee.

What other courses does CMO offer?

We have HAZWOPER certification, fall protection training, and much more. Visit our course catalog and select whatever you need for aerial lift certification in Concord.

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Choose for Your Aerial Lift Certification in Concord

CMO’s aerial lift certification in Concord is the best way to ensure workers are up to speed on OSHA safety standards. Our hour long course teaches workers how to operate an aerial lift, how to inspect the equipment, how to inspect the work zone, and how to avoid hazards that can lead to accidents. The end result is that the company remains compliant with the regulations. You don’t have any reason to wait. Sign up today to get your employees in compliance with aerial lift certification in Concord. Speak to our training experts or OSHA compliance consultants at (602) 277-0615 or reach out via our contact page.