Get Concord Aerial Lift Certification in Less Than an Hour

Concord is a large city, one of the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area, located just 29 miles east from the metro area. With several major employers in the city, the economy in Concord is growing. All of these employers have need of aerial lift and scissor lift operators for warehouses, hotels, industrial workplaces. Employers have a major challenge in getting their employees trained and certified to meet OSHA regulations. With this challenge comes a solution – CMO provides certification programs and scissor lift training you need for a safe workplace and OSHA compliance.

Why do companies choose CMO for their Windsor aerial lift certification?

  • • Fair pricing
  • • Exceptional customer support
  • • All OSHA changes are reflected in our training
  • • With secure internet access certification is accessible
  • • 100% OSHA compliant
  • • And much more

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If you need Concord aerial lift certification, look no further than CMO for your training and compliance requirements.  Below is a CMO course lineup:

✓ Train the Trainer Certification – $149.00

 Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Concord Aerial Lift Certification – $75.00

✓ Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – $75.00

✓ Class 7 or Class 7 Spanish – $75.00

 Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

 Straight mast forklift

– Extended reach forklift

Fall Protection or Fall Protection Spanish – $75.00

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Why Complete a Concord Aerial Lift Certification?

You’ll notice aerial lifts all around Concord as they work to protect the city’s infrastructure with all amenities functioning for those who live there. Since they are such large machines, they carry multiple risks.

OSHA doesn’t allow anyone to operate these lifts without proper certification and training. They aren’t allowed on aerial, boom, or scissor lifts, or any other AWP. Concord aerial lift certification allows you to keep your workplace safe since the employees are certified and trained according to current OSHA safety guidelines.

Why CMO is the Best Concord Aerial Lift Certification

To ensure your workplace meets compliance requirements and is safe, you can’t settle for just any aerial lift certification in Concord. You must rely on a program that meets compliance requirements 100% for training, safety and operations.

Choose for Your Aerial Lift Certification in Concord

Our online aerial lift training program is designed to ensure all employees are trained in each of the OSHA standards for aerial and scissor lift operation. Our program is generally an hour long and teaches workers how to operate an aerial lift, how to inspect the equipment, how to inspect the work zone, and how to avoid hazards that can lead to accidents. The end result is that the company remains compliant with the regulations. Nothing prepares your workers for the real thing like the CMO scissor lift certification training in Concord. Our courses are also affordable whether you’re a company or an individual. Invest in the company and your employees’ future through the aerial lift certification in Concord from CMO.

At just a cost of $75 for the aerial and scissor lift combination course, your employees will be certified in Concord with a printed certificate for each one after completion.

You don’t have any reason to wait. Sign up today to get your employees in compliance with aerial lift certification in Concord. Speak to our training experts or OSHA compliance consultants at (602) 277-0615. Thank you for considering us for your aerial lift certification in Concord.