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The only place left to build in New York City is up, which requires a well-trained aerial lift workforce. But with today’s low unemployment rates, it can be hard to find the skilled aerial lift workers you need. (CMO) makes it easy to certify your lift workers so you don’t have to look somewhere else for qualified lift operators.

Our aerial lift certification in New York City features:

✓ Comprehensive OSHA-compliant training

✓ Lifetime support

✓ Convenient documentation support

✓ Free renewal training

✓ And more

Browse our course catalog to choose the New York City aerial lift certification you need. If you ever get audited by OSHA, all your lift worker training records are accounted for with CMO. It’s hard to put a price on that peace of mind. But you may be surprised to learn that CMO aerial lift training is more affordable than you think.

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Protect Your Employees and Your Business With New York City Aerial Lift Certification

OSHA requires anyone operating a scissor or aerial lift to be trained and certified. Employers that fail to follow this mandate run the risk of costly fines. Worse, untrained lift workers are more prone to accidents, many of which can result in injury or death. This can also lead to OSHA fines, as well as workers’ comp costs and expensive lawsuits. Suffering a serious injury or death due to lack of training can also ruin a company’s reputation.

That’s why New York City aerial lift certification is so important. It keeps companies compliant with OSHA guidelines. It keeps workers safe by reducing the chances of accidents. It also creates a more efficient and productive workforce.

Some employers think that aerial lift certification New York City takes too much time and costs too much. Not so with Our training is fast, affordable, and 100% OSHA compliant. It could be the best decision you ever make in terms of protecting your employees and your business.

Why You Need New York City Aerial Lift Certification

Operating a scissor or aerial lift involves a certain amount of risk. Injuries involving aerial lifts occur every day in the U.S. Some of them are fatal. The best way to prevent these accidents is to ensure all your AWP operators are properly trained. OSHA understands this. That’s why aerial lift workers must have  New York City aerial lift certification before they can legally work on lifts. Failure to provide the training to your employees violates OSHA guidelines and exposes your business to large fines.

CMO recently conducted a survey of 100 companies that use aerial lifts. The results may surprise you. More than half (51%) of participants reported that OSHA had audited their safety plan. In addition, 82% had been hit with an OSHA fine, half of which cost more than $100,000!

Ethical and responsible employers don’t hire workers without aerial lift certification New York City. This ensures that their workers have the training and skills to safely operate scissor and aerial lifts. Being certified benefits your employees as well. Having a New York City aerial lift certification allows them to:

✓ Qualify for better and higher-paying jobs

✓ Advance faster in their careers

✓ Stay safe on the job

How to Provide Aerial Lift Certification New York City For Your Employees

CMO makes it easy by providing flexible options for completing the training:

✓ You don’t have to send your workers to a different location.

✓ They can take the training on-site or anywhere they have an Internet connection.

✓ Workers can finish the coursework at their own pace, working around their schedules.

After completing CMO’s OSHA-approved training, workers can get their aerial lift certification in New York City in only five simple steps:

1. Register your company through the CMO website. There is no fee to register.

2. Register each lift worker and assign them passwords and usernames. It only costs $75 per worker and can be paid by credit card.

3. Have workers log into their accounts using a computer or mobile

4. Once logged in, workers proceed with the training at their own pace, taking the quizzes and tests as they go along.

5. After completing the training course, workers download and print their temporary operator cards.

There are no time limits, but some students finish the course in about an hour. CMO’s pass rate is 100%. Once your safety manager determines the worker can safely operate an aerial lift, the newly certified employee is ready to start working!

Why CMO is the Best Choice for New York City Aerial Lift Certification

It’s simple. CMO’s scissor lift training and aerial lift certification New York City programs were created with your workers in mind.

We know the importance of employers and lift workers adhering to OSHA standards. But we don’t want learning to be a burden on your workers. That’s why we’ve designed our New York City aerial lift certification courses to be fast, convenient and affordable.

Our classes teach lift workers how to safely operate different AWPs. This includes cherry pickers, bucket trucks, boom lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts and more. All training modules, exams, handouts, checklists and other materials are included in the $75 per student enrollment fee – there’s nothing else to buy.

All training materials are online 24/7, so your workers always have instant access to them. Your employees will have their temporary aerial lift operator cards and certificates in hand right after completing the training. Permanent operator cards will be mailed to them within one to two weeks.

Still unsure if CMO is the right choice for your aerial lift certification in New York City training? Keep in mind that your lift workers can:

✓ Study whenever and wherever they All training materials are online and available any time. All workers need is an Internet connection.

✓ Work on the go. Your lift workers can access CMO’s training courses with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – any time, anywhere.

✓ Complete their New York City aerial lift certification courses quickly and easily. Most classes can be completed in as little as an hour.

✓ Be instantly certified. Workers can download their temporary operator card as soon as they complete the training. This provides proof they are trained and certified.

✓ Get Free Refresher Training With CMO!

OSHA requires lift workers to get retrained and re-certified every three years. When your workers pass our New York City aerial lift certification course, the retraining is free for life. Over time, our free lifetime refresher training can save your business hundreds or thousands of dollars.

We also offer a Train the Trainer program. This certifies one or more operators within your company to train other workers on how to safely operate aerial and scissor lifts.

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