New York City Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification

new york aerial and scissor lift certificationUnemployment rates in New York City have been steadily dropping as the number of available jobs continues to rise. There are ample job opportunities in the city, especially for people with experience and training in a trade. Aerial and scissor lift certification in New York City is a fantastic route to many steady, rewarding jobs. Aerial and scissor lift certification is critical in construction, warehouse, highway maintenance, landscaping, high-rise building maintenance and many other job areas. For example, the New York Department of Transportation pays those in its Worker I level jobs more than 32,000 annually—but only once they’ve achieved their aerial lift certification NY and other required credentials.

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Why Do I Need New York City Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification?

While large equipment operators are in demand, completing an aerial and scissor lift certification is critical. Aerial lift-related injuries and fatalities occur everyday on worksites and the most effective way to prevent accidents from happening is through properly trained employees. OSHA recognizes this and requires all operators to receive their New York City aerial lift certification. In fact, because not complying with OSHA guidelines costs many businesses steep fines and legal penalties, employers simply won’t work with people who haven’t received the right training and aerial lift certification NY. Your aerial and scissor lift training proves to potential employers that you are well-equipped to assess and handle the risks of the job.

The other benefits of receiving an aerial lift certification NY are:

– Qualify for better, higher paying jobs
– Ensure your safety is protected
– Move up the ranks of your profession faster

Get the training you need, without having to travel or take time off

Aerial Lift Jobs in New York for Those with Aerial Lift Certification NY

There is a wealth of great aerial and scissor lift jobs in New York. Some of the biggest employers in New York City that are always looking for trained aerial lift operators include the City of New York, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, ABCO HVACR Supply, Delta Air Lines and Sherwin-Williams. There are many other businesses who are always looking for certified operators, making this route to employment a stable, profitable and rewarding one.

Once you complete your New York City aerial lift certification, you can qualify for these positions:

– Aerial lift operator
– Aerial lift mechanic
– Special events employee
– Window washer
– Lighting/sign installer
– Arborist
– Aircraft mechanic
– Tree climber and pruner
– Geologist assistant/aerial lift operator
– Tower technician
– Broadband technician
– HVAC technician
– Automotive equipment technician
– And much more!

How Can I Get My Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification?

After you’ve completed your affordable and comprehensive training courses, receiving your valid OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification NY is simple. The great news is that you have many flexible options to complete this kind of training, and you can work around your existing schedule. Start working towards your new career now, with these five easy steps:

  1. 1. Register Your Company (employer’s step)
  2. 2. Register the operator (training costs $75 per operator)
  3. 3. Log in to the Operator account (operator’s step)
  4. 4. Work through the self-paced modules and pass the test
  5. 5. Print the operator certification card

That’s it! All it takes are these five easy steps to get you or your operators the aerial lift certification NY they need.

Choose for Your New York Aerial Lift Certification

It’s quite simple: We at have created our aerial lift and scissor lift certification New York City with you in mind. We don’t want this vital information to be a burden for employees because we know how important it is to follow OSHA regulations and standards. That’s why we’ve created our aerial lift certification NY to be as convenient, affordable, and comprehensive as possible.

Here are the New York aerial lift training classes we offer and what they provide:

– Scissor Lift and Aerial Lift Certification NY
– Cherry pickers, bucket trucks, telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts
– All necessary training modules, handouts and checklists
– Instant access, 24/7
– Printable operator certification cards

If you’re still unsure why you should choose us, read more about why we are different:

– Study at home. Our program is online and won’t require any travel to an off-site facility.

– Work on the go. You can access our program from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer; wherever you have internet.

– Quick completion time. Our aerial lift certification NY can be completed in about one hour.

– Instant proof. You will be able to print your certificate immediately after completing the course.

– Save money. Our affordable online aerial and scissor lift course costs just $75.

Want to know even more reasons to choose for New York City aerial lift certification? Refresher training and re-certifications are always free, so you never need to pay more to go over the content you already learned and paid for. OSHA requires that all operators receive refresher training after an accident occurs, if unsafe practices were being used in the workplace, or if it’s simply been a few years since the initial training. Our free re-certifications will save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

We also offer a Train the Trainer program for experienced operators who love to teach and want to transform their career into one that helps novice workers learn how to drive aerial and scissor lifts.

Don’t waste time or money; choose for your aerial lift certification NY!

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