Phoenix Aerial Lift Certification

Situated in the heart of the magnificent Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is Arizona’s business, cultural and political hub. Settled in 1867 where the Gila and Salt rivers converge, Phoenix was originally an agricultural community, but grew to become the state’s capital in 1889. Despite the hot and dry desert climate, a complex canal system resulted in the area’s becoming a successful farming region that produced citrus fruit, cotton, alfalfa, hay and other cash crops. Following World War II, the increasing availability of air conditioning made the hot summer weather more bearable, and industry began locating to Phoenix, although farming and agriculture continue to be an important part of the area’s economy.

Phoenix enjoys a robust economy. Over the past two decades, Phoenix has grown faster than almost any city in the U.S. Although the region was severely affected by the Great Recession of 2007 – 2009, over 80% of jobs that were lost have now been recovered. Among the Greater Phoenix area’s major employers are Intel Corporation, Boeing’s Aerospace Division, US Airways, the Salt River Project Public Utility, Arizona Public Service Electric Company, Arizona State University, Luke U.S. Air Force Base and various City, County and State Government agencies. These and several others offer year round, well-paying job opportunities for qualified aerial work platform (AWP) workers, including trained and certified aerial lift and scissor lift operators. If you’ve been thinking about moving to this great city, or are considering a career change, consider becoming a certified Phoenix aerial lift operator through the online certification program. Once you’ve completed this OSHA-approved training, chances are good that you’ll soon have a new, well-paying job and can begin living the Good Life in this great city!

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Why It’s Important to Have an Aerial Lift Certification in Phoenix

Employers only hire the most highly qualified aerial lift operators, since untrained operators are the top cause of all workplace accidents involving scissor lifts and aerial lifts. Aside from the fact that it’s an OSHA requirement that only adequately trained and certified workers be allowed to operate aerial lifts, it’s understandable that employers avoid hiring accident-prone, poorly trained aerial lift operators. OSHA-approved aerial lift training and certification is the best way to prevent on-the-job accidents that can result in serious injuries or even death. CMO’s up-to-date, all-inclusive aerial lift operator training is a only a quick phone call or mouse click away. Our training and certification gives employees the tools and knowledge they need to ensure their safety on the job, as well as the safety of their coworkers. Completion of our aerial lift and scissor lift training also opens the door for career advancement opportunities in Phoenix.

Job Opportunities in Phoenix for Certified Aerial Lift Operators

One of the best things about getting Phoenix aerial lift training and certification is that your training can be used in a variety of occupations. For those who prefer to be indoors, opportunities include working in malls, museums and warehouses. Options for outdoor workers are jobs on construction sites and at theme parks, airports and utility companies. CMO’s Phoenix aerial lift operator certification will prepare you for all of these opportunities and more, while at the same time give you the training needed for avoiding workplace accidents.

OSHA-Approved Aerial Lift Operator Certification in Phoenix

OSHA regulations require all aerial and scissor lift operators in Phoenix to be properly trained and hold a valid aerial lift operator certificate. It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure all operators are properly trained and certified. OSHA requires that the training includes how to safely operate and maintain lift equipment, as well as cover workplace issues, such as how to recognize and avoid various hazards.

As an option, training can be conducted by a qualified in-house trainer who has completed and been certified through CMO’s Aerial Lift Train the Trainer course. After the designated employee completes the program, he or she will be certified to administer aerial lift operator training for existing employees, as well as newly hired workers. The in-house trainer will also be able to conduct the renewal training required by OSHA every three years or whenever an AWP is involved in an accident. When aerial lift operators are trained through, three-year renewals and recertifications are free for life

Count on CMO For Phoenix Aerial Lift Operator Certification, Fall Protection and More

Don’t trust just anyone to provide your or your employee’s operator certification and other Phoenix aerial lift training needs. CMO’s highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals have the expertise and understanding of OSHA regulations to give you the needed skills and knowledge to properly operate and maintain AWPs. Your workplace will be safer and you’ll also be ready in the event OSHA announces a safety investigation.

Best of all, it only takes five easy steps to complete CMO’s Phoenix aerial lift certification program and become OSHA-compliant. Our simple, streamlined process means you and your employees can be fully certified to operate aerial and scissor lifts in about an hour using a smartphone, tablet or other digital device. All materials are available online 24/7, so training can be completed whenever it’s convenient and wherever there’s an Internet connection. CMO’s certification courses are available in both English and Spanish. What’s even better, CMO Phoenix aerial lift operator training is affordable! Depending upon your needs, we can also provide other OSHA approved training courses, including Forklift Operator Certification, Fall Protection Training and Class 7 Rough Terrain Training.

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Enroll Today – Get Your Employees Certified in 1 Hour!

Ready to begin your Phoenix aerial lift, scissor lift or other OSHA approved training and certification program? Our knowledgeable OSHA specialists are standing by at 602-277-0615 or 888-699-4800 to take your call and answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us for online assistance.

It’s easy to get started today on your way to a new and rewarding career as a certified Phoenix scissor lift operator. Enroll today – you’ll be glad you did!

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