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Sacramento area employers need to be aware that the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires every company that employs aerial lift or scissor lift operators to provide them with OSHA compliant aerial lift training and certification. That’s where can help through our OSHA compliant training courses. Keep reading to see how your employees can complete their training, receive their certifications and become OSHA compliant as soon as today!

With our aerial lift certification in Sacramento, your company will enjoy these benefits:

– 100% OSHA compliance

– Free renewal training

– Affordable prices

– Convenient online access

– Full training records for aerial lift certification in Sacramento – important for OSHA audits!

– And much more

Welcome to California’s capital city! Sacramento, which is both California’s capitol and one of the state’s most historic cities, has an impressive array of attractions for both residents and visitors alike. The city has a population of more than a half million people also has as a diverse commercial and industrial base, which means it has lots of opportunities for businesses that use heavy equipment, including aerial lifts and scissor lifts.

Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento – Courses, Pricing & More

Sacramento aerial lift certification – get OSHA compliant today!

Train the Trainer Certification – Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift – Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification Course – $149.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento – Great for Beginners, Veteran Operators and Everyone in Between! – $75.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento – Sensible Training Solution for CA Bi-Lingual Needs – $75.00

Class 7 Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Straight mast forklift

Extended reach forklift

Sign up for aerial lift certification in Sacramento with these outstanding courses!

san diego aerial lift certification

Class 7 – Spanish – Aerial Lift Certification in Sacramento – $75.00

Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Straight mast forklift

Extended reach forklift

Fall Protection – Aerial Lift Certification for Sacramento – Great for Added Safety Training – 75.00

Fall Protection – Spanish – Have bi-lingual workers and need aerial lift certification in Sacramento? Sign up today! – $75.00

Get started today and don’t take chances with your Sacramento aerial lift certification! CMO will show you how!

Why Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification is Important

Using aerial lifts, scissor lifts or other aerial work platforms (AWPs) & mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) in a safe and efficient manner requires training, and in the hands of an untrained or improperly trained operator can be extremely dangerous pieces of equipment.  OSHA is always on the lookout for contractors and businesses that allow unsafe working conditions, such as employing aerial lift and scissor lift operators who haven’t received OSHA compliant training and certification.

To protect both your employees and your business, you’ll need to have your lift operators complete OSHA-approved Sacramento aerial lift certification training, and has everything you need for complete OSHA compliance. We’ve designed our online aerial lift and scissor lift certification program to be as comprehensive, convenient and affordable as possible.

Reasons to Choose CertifyMeOnline.Net for Sacramento Aerial Lift Training

Having properly trained operators is essential for maintaining a safe working environment, and Sacramento workplace safety begins with’s aerial lift certification. Here are a few of the many reasons why our lift certification programs just can’t be beat:

✓ CMO aerial lift training is fast:

There are no time restrictions, so students can work at their own pace. Some students, however, complete our Sacramento aerial lift training in about an hour.

✓ Our pass rate is 100%:

Most students pass the exam the first time, although the open book test can be repeated without penalty if necessary. Students are free to refer to the training materials while taking the exam.

✓ We’re 100% OSHA compliant:

After your operators complete our Sacramento lift certification training, you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace, and your business is less likely to be fined by OSHA following an audit.

✓ Our training is affordable:’s Sacramento lift operator training classes cost just $75 each. All training materials are included, so there’s nothing else to buy. With, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to certify your workers

✓ CMO training is convenient:

There’s no need for your employees to take time off work traveling to and from an expensive offsite training facility when they’re trained through Our online classes can be taken take anywhere there’s an internet connection and any time that’s convenient – during lunch, at a coffee shop or even at home!

✓ No waiting for documentation and proof of training:

There’s no waiting for certificates and lift operator cards to arrive by mail – as soon as the class is completed, the cards and certificates can be downloaded and printed.

✓ Avoid costly OSHA penalties:

Our training is 100% OSHA compliant, so there’s less chance of being fined by OSHA when your employees are certified by CMO. We surveyed more than100 business owners and safety personnel about their experiences with OSHA, and found that more than half of the respondents reported having been audited by OSHA. Eighteen percent of these companies received fines, most of which were over $100,000! To see the full study click here.

✓ We’re up to date on OSHA regulations and ANSI (American National Standards Institute):

ANSI recently revised their standards A92.22-2018 & A92.24-2018, which affect all aerial lift operators and owners. The previous standards are now outdated, which means employers need to update their operators’ aerial lift certifications to familiarize them with the new requirements.’s aerial lift courses always incorporate the latest OSHA regulations and ANSI standards, so enroll your operators today to remain compliant!

If there are untrained aerial lift operators on your payroll, have them certified as soon as possible. In about an hour, you can have a safer and more productive workplace. Protect your workers from accidents and your business from OSHA penalties and fines – sign them up for our Sacramento aerial lift certification training now!

Enroll Your Employees in CMO’s Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification Program Today

Talk about easy! Our 100% OSHA approved Sacramento aerial lift certification training can be completed in about an hour. To enroll your workers, just follow these five simple steps:

1. Set up an account

Register your company on the CMO website – it’s free and only takes a few moments!

2. Register your workers and create their usernames and passwords

Payment can be made online by credit card and cost just $75 per operator.

3. Have students log into the account

Using their passwords, students log in on a smartphone or other digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection and any time that’s convenient. All materials are available online 24/7.

4. Take the test

Working at their own pace, students watch the online instructions and take the Although there are no time limitations, some students complete the course and open book exam in about an hour. Our pass rate is 100%.

5. Download Operator Cards and Evaluation Checklists

Once CMO’s aerial lift training has been completed, temporary operator cards and certificates can be immediately downloaded and print

That’s all there is to it! It takes just a few minutes to enroll your employees and about an hour for them to complete the training and receive their OSHA compliant aerial lift certifications. Since the training and testing are online, your operators can take the online training program anywhere and any time that’s convenient.

Sign Up Your Operators Now for CMO’s Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification Training

Businesses can’t afford the consequences of having untrained and uncertified workers operating lift equipment in the workplace. If you have untrained operators or need to update your company’s safety program to bring it into OSHA compliance, now is the time to get started with aerial lift certification in Sacramento, so sign up  today! It’s never been easier, more convenient or more affordable to have your workers receive same day Sacramento aerial and scissor lift training!

Ready to enroll your operators in Sacramento aerial lift and scissor lift certification training? Contact us online or give our aerial lift certification experts a call at (602) 277-0615 to get started. is the only resource you need for OSHA-approved Sacramento aerial lift training.

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