Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification

sacramento aerial lift certification
As the capital city of California, Sacramento holds a population of nearly half a million people who enjoy the modern amenities and the rich Gold Rush history. If you’re looking to establish yourself in this bustling city, there are all kinds of opportunities, careers, and jobs available to individuals in the area. Some of the better paying opportunities are reserved for the people that go the extra mile and acquire certifications for more complex skills and services. One such skill is the operation of aerial and scissor lifts. Sacramento aerial lift certification is great to have when looking to involve yourself in the Sacramento economy in a wide variety of industries.

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Why Get a Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification?

If you are a specialist in the construction industry or other related field, there’s a good chance that there will come a time when you need to use complex and special equipment like an aerial or scissor lift. Using this kind of heavy duty equipment can be dangerous to both yourself and others around you if you don’t have any proper training. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is always on the lookout for contractors and businesses that practice unsafe working conditions, like operating aerial and scissor lifts without prior OSHA-compliant certifications. If you want to protect your life on the job and qualify for aerial and scissor lift jobs anywhere in the country, you need to complete an aerial lift certification Sacramento. Earning your certificate is the only way you’ll be able to start a new career as an aerial lift operator.

Aerial and Scissor Lift Jobs for Those with Sacramento Aerial Lift CertificationSacramento Aerial Lift Certification

As such a large and vibrant city, Sacramento offers a virtually unending amount of job opportunities for those with an aerial lift certification Sacramento. Aerial lift operators are needed throughout Sacramento to keep all the modern amenities and conveniences up and running and safe for everyone to enjoy. That’s why there are so many construction jobs Sacramento to choose from, in addition to warehouse jobs Sacramento. They’re also needed to maintain the historical parts of the city; The district of Old Sacramento that speaks to the city’s influence in the Gold Rush era.

In addition to many construction jobs Sacramento, the available job positions for those with Sacramento aerial lift certification include: aerial lift operator, construction worker, aerial lift mechanic, scissor lift operator, arborist, city maintenance employee, aircraft mechanic, special events worker, and much more.

Some of the positions with great companies you can qualify for once you receive your Sacramento aerial lift certification include:

Field Service Professional with Compact Power Equipment Inc.
Machine Operator/Packer with SVD Group
Parks and Open Space Equipment Operator
Tree Foreman with Arborwell
Sales & Service Technician with Frontier Communications

More exciting jobs include: Aircraft Painter; Environmental Health & Safety Specialist; and a Traveling Movie Screen Cleaning Technician. As you can see, there are many types of jobs besides the traditional positions that require aerial lift training in Sacramento. However, to qualify for many, if not all, of these jobs, you will need to undergo aerial lift certification in Sacramento.

Additionally, here are some of the top companies and organizations that are always looking for trained aerial and scissor lift operators with a Sacramento aerial lift certification:

The City of Sacramento
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento International Airport
The California State Railroad Museum
The Sacramento History Museum

Choose an Aerial Lift Certification Sacramento That’s for Contractors and Small Businesses

When looking for a Sacramento aerial lift training program, look for one that is OSHA-compliant and services both independent contractors and small businesses. Choosing this type of a program will ensure you’re getting the best and most up-to-date information for the job and that employers are looking for. For a sliver of the price of other expensive training programs and certification services, has designed an online aerial and scissor lift program that’s as convenient and comprehensive as possible.

Learn More About Aerial and Scissor Lift Training Classes!

The point of obtaining a certification for a job is to potentially increase your paycheck and become qualified for more positions and/or tasks– it isn’t supposed to take up an inconvenient amount of your time and cost hundreds of dollars. That is why we designed our Sacramento aerial lift certification and scissor lift training to be as easy, fast, and affordable as possible. We want you to succeed in your position, open the door of opportunity to more jobs, and be able to safely perform your duties while ensuring the safety of others.

The actual training and certification can take as little as an hour and your documents will be shipped in about 7 to 10 days. Immediately after completing the online program, you’ll be able to print a temporary certificate.

For scissor lift certification in Sacramento as well as aerial lift training in Sacramento, look no further that our number one combination class:

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training– $75 and Online
*Spanish Option Available

Class 7 Forklift Training–$75 and Online
*Spanish Option Available

Fall Protection for your Business–$75 and Online
*Spanish Option Available

Get Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification in 5 Easy Steps

In only five easy steps, obtain your Sacramento aerial lift certification and scissor lift training today and be ready to work tomorrow!

These five easy steps are:

  1. 1. Have your employer register your company online
  2. 2. Register as an operator—this can be done by you or your employer, however your employer should be paying for you. The cost of our aerial lift training programs is $75 per operator.
  3. 3. Log in—as a student of the online aerial lift and scissor lift class, you will log into your account to access all of the training modules. The training is available everyday 24/7, and is taken at your own pace.
  4. 4. Complete the modules and pass the test—The online curriculum takes only about one hour to complete, and once you’ve done that, you will take the final test.
  5. 5. Print the certificate card—Once you’ve completed and passed the online aerial lift course, you can immediately print your operator certification card. You will be able to begin work right away!

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