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With so much economic activity, Seattle is always looking for qualified workers. For the construction industry and many other areas, aerial lift and scissor lift operators are key components for a variety of projects. If you hire these workers, your company needs Seattle aerial lift certification by law.

Without compliance, your employees cannot operate any aerial lift in Seattle. Aerial lift certification in Seattle just makes sense – and it’s the law! If your company needs help with Seattle aerial lift certification, CMO is here to help.

Our training for scissor lifts, aerial lifts, AWPs, cherry pickers, MEWPs and other lifts includes:

✓ 100% OSHA compliance

✓ Best customer support in the business

✓ Fully updated & complete training for all your employees, from new operators to veteran MEWP drivers

✓ Convenient online access

✓ And more

Seattle Aerial Lift Certification – Course Catalog, Pricing & More

We’re here to assist with your training and safety. Sign up with CMO and get aerial lift certification in Seattle today!

Check out our courses – if you have any questions, give us a call at (602) 277-0615.

Exclusive Train the Trainer Certification – Great for Seattle Aerial Lift Safety & Compliance

Price: $149.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Seattle Aerial Lift Certification (English)

Price: $75.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – Seattle Aerial Lift Certification – Ideal Bi-Lingual Option

Price: $75.00

Class 7 Aerial Lift Certification in Seattle

This course covers Rough terrain forklift Trucks, straight mast forklifts and extended reach forklifts. We also offer the same course in Spanish.

Price: $75.00

Fall Protection – Aerial Lift Certification in Seattle – both English and Spanish are just $75.00 each.

If you’re not sure about training and compliance gaps with your aerial lift certification in Seattle, look no further than CMO. We’ll get your entire aerial lift workforce compliance in no time at all. Simply register your company here and you’ll be on the fast track to OSHA compliance with CMO!

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Why Your Company Needs Seattle Aerial Lift Certification from CMO

Seattle is the most populous city in the Pacific Northwest and there is plenty to love about the city. From its beautiful waterfront seascapes to the surrounding mountains and evergreen forests, Seattle is that rare city that offers urban appeal and rustic adventure right around the corner. The greater Seattle region encompasses thousands of acres of parkland, providing the nickname “Emerald City.” Seattle is also home to a thriving technology industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metro area.

Thanks to Seattle’s growing economy, qualified aerial work platform (AWP) and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) employees are always in demand. Did you know that CMO offers Seattle aerial lift certification for a variety of compliance needs?

All of our Seattle aerial lift certification courses are available in Spanish, except our Train the Trainer class. OSHA requires that all employers provide aerial lift and scissor lift training for their employees, yet many companies can’t provide aerial lift training in Seattle alone.

Whether you need to certify your co-workers, or upgrade your company’s Seattle aerial lift certification & training, has the knowledge and customer support you need – and our prices won’t break the bank!

Why Get Aerial Lift Certification in Seattle

Here are some of the reasons to obtain your Seattle aerial lift certification, including some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

✓ Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Seattle Aerial lift certification creates highly competent and responsible operators, which in turn improves the productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With our aerial lift training in Seattle, your workplace automatically gets an upgrade in productivity!

Reduce Injuries in the Workplace with Proper Aerial Lift Training in Seattle

OSHA places high standards on those who operate aerial lifts and to the workplaces who hire them. Aerial lifts are large, heavy pieces of equipment and accidents involving them are the main cause of death on worksites. OSHA has created regulations and industry standards to try and monitor workers to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that occur every year.

Be OSHA Compliant and Avoid Penalties

OSHA cracks down on both workers and employers for neglecting to obtain and require proper aerial lift training in Seattle. You can save yourself from getting fired and being hit with thousands of dollars in fines by complying with their standards and receiving an aerial lift certification. Get your scissor lift and aerial lift certification in Seattle today!

Attract Better Job Candidates

Employers who hire uncertified workers are likely to be hit with incredibly expensive fines which can cause them to go bankrupt. As a result, they are not willing to take that chance. With our scissor and aerial lift training in Seattle, your business will bring in the best operators.

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Sign Up for Seattle Aerial Lift Certification Today with CMO!

There are so many reasons to complete your aerial lift certification in Seattle. If your company needs OSHA compliant training today,, look no further than Our scissor lift and aerial lift training in Seattle takes only about 60 minutes to complete, is 100% OSHA compliant, costs only $75 for both aerial and scissor lift education, and will provide you with everything you need to qualify for multiple Seattle positions.

Sign up today and enjoy instant access to your certification card upon completion of the online Seattle aerial lift certification course! If you have any questions about aerial lift certification in Seattle, call our OSHA experts at (602) 277-0615. Thanks for considering for all of your scissor lift and aerial lift certification in Seattle!

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