An Old Workhorse, Still Going Strong – Meet Skyjack’s Oldest Aerial Lift

Nearly 30 years old, and still as reliable as ever! Must be a classic Honda Accord, right? Nope? How about a mid-1980s Toyota Corolla? Try again. This particular machine is a Skyjack aerial lift – and it was discovered in probably the last place the folks at Skyjack expected!

Recently, Skyjack started Quest2013. In an attempt to find the oldest working aerial lift, the company received entries from places as far away as Argentina, Germany, Latvia, India and other countries from around the world.

An Old Workhorse, Still Going Strong – Meet Skyjack’s Oldest Aerial Lift

An Old Workhorse, Still Going Strong – Meet Skyjack’s Oldest Aerial Lift


And guess what? That old workhouse was right in Skyjack’s backyard! The 29-year old lift was found a few miles from Skyjack’s factory in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The lift is the third Skyjack scissor lift ever made. Kraner Electrical uses the SJ006-10 lift to install conduit or fixtures, run pipes or connect electrical equipment. Kraner bought the lift at an auction in 1996, but it was actually produced in 1985.

It’s not like the old SJ006-10 lift is just sitting around for everyone to look at. It’s used on a daily basis and remains an important part of Kraner Electrical’s business. The lift looks like a 29-year old lift – it has a few scrapes and scuffs here and there – but it still performs just like the day it rolled off the production line in 1985.

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