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Scissor Lifts: Not Just for Warehouse Work

Scissor lifts and aerial lifts are not just for warehouse or construction work.  An artist can use one to create intricate murals that inspire community beautification.  Newsworks.com reported that Illia Barger, who comes from a long line of artist ad musicians, is currently working on a mural reliving happy memories of Princeton, New Jersey’s public garden projects.  Princeton’s city council has been diligent for some time about community projects and started with The Herban Garden, Writer’s Block, and Quark Park.

The Artistic Touch

Barger was asked to create a mural representing one of her favorite memories of these parks.  She chose to do a beautiful concept piece that makes the viewer feel as though they are a child lying in the grass looking up an impossibly clear sky.  She has titled the piece “Continuum”.

JLG 1930ES scissor lift

JLG 1930ES scissor lift (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barger, a baker by trade, opted to paint the mural on the side of her own bakery which is right in the Writer’s Block area. In order to be able to reach the full extent of the building for her mural, Barger elected to use a scissor lift.  In the wrong hands of someone who has not been trained to operate this kind of equipment, this could, potentially end in disaster, dismemberment or even death. Even if you are renting the equipment it is always better to make sure that you are fully trained on the equipment you are using, especially when it is equipment of such magnitude.

Training is Essential

There are many ways to get training scissor lift training. Companies are now offering online training and certification for scissor lifts and aerial lifts.  This makes an easy and convenient way to receive the proper training to keep yourself and anyone using these machines safe. Whether you are planning to use scissor or aerial lifts in your small business, or for a personal project like Illia Barger, make sure that you take the necessary precautions and do so safely.

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Aerial Lift Training for Your Employees Made Easy

Aerial and Scissor Lift Training Could Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

     “The employee in question was also not given the hands-on education in using the aerial lift that OSHA requires before use.”

We know employee lives are in danger on job sites where scissor lift and aerial lift training are used – yet, tragedy doesn’t really hit home until we see it on the local news, or know a person or family whose lives are impacted by a serious tragedy involving an aerial lift.

Many potential employees look forward to operating an aerial lift, and learning the tools of the trade. However, looking forward to going to work can turn into tragedy without the proper aerial lift online certification. For instance, we can examine the case of two sheet metal workers in Framingham, MA, who recently lost their lives to improper aerial lift training.

Inadequate training leads to tragic death and OSHA sanctions.

Two employees of the Framingham company were working in a Grove model A125J aerial lift’s elevated basket. During a routine rooftop inspection, the lift fell over as it was being lowered. A later OSHA inspection resulted in the conclusion that the lift was lowered improperly – which in turn cost employee lives.

After further inspection, OSHA inspectors determined that the aerial lift operator on the job had not received adequate time scissor lift training, or appropriate OSHA aerial lift training. The employee in question was also not given the hands-on education in using the aerial lift that OSHA requires before use.

Because of this accident, one employee ended up dead, and the other was seriously injured. The company received OSHA fines in excess of $31,000. We’ve said it time and time again – these types of fines are enough to literally shut down a company.

Lessons learned.

There’s nothing worth the loss of life. Your employees are loyal, and the law requires that your protect them and your business investments by ensuring OSHA mandated scissor lift training and aerial lift training online are a part of your everyday operations. It’s just too risky to get unseasoned employees up on your lifts.  Why wait?  Get started TODAY!