Your budget is highly dependent on maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Get Access To The First Unlimited Online OSHA Compliance Training Platform 
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CertifyMe Pro is a straightforward, no-nonsense platform that exceeds industrial standards in OSHA compliance training, ensuring your 2024 budget is invested wisely.
Transforming how employees approach safety and providing them with effective training can play a pivotal role in minimizing your risk-related expenses. With CertifyMe Pro, we acknowledge this critical need and offer flexible and efficient methods for employers to conduct comprehensive employee training. 
With CertifyMe Pro, you’ll have access to every certification you need to be OSHA compliant in any environment for up to 10 employees for the entire year. 

CertifyMe Pro Includes Our Best-Selling Certifications
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PLUS 30 Additional Certifications For Complete OSHA Compliance

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Join CertifyMe Pro Today And Get These Additional Member Benefits

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Benefit #1: Get Instant Access To Our Best-Selling OSHA Compliant Certifications

All CertifyMe Online Certifications Are…

Benefit #2: 30 Additional OSHA Compliance Certifications

Certify Me Pro is an easy to use online portal that offers you access to 30 OSHA Mandated Certifications. 

In just minutes you can assign a certification, and avoid problematic audits or injury!
There’s no paperwork, no hassle, and certifications are quick and simple!
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Benefit #3: Updates, Automatic Renewals and Refreshers

We’ll store your records, so that if you’re ever audited you’ll be prepared. In just a few clicks, you can pull up all of your team’s certifications and prove you’re organized!

We’ll also remind you about renewals, so you never have to worry about checking in, or following up.
Once your team member is certified, you’ll get an alert when a renewal is required!
CertifyMe Pro gives you access to everything you need in one place to certify and protect you, your employees, and your business. 

Benefit #4: Leadership Trainings

Running a business can be a challenge…CertifyMe PRO is here to help!

We’ll provide you and your team with new trainings to help your business run smoothly.
We’ll help you grow your team into effective leaders that care for your business like it’s their own!
Topics we’ll cover include:
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Benefit #5: Monthly Newsletter

Delivered every month to your inbox, you’ll receive our members only newsletter. 

The most informative publication on OSHA compliance and updates of its kind.
Every page is filled with expert content written and created by experts.
We’ll cover the latest news about enforcement and actions…
We’ll cover training and educational resources that may apply to you!

Benefit #6: Exclusive Member Discounts

CertifyMe Pro membership also makes you eligible for exclusive discounts on everyday things like:

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Your custom safety plan.

Benefit #7: Automated Safety Plan Builder

When you join today, you’ll also get access to our Artificial Intellegence driven Safety Plan Builder. With just a few clicks you can have a custom safety plan for your business!

Join CertifyMe Pro Today For Just $1995!

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Just $1995 Per Year

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100% Money Back Guarantee

As a Member of CertifyMe Pro, you’re protected by a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the certifications or the training materials, simply email our support team and you’ll receive a prompt refund.

Join CertifyMe Pro Today For Just $1995!