Forklift Trainer Certification Course Description

For Trainers, Supervisors, & Foremen

Who need to become Qualified Trainers

Without digging through regulation documents

By using our Online Certification Course

Become the GO-TO-PERSON in Forklift Training with our 100% OSHA Compliant online program including INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE free 3-year renewals

Finally, a SIMPLE AND EASY way to get your Trainer Certification TODAY!

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Our course includes:

Forklift Classifications

Forklift Operation

Controls & Instruments

Workplace Hazards

Training Techniques 

OSHA Requirements

OSHA Recommendations

Battery Related Hazards

Mast Types & Visibility

Fork Attachments


Forklift Qualified Trainer

Evaluator Certification

Note: The completion of the online Trainers Certification is NOT intended for use as an operator safety-training program and does not include any operator training materials, cards or certificates. It is intended to accompany the online operator-training program.


1) Is forklift certification a requirement?

According to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178, it’s mandatory for anyone operating a forklift to complete forklift certification training before they’re allowed to operate the equipment. If one of your employees is involved in an accident and you’re unable to verify their training, OSHA can impose hefty fines and penalties.

2) Where can I get OSHA-approved forklift operator certifications for my employees?

That’s an easy one. When you choose, you’re just a few clicks away from registering your business and enrolling your lift operators. Our training courses are ideal for beginning drivers, veteran forklift operators, and everyone in between. Click here for more information on where to get forklift certification and why it’s important.

3) Can you get forklift certified online and still be OSHA-compliant?

Absolutely! All of CMO’s online training and certification programs include the very latest OSHA requirements and other training information. As the fastest, most convenient and most affordable training, we’re the number one choice for any business or individual driver wanting to become OSHA compliant.