Make Time for Aerial Lift Certification in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, City, Bridges, Buildings, SkylinePittsburgh has long been known as a city of industry. From steel, aluminum, and glass to automobiles, computers, and electronics, the city has paved the way for many blue-collar jobs. Today, healthcare, defense, and software engineering are thriving industries in Pittsburgh. Many of these employers require aerial lift operators to move materials and products from one location to another or to prepare them for transport. Employers must hire skilled and certified aerial lift operators to do the jobs.

Aerial Lift training in Pittsburgh, PA is essential for any company that has aerial lift operators on its payroll. It can be challenging to get employees certified and maintain that certification to meet OSHA requirements. takes care of the problem with our online courses.

Why Do Companies Choose CMO for Pittsburgh Aerial Lift Certification?

– Affordable prices

– Exceptional customer support

– Training is continually updated to reflect changes from OSHA

– Only requirement is access to the internet

– 100% OSHA compliant

– Much more

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Train the Trainer Certification – $149.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Pittsburgh Aerial Lift Certification – $75.00

Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – $75.00

Class 7 or Class 7 Spanish – $75.00

– Rough Terrain Aerial Lift Trucks

– Straight mast Aerial Lift

– Extended reach Aerial Lift

Fall Protection or Fall Protection Spanish – $75.00

Why Take CMO Aerial Lift Certification in Pittsburgh, PA?

Aerial Lifts are essential for many companies. They make moving heavy items from one place to another much easier and safer. However, these machines do carry their own risks and can cause injury to the operators and others if not handled correctly. CMO Aerial Lift certification trains workers on how to operate an Aerial Lift and how to maintain a safe work area. The workers will learn how to recognize and avoid hazards and what to do when an accident happens. Aerial Lift certification is required by OSHA before a worker can operate the equipment. Any company that allows someone to drive an Aerial Lift without the proper certification may receive a fine.

Why CMO is the Best Pittsburgh Aerial Lift Certification

Employers want to maintain a safe work environment for their employees and customers. Many times, an Aerial Lift operator will be driving in a customer area, and they must know how to keep everyone around them safe. CMO courses stay up to date with current OSHA regulations to ensure 100% compliance and safety for the company. You need a course that prepares workers for their job in operating an Aerial Lift and none does it better than CMO.

Choose for Your Pittsburgh Aerial Lift Certification

Your job as an employer is to provide a safe environment for your workers and customers. You must ensure that every worker is certified before they operate an Aerial Lift to protect the company and everyone else around them.

You can trust the Aerial Lift certification program from CMO. All of our courses meet the requirements from OSHA to maintain compliance for companies. They only take about an hour to complete and can be done from anywhere with internet access. At a cost of just $75 apiece, the courses are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Get the necessary certification for your employees with CMO. Sign up today to stay in compliance! Talk to our team at (602) 277-0615 and get your questions answered.