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New Scissor Lift Accessory Available From British Company

Scissor Lift Attachment

DRXmulti materials handling attachment

Are you looking for different ways to do your job better on a scissor lift? A British company, Aerial and Handling Services (based in Smalldole), just announced a new DRXmulti materials handling attachment, specifically designed for scissor lifts.

The great thing about this attachment is the versatility; it can be installed on every make and model of scissor lifts (United States, Great Britain and elsewhere), including low level access platforms such as Pop-Ups or Power Towers. Weighing about 30 pounds, the fully device can be positioned in under five minutes and removed in less than 60 seconds.

The accessory should be a great fit for scissor lifts at manufacturing plants and other industrial settings. It will also be a sought-after attachment for scissor lifts at construction sites, because it can function as a pipe & rebar rack or a board carrier. All the user has to do is change the jaws for clamps and add board cups.

Ian Harding, the director of Aerial and Handling Services, is excited about the new DRXmulti accessory. Harding said, “Naturally we’re hoping this will be a very successful product, having taken us almost a year and a large investment to design and finish it ready for commercial sale. Everyone at AHS has been involved with the project…it’s been much more than just blood sweat and tears!”

The first two devices have already been used by Bam Ferrovial Kier (BFK) and fitted on two Genie GS2646 scissor lifts. They’ll help with a curtain wall at London’s Farringdon Station.

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The Most Unusual Uses for Aerial Lifts

The Most Unusual Uses for Aerial Lifts

99% of the time, aerial lifts are used for typical on-the-job tasks. If you’ve ever been in an aerial lift or know someone who spends a lot of time in one, it’s probably for things like painting, maintenance, construction work, electrical contracting and other similar jobs.

Every so often, aerial lifts are used for unique situations. Here are some of the more unusual used for aerial lifts:

  • Security. That’s correct – for large crowd control (college football games, music concerts, etc.), aerial lifts can be used to give security guards and police a “bird’s eye” view of what’s happening below. East Carolina University recently used aerial lifts in their home football opener.
  • Getting pets out of trees and off of rooftops. Aerial lifts can be used to help rescue those adventurous pets go get a little TOO adventurous. Sure, they still use fire truck ladders, but aerial lifts can also do the trick!
  • Installing mega-sized Christmas trees. The world’s most famous Christmas tree, in New York’s Rockefeller Center, was put in with the help of a massive aerial lift during last year’s holiday celebrations.
  • Setting basketball hoops in place. In order to measure a basketball rim exactly 10 feet off the floor, aerial lifts are used to both measure and balance rims. Hey, not everyone is LeBron James – sometimes an aerial lift can help get people way up in the air!

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Scissor Lifts Will Help Monitor Crowds at ECU College Football Games

Scissor lifts are usually used to elevate workers for painting, repairs and other jobs. But East Carolina University (Greenville, NC) is taking a different approach.   2013-09-29 16.25.47(1)

ECU recently announced that they’ll be using scissor lifts to upgrade their safety and security at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, the home field for their football team, known as the Pirates.

Police at ECU have come up with a better way to keep an eye on the crowds, both in the stadium and afterwards, when everybody leaves. ECU opens their regular season against North Carolina Central University, and university officials think everything will run more smoothly thanks to a new tool – scissor lifts, of all things!

“Safety is our number one priority and while we want to see the Pirates win, we don’t want to be the story after the game we want the Pirate win to be the story,” said ECU Police spokesperson Lt. Chris Sutton.

Along with EMS stations located around campus, law enforcement officers will man tailgating areas on the ground and up high in scissor lifts.

“That scissor lift is a way to have eyes above the crowd to help should we see a need where we need to try and disperse or move the crowd,” said Lt. Sutton.

Nearly 150 officers will be on duty at Saturday’s game, which is set for an 8:00 PM kickoff.

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