What is an Aerial Lift Certification?

Do you or your workers use aerial lifts? These vehicle-mounted, boom-supported aerial platforms (bucket trucks, cherry pickers, etc.) are used to access utility lines and other equipment for aboveground job sites. Because of their unique elevation requirements and operational procedures, aerial lifts require initial training and re-certification at certain intervals. If an employer requires their workers to use aerial lifts, they must ensure the safe use of aerial lifts.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), aerial lifts are subject to falls, electrocutions, collapses, tip-overs, and other potential hazards. OSHA’s own aerial lift guidelines include safeguards that promote safe loading, mechanical & electrical operating standards, minimum clearances, harness implementation and many others.

With CertifyMeOnline.net, you’ll have OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification at your fingertips. An aerial lift certification helps avoid accidents, falls and other OSHA-recognized pitfalls. Plus, it can also help prevent fines for non-compliance. If OSHA shows up at your facility to analyze your safety program, having non-certified aerial lift operators will mean heavy penalties.

Our aerial lift certification program features:

  • Instant operator card access – Print your cards immediately and the official laminated cards will arrive within 7-10 days in the mail.
  • 24/7 availability – Certification that’s flexible and schedule-friendly.
  • Comprehensive coverage – Developed by OSHA experts, our aerial lift certification will keep your workforce well within OSHA standards.
  • Affordable price tag – At just $75.00 per aerial lift operator, CertifyMeOnline.net offers certification at a fraction of the cost most programs charge. Plus, our aerial lift certification is available in Spanish.

Companies like Harley-Davidson, Siemens, U-Haul, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Dow and many more have benefitted from CertifyMeOnline.net’s aerial lift certification program, both for initial training and re-certification.

Best of all, setting up aerial lift certification is simple – just 5 easy steps are all it takes! Give us a call at (602) 277-0615 or 888-699-4800.

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