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New Genie Lift Offers Outstanding Performance

A new boom lift coming out of Europe may make waves in the US in the next year or so.

Genie will be introducing the new Z™-62/40 articulating boom lift during the APEX tradeshow. This popular convention in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, will take place at the end of June.

This new lift is an upgrade over Genie’s previous model, the Z™-60/34 articulating boom lift.

With a working height now at over 66 feet and an outreach distance (horizontal) of nearly 41 feet, this lift will be popular with construction companies, painters, maintenance workers and more.  And even with all of these new and improved features, this new Genie boom lift weighs just 21,900 pounds – much less than other similar aerial lifts. This lift also can be stored in compact places, thanks to a redesigned frame.

The lift has already grabbed the attention of industry experts. “Updating to Tier 4 Final compliance allowed us to completely re-envision our Z-60 boom and make it more competitive in today’s marketplace,” said Adam Hailey, Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Booms Product Manager. “This is sure to be a sought after machine with our customers.”

The Z-62/40 also has 4-wheel drive and a proportional control system to ensure smooth, easy to use operation. But it can also handle heavy-duty workloads. The Z-62/40 boom lift is available with sand tires and four-wheel steering option. By the end of this year, it will also have an option with a Genie four-point TraX™ track drive system for solid handling over tough terrain.

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The Air up There: Taking the JLG 1350SJP for a Spin

It’s big. It’s bad. It’s bold. And even if you THINK you’re not scared of heights, the JLG 1350SJP aerial lift might make you reconsider. It certainly made a lasting impression on one journalist.

Brett Solomon, a car electronics writer, recently took a ride in the impressive JLG 1350SJP. This lift is known for its towering height capability, as the lift can reach 13 stories high – 135 feet!

What makes this lift even more amazing is the speed at which it can reach


135 feet. In just about 90 seconds (a minute and a half), it takes a worker from ground level to halfway up a 26-story building. That’s about as quickly as you can go at a safe speed.

Solomon noted the lift’s speed and controls, which quickly hoist both personnel and cargo to soaring heights. And what he really remembered was the wind force up around 100 feet.

The lift is designed to hold 500 pounds with full mobility and 1,000 pounds with limited movement. The JLG lift is used by construction crews, painters, maintenance workers and other brave men.

And they are brave, no doubt about it. According to Solomon: “Here is a salute to construction workers everywhere who have to hang out on one of these daily: Godspeed. I don’t mind a 66-foot Aerial Lift, but 135 feet is not a fun place to be.”

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Italian Manufacturer Introduces a New Line of Scissor Lifts

Lamborghini. Ferrari. And Almac Italia.

The first two names grabbed your attention. And if you’re a scissor lift operator, the third will soon be a household name.

Almac Italia (company HQ in Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia, Italy) has introduced a range of compact crawler-mounted scissor lifts.

Italy isn’t known for producing scissor lifts (Germany and the UK have a more established industrial equipment manufacturing base), but the Almac Italia fleet should turn (and raise) a few heads.

scissor lift

Their recent announcement includes 3 different products. The Bibi630-L is the largest scissor lift, with a working height of 6.3 meters (over 20 and a half feet) and a basket capacity of 200 kilograms (almost 441 pounds).

The Bibi630-L is complemented by the Bibi410 with a 3.98 meter (13.5 feet) working height and the 4.98 meter (16.33 feet) working height Bibi510. The Bibi630-L also offers an extendable undercarriage from 85 to 115 centimeters, with a leveling function up to 25 cm.

Other features include the high-performance Almac Italia Easy-Drive System (ED-S) and the Direction-Control System (DC-S). Plus, all 3 models are diesel driven and also offer an optional 220 V auxiliary electric motor for indoor use.

The company said it plans to extend its product range in the near future. “The goal of Almac’s team is to widen our products range with innovative units, constantly increasing customer satisfaction,” said a company spokesman.

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Failure to Provide Fall Protection Results in Huge OSHA Penalty

Fairview Contractors (based in Lee, Massachusetts) were cited by OSHA for safety violations that resulted in the death of roofer Francis Bona, 51.

Fairview failed to provide proper safety measures during the November incident. Bona died at a condominium job site. If his employer had provided guardrails and other fall protection measures, it’s probable that Bona would still be alive.

“This was a needless and avoidable loss of a workers life,” said Mary Hoye, OSHA area director for Central and Western Massachusetts. “While guardrails and fall-arrest systems were present at this work site, they were not used and were thus useless,” she said.

Four site scaffolds at the site did not have guardrails, and employees working on the roof did not have fall-arrest systems. What’s more, walk boards that connected scaffolding also lacked guardrails, officials said.

OSHA cited Fairview Contractors for a pair of willful violations (legal-speak for they knew they were cutting corners) and five serious violations for the osha penaltyremaining hazards.

As a result, Fairview was put on OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program. This means that numerous follow-up inspections will happen in the future – often during surprise visits to job sites.

Along with the loss of life and severe damage to the company’s prestige, the total fines could end up costing Fairview Contactors $119,350.

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