Italian Manufacturer Introduces a New Line of Scissor Lifts

Lamborghini. Ferrari. And Almac Italia.

The first two names grabbed your attention. And if you’re a scissor lift operator, the third will soon be a household name.

Almac Italia (company HQ in Gualtieri, Reggio Emilia, Italy) has introduced a range of compact crawler-mounted scissor lifts.

Italy isn’t known for producing scissor lifts (Germany and the UK have a more established industrial equipment manufacturing base), but the Almac Italia fleet should turn (and raise) a few heads.

scissor lift

Their recent announcement includes 3 different products. The Bibi630-L is the largest scissor lift, with a working height of 6.3 meters (over 20 and a half feet) and a basket capacity of 200 kilograms (almost 441 pounds).

The Bibi630-L is complemented by the Bibi410 with a 3.98 meter (13.5 feet) working height and the 4.98 meter (16.33 feet) working height Bibi510. The Bibi630-L also offers an extendable undercarriage from 85 to 115 centimeters, with a leveling function up to 25 cm.

Other features include the high-performance Almac Italia Easy-Drive System (ED-S) and the Direction-Control System (DC-S). Plus, all 3 models are diesel driven and also offer an optional 220 V auxiliary electric motor for indoor use.

The company said it plans to extend its product range in the near future. “The goal of Almac’s team is to widen our products range with innovative units, constantly increasing customer satisfaction,” said a company spokesman.

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