The Air up There: Taking the JLG 1350SJP for a Spin

It’s big. It’s bad. It’s bold. And even if you THINK you’re not scared of heights, the JLG 1350SJP aerial lift might make you reconsider. It certainly made a lasting impression on one journalist.

Brett Solomon, a car electronics writer, recently took a ride in the impressive JLG 1350SJP. This lift is known for its towering height capability, as the lift can reach 13 stories high – 135 feet!

What makes this lift even more amazing is the speed at which it can reach


135 feet. In just about 90 seconds (a minute and a half), it takes a worker from ground level to halfway up a 26-story building. That’s about as quickly as you can go at a safe speed.

Solomon noted the lift’s speed and controls, which quickly hoist both personnel and cargo to soaring heights. And what he really remembered was the wind force up around 100 feet.

The lift is designed to hold 500 pounds with full mobility and 1,000 pounds with limited movement. The JLG lift is used by construction crews, painters, maintenance workers and other brave men.

And they are brave, no doubt about it. According to Solomon: “Here is a salute to construction workers everywhere who have to hang out on one of these daily: Godspeed. I don’t mind a 66-foot Aerial Lift, but 135 feet is not a fun place to be.”

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