Should I Buy a Used Scissor Lift or Aerial Lift On eBay?

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Should I Buy a Used Scissor Lift or Aerial Lift On eBay?

What about aerial lifts and scissor lifts? Seems far-fetched, right? Actually, there are a growing number of companies and individuals who buy and sell used scissor lifts on eBay every day.

There are dozens of boom lifts up for auction on eBay. The lifts can be categorized by Make, Type, Model Year, Platform Height, Condition and other attributes. For the person who has a limited budget and knows exactly what they want, buying a scissor lift online makes a lot of sense.

Or does it? Here’s a closer look at what to consider when you buy a used scissor lift.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Scissor Lift on eBay

The old adage “caveat emptor” (“buyer beware” in Latin) should never be ignored, and that’s especially true when purchasing a lift for thousands of dollars online. So should you consider eBay as a legitimate marketplace for your next aerial lift or boom lift?

Absolutely – but make sure you check the following things first:

1. Seller Rating

Every eBay seller has a percentage rating, based on sale history, positive feedback, reputation, etc. Go with a buyer with at least a 95% rating. Setting your standards high will help to ensure that the eBay scissor lift you’re considering buying is exactly how it is described online, and is worth the asking price

2. Conduct a Personal Inspection, If You Can

If you’re in Massachusetts and your $20,000 boom lift is in California, it’s probably not a good idea (just think how much shipping costs would be). But for local buyers and sellers, eBay can save a ton of time and hassle. It is becoming very popular to sell all sorts of items on eBay for distance and local prospective buyers especially because people can sell items directly to the buyer and not have to go through a third party. This means less hassle for both you and the seller, and a better price. With that being said, we suggest looking to eBay for a used scissor lift in your local area and when you find something you like, contacting the seller to ask to come and inspect the equipment yourself.

3. Auction Terms

Is there any state sales tax involved, for out-of-state purchases? Is any hand money required to hold the lift? What about insurance considerations? Online purchases are no different than traditional ones; stay informed, and you’ll end up with a dependable piece of machinery. Just because you may snag a great deal on a used scissor lift, doesn’t mean that you won’t end up paying full price for it down the road in taxes and insurance if you don’t do your homework first.

eBay Scissor Lift Checklist

Before you buy a used scissor lift on eBay, evaluate the following factors to help you determine if a lift will perform as expected:

1. Hours

Find out how long a scissor lift has been used. Remember, the less time a scissor lift has been utilized, the longer it will last, particularly if its owner has performed regular lift maintenance.

2. Tire Condition and Type

Examine a scissor lift’s tires and look for cracks, peeling, or other signs of wear and tear. Find out if a lift’s tires are air- or foam-filled or rubber, too.

3. Welder-Ready

Ask an eBay seller if a scissor lift is welder-ready. If a lift is welder-ready, you won’t have to worry about having a standalone welder and power supply.

4. Outriggers

Determine if a scissor lift already has outriggers or if the vehicle can accept outriggers. If you intend to use a scissor lift on rough terrain, you may need outriggers to help keep your lift stable.

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How to Shop Safely on eBay

eBay offers a fast, convenient option to shop for scissor lifts from Genie Lift, Snorkel, JLG, Skyjack, Niftylift, and other top-rated brands. But, if you’re not careful, you may inadvertently fall victim to an eBay scam.

Common eBay scams include:

Non-Delivery Scam: Occurs when a seller fraudulently lists a scissor lift and does not deliver it to a buyer. eBay offers a money-back guarantee to cover non-delivery scams, but this guarantee does not cover scissor lifts.

Incorrect Name on Product Delivery Label: Happens when a seller ships an item to a buyer and intentionally puts the wrong name on the label. In this case, the buyer returns the item to the seller, due to the fact that he or she believes it did not belong to him or her. Then, the seller keeps the returned item and the original payment submitted by the buyer.

Payment Outside of eBay Requested: Occurs when a seller requests a payment be submitted for a product outside of eBay. Once a buyer submits their payment, there is no way to track the payment, and the seller may keep the money without providing the buyer with the product.

If you purchase a scissor lift via eBay, you should do so exclusively through the auction website. Document all aspects of your transaction, and request a tracking number with your delivery. If you encounter any problems during your transaction, notify eBay immediately.

How to Bid on a Scissor Lift During an eBay Auction

It is generally a good idea to conduct extensive research into scissor lifts. You can then use this information to place a bid that helps you get the best price on a lift.

Auctions can be competitive, so you should keep a close eye on a scissor lift auction until it closes. In some cases, you may be able to submit a bid at a “Buy It Now” price. If you choose this option, you can purchase a scissor lift for a predetermined price and forgo the auction process.

Once you have the perfect eBay scissor lift at the perfect price, you need trained workers to operate it!

The way people purchase aerial lifts and boom lifts is always evolving – and so are OSHA standards and regulations. With the new year approaching, is your company prepared to stay on top of all the legislative changes? Do they even impact your business? If you’re unsure, it helps to have an expert like around. We know all about OSHA, and our training is designed to keep your workplace productive and safe. We offer aerial work platform training, scissor lift instruction, fall prevention classes, and much more.

How Can Scissor Lift Training Help You Make the Right Purchase?

Although it may not seem like it, completing comprehensive scissor lift training before buying a used scissor lift at auction on eBay can help you make a better decision and get the most for your money. That’s because, a trained operator has a trained eye and knows exactly what to look for when inspecting an eBay scissor lift, both for safety reasons, potential repairs, and operational efficacy. It’s not going to help you in your business if you purchase a used scissor lift without this precise inspection, only to realize that the “great deal” you got was in vain—due to malfunctioning, worn out parts that need to be completely replaced. In addition to money wasted, it also isn’t safe to drive an eBay scissor lift that needs way more work and repair than you realized. Doing so can put you or another employee’s life at risk.

You can avoid the risk of wasting a lot of money on a low-quality scissor lift, prevent having to shell out thousands more dollars right away for costly repairs and replacements, and avoid the ultimate price of your life when operating on an unsafe lift.

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Only Hire Certified Workers to Operate Your Used Scissor Lift

You spend hours researching the highest quality eBay scissor lift at the best price; don’t put it into just any hands. You need capable workers who are qualified to operate scissor lifts and avoid accidents that can cause injuries and equipment damage.

As a used scissor lift buyer, you are obviously a savvy shopper who wants to invest their money in the smartest way. That’s why you should choose our scissor lift certification program. It is all online, only takes about one hour to complete, can be accessed on any device with the internet, and is 100% OSHA-compliant!

To sign up today, please call us at (602) 277-0615, or visit the CMO contact page. We’d love to get you started right away. Thanks for visiting the CMO blog!

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