How to Stay Warm on an Aerial Lift

Talk to any aerial lift operator, and they’ll tell you it really IS windier and colder way up there. Without trees, buildings and other obstacles to block the wind, even being elevated 10-20 feet up in an aerial lift can be cold, especially in the already-frigid winter months.

How to Stay Warm on an Aerial Lift
How to Stay Warm on an Aerial Lift

The jet stream gains strength at higher altitudes and that means boom lift workers and aerial lift operators need a plan to keep from freezing. So how do these laborers stay nice and warm, even when up in the air 40 feet on an aerial lift?

Here are three key tips for staying warm on an aerial lift:

  • Layers really work. Big, bulky jackets are fine, but what really keeps the body’s warmth from escaping is multiple clothing layers. Some aerial lift workers actually prefer 4 t-shirts and a hoodie to just one t-shirt and a big jacket.
  • Don’t forget the gloves & extra socks. In higher elevations, your extremities (fingers and toes) are the first to feel biting cold. Make sure your gloves have an insulated interior, and it never hurts to wear an extra pair of socks!
  • Drink some hot coffee or other beverages, if you can. Not all aerial lift workers are allowed to bring a mug of coffee on the job, but if you are, take advantage of the privilege! Even normal-temperature drinks can help the body stay warm.

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Thanks again for reading out blog – hopefully these tips will keep you warm on your aerial lift projects!

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