Massachusetts Aerial Lift Accident Every Worker’s Worst Nightmare

On Saturday, April 12, two Massachusetts utility workers were when a truck tipped on its end, causing the aerial lift they were in to crash to the ground. The accident occurred along the Scenic Highway.

Massachusetts Aerial Lift Accident Every Worker’s Worst Nightmare
Massachusetts Aerial Lift Accident Every Worker’s Worst Nightmare

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) normally has up to six months to complete its investigation, according to U.S. law. Usually, OSHA completes its finding well before that time. However, this particular accident may take the full 180 days to gain all the information necessary for an accurate report.

The two workers (Joseph L. Boyd III, of Fall River, and John Loughran, of Quincy) died when their lift basket crashed to the ground. They were working on transmission lines.

It is unclear whether workplace violations contributed to the accident, but OSHA intends to find out. “OSHA will gather whatever information it needs to make a determination,” spokesman Ted Fitzgerald wrote in a statement.

The transmission lines are vital to providing power to the greater Cape Cod Canal, nearby one of the most popular vacation destinations along the U.S. East Coast.

Photos from the accident scene show extended outriggers (which should be used when people are lifted on the boom end), but OSHA still has to find out if the weather of wind played a part in the accident.

According to OSHA regulations, lift controls on aerial lifts should be tested each day prior to use to determine that they are in safe working conditions. Booms and boom platforms designed as personnel carriers must have controls on both the platform and on the ground, according to the regulations.

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