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osha updates

OSHA Updates to Look for in 2017

OSHA makes updates to their regulations every year with the objective to continuously improve workplace safety and efficiency. When workplace functions are more efficient, safety is often easier to obtain and hazards are more easily and quickly caught to help prevent accidents from happening. For 2017, OSHA is updating their policies on tracking workplace injuries and illnesses, and the policy on walking-working surfaces and personal fall protection systems to make workplaces safer and more efficient.

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cone safety

How to Cone off an Aerial Lift

How to Cone Off and Taper an Aerial Lift Work Zone

A recent incident on December 13, 2016, made news when a local resident captured a video of improper work zone marking performed by utility workers. Comcast employees failed to properly alert and steer drivers clear of the aerial lift work zone and consider the slippery road conditions, causing a few slide-offs and one minor collision.

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The Top 5 Aerial Lift Safety Violations and How to Prevent Them

Aerial lifts have replaced ladders and scaffolding on many work sites. They have also helped to improve the safety and efficiency of many types of projects. However, OSHA investigates an average of 26 aerial lift-related deaths each year due to not complying with safety standards.

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Evolution of the Cherry Picker / Aerial Lift

You know those evolutionary progression pictures, the ones that show our early predecessors on all fours, then a few knuckle-dragging creatures, finally culminating it an upright, modern human being?

Kind of like this:



Well, that’s sort of how today’s heavy-duty aerial lifts “evolved.” But instead of natural selection, the aerial lift’s current attributes are more due to the old adage, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

So, the evolution of the aerial lift is a little less Darwin, and a little more design innovation.

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When Is a Scissor Lift Not an Aerial Lift?

If you’re feeling confused wondering, “what is a scissor lift? I thought they were technically aerial lifts,” you’re not alone. Even though scissor lifts and aerial lifts are often grouped together, they are completely different. And as far as OSHA is concerned, scissor lifts are not aerial lifts. There’s been confusion about the classification of scissor lifts and aerial lifts across many worksites in the United States.

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