Fall Protection Training and Certification

CertifyMeOnline offers the fall protection training you need to keep employees safe by decreasing workplace injuries when aerial and scissor lifts are operated. The comprehensive step-by-step program provides the proper training materials, compliance forms, checklists, and certifications needed to meet OSHA regulations. The online training is quick and convenient as it can be completed anywhere and at anytime.

OSHA Fall Protection Training

Aerial and scissor lifts are a major cause of fall related injuries and deaths, most of which can easily be prevented with the proper fall protection training. From 1992-1999, there were more than 207 aerial lift related deaths in the United States, over 60 of those deaths were due to falls. In addition, scissor lift accidents are responsible for 25 percent of aerial lift deaths, with more than half of the deaths relating to falls.

With these alarming facts, it’s essential all aerial lift and scissor lift operators are properly trained to reduce the risk for falls. OSHA fall protection training can be completed with CertifyMeOnline. The training abides by OSHA training standards and guidelines to achieve an OSHA fall protection certification. Through online learning and hands-on evaluations, aerial lift and scissor lift operators will be properly trained to help reduce the threat of fall related deaths and injuries.

To achieve the fall protection certification, the training course will teach operators how to properly ensure access gates and openings are closed, how to stand properly on the lift platform, and the importance of not climbing or leaning over guard and handrails. In addition, training covers the proper use of restraining belts and harnesses and the importance of not using other devices on the lift, such as ladders, while in the working position. Training also covers the proper methods to belt-off, such as avoiding adjacent structures and poles to prevent falls, and many other important safety aspects.

OSHA Fall Protection Certification

Upon completing the fall protection training, an OSHA fall protection certification will be granted, which can be printed immediately for instant certification. All of the necessary documentation and forms will also be included for proper proof of achieving the fall protection certification.

When fall protection training is completed, employees and employers will have their minds put at ease as the risk for injuries, fatalities, and OSHA fines will be reduced. The workplace will be safer with the correct safety regulations in place. As a result, work productivity will continue to run smoothly without any unexpected mishaps, mistakes, or accidents.

To benefit from well trained aerial lift and scissor lift operators, employers can quickly certify new employees to ensure OSHA standards are met with CertifyMeOnline. Employees can be certified the same day and in just a few minutes. The training is fast and effective and can even be completed during a work lunch break. There are no excuses as to why your aerial and scissor lift operators aren’t certified when the process is this simple with CertifyMeOnline.

Protect yourself, your employees, and your company with OSHA fall protection training and certification with CertifyMeOnline today!

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