Everything You Need to Know About Aerial Lifts

If you drive a forklift, you may be interested in another piece of equipment that offers great job security for well-trained operators: aerial lifts. Here are a few things about aerial lifts you need to know:

There are many hazards and dangers associated with aerial lifts. Some of these include falls, tip-overs, coming into contact with overhead objects, ejections from the aerial lift platforms and many others.

The aerial lift is popular with many different Everything You Need to Know About Aerial Liftstypes of work. Construction companies, plumbers, painters, maintenance workers, mechanics and many other people use aerial lifts every day.

Safety is very important. Because aerial lifts can reach hundreds of feet into the sky, there are many rules and regulations on how to properly use them. OSHA (the United States Occupational Safety & Health Administration) always checks to make sure companies and workers are following these guidelines.

They’re very popular. Instead of scaffolding and ladders, aerial lifts are used because they’re more durable and dependable. Hundreds of thousands of new aerial lifts are made every year!

Properly trained aerial lift workers have a big advantage over unqualified job seekers. When a company wants to hire an aerial lift operator, they’ll check to make sure the applicant has the latest instruction and training. Hiring an untrained operator is just too risky.

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For more OSHA updates, aerial lift news and other stories, check back often to the CMO blog. Thanks for reading!

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