JLG 1850 Mobile Elevated Working Platform Becoming Popular Overseas

JLG 1850, capable of expanding 19 stories high.

When JLG introduced the 1850, everyone took notice. After all, the ability to reach up to 19 stories high is a pretty big deal.

Now, rental companies overseas are jumping on board. A rental company in South Africa has made the 1850 available, and customers already love it.

This story illustrates the worldwide influence of aerial work platforms (AWPs), also known as aerial lifts.

The rental company, Eazi Access Rental, is expanding their overall options for engineering companies, government agencies and independent contractors. So far, results have been positive.

“Because of great strides made over the years in construction engineering, the work-at-height solutions industry always needed to stay on its toes, which it has indeed done. Besides advances made in more traditional work-at-height devices, it is the telescopic boom lifts that have been stealing the limelight,” said Eazi CEO Brett Fleming.

Just a decade ago, it was unheard of to reach 19 stories in South Africa, and the entire African continent. But with the JLG 1850, the possibilities are endless. Formerly impossible projects are now – quite literally – within reach.

Here’s another huge feature of the 1850: it can reach full height in less than 5 minutes!

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