United Rentals offers online trench safety training and certification

Online trench safety training and certification.

United Rentals of Greenwich, Connecticut announced the release of a new trench safety training course. This course is meant for excavators whose primary role at work in and around open trenches.

Related safety courses allow excavators to become OSHA compliant while operating heavy machinery. US Federal OSHA guidelines require individuals who operate aerial and scissor lifts to receive the proper OSHA certification.

Certain documentation is needed for any qualified professional to operate an aerial or scissor lift. United Rentals is not the only company in the US to feature online training. Train the trainer, fall protection, and rough terrain forklift, aerial and scissor lift training are all covered under a variety of online courses available from different merchants.

Why are Trenches Different?

Trench safety requires a particular knowledge of aerial and scissor lift equipment and deployment in order to make sure the employees are safe. Excavation can be risky business, and an operator who is using an aerial or scissor lift  and work near open trenches faces a different set of risks than a different kind of lift operator may deal with on a daily basis.

Equipment taking over, falling from the lift while it is in the trench and being rolled over, or having other heavy machinery cause serious injury are all part and parcel of the types of risks faced by aerial lift operators.

How Can a Worker Avoid Accidents?

The first step to avoiding an accident while operating an aerial or scissor lift is to receive the proper aerial lift certification. Aerial lifts have their own set of guidelines, particularly when they are being operated near a trench. Rough terrain certification and the proper trench training saves lives.

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