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Minneapolis, Mississippi, Mississippi River

If you have Aerial Lift operators at your warehouse, distribution center, store, or other facility, you can rely on for your Aerial Lift certification in Minneapolis, MN. Our Aerial Lift certification and training program is designed to meet all OSHA requirements and maintain 100% compliance. Minneapolis is a busy city, known as a hub for business between Seattle and Chicago. The economy is made up of the financial sector, trucking and rail transport, health care, and industry. Many of these companies require the skills of Aerial Lift operators to move goods and materials.

Aerial Lift training in Minneapolis, MN is essential for companies to maintain a safe work environment while utilizing the benefits that come with these machines. is the ideal choice for training to ensure companies receive Minneapolis Aerial Lift certification for their workers.

Why Do Companies Choose CMO for Aerial Lift Certification in Minneapolis?

– Affordable pricing

– Outstanding support

– Training includes all updates from OSHA

– Requires only internet access

– 100% compliant with OSHA

– Much more

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Train the Trainer Certification – $149.00

✓ Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Minneapolis Aerial Lift Certification – $75.00

✓ Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift – Spanish – $75.00

✓ Class 7 or Class 7 Spanish – $75.00

– Rough Terrain Aerial Lift Trucks

– Straight mast forklift

– Extended reach forklift

✓ Fall Protection or Fall Protection Spanish – $75.00

Why Take CMO Aerial Lift Certification in Minneapolis?

Forklifts are a necessary part of many industries. They move items from one location to another where other vehicles cannot access. While these machines are quite capable and valuable to a company, they must be handled with care. OSHA requires all Aerial Lift operators to be certified and trained before they use the machine. Training will teach workers how to use a forklift, how to inspect it, and how to avoid hazards that can lead to accidents.

Why CMO is the Best Minneapolis Aerial Lift Certification

As an employer, it is your duty to maintain a safe work environment. You must ensure that no worker operates a Aerial Lift until they have been trained and certified. You need a program that meets compliance requirements and provides training to prepare operators for the various situations they will face while operating a forklift.

Choose for Your Aerial Lift Certification in Minneapolis, MN

You can trust the online training program from CMO. Our courses meet all OSHA requirements and take only about an hour to complete. Instead of trying to schedule in-house training around your workers’ schedules, they can complete these courses from CMO on their own time from anywhere. For a basic cost of just $75, each worker can become certified in Aerial Lift operation. You’ll receive a printed certificate once the course has been completed that you can keep in the worker’s file if an accident occurs and you need to prove the company was in compliance.

Get your employees certified with CMO today! Sign up to ensure you’re in compliance. You can speak with a training expert at CMO by calling (602) 277-0615. Thank you for using CMO as your resource for Aerial Lift certification and training.