Aerial lift certification onlineDid you know that OSHA requires every Minneapolis employer with aerial lifts to provide employee training? This is a challenging task for companies focused on job duties.

From mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), scissor lifts, aerial work platforms (AWPs), and other lifts, where do you start with aerial lift certification in Minneapolis? takes care of all your OSHA compliance requirements.

For only $75, our Operator Training course ensures compliance for beginners, experienced operators, and everyone in between. And if you’d like to have your own certified trainer, CMO’s Train the Trainer certification, at only $149, is an exceptional value for Minneapolis aerial lift certification.

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How to Get Aerial Lift Certified in Minneapolis 

With just a few simple steps, you’re on your way to getting Minneapolis aerial lift certification online!

  1. Get your company and employees registered. You can create unique IDs for every AWP operator.
  2. Complete online testing. From OSHA safety guidelines to proper maintenance and more, your employees will learn a lot about how to safely operate aerial lifts!
  3. In-person testing. It’s time to apply what your employees learned online to the actual equipment. Here, you’ll use CMO’s paperwork, checklists, and other resources to perform on-site, live evaluations.
  4. Print and file aerial lift certification in Minneapolis. After successful completion of the testing and evaluation, every employee that passes gets their operator card – and you can print instantly!

 All Minneapolis aerial lift certification is valid for 36 months. Whenever your workers are ready for their 3-year recertification, we’ll handle that as well! 

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Benefits of CMO’s Aerial Lift Certification in Minneapolis 

Enjoy these benefits and more with our online Minneapolis aerial lift certification: 

  • 100% compliance. Our aerial lift certification in Minneapolis provides complete compliance requirements for all employees – and for all types of AWPs and MEWPs!
  • Affordable prices. No company should be non-compliant. That’s why our courses are priced for optimum value. Safety shouldn’t be too expensive, and that’s one reason why CMO is the smart choice when companies need Minneapolis aerial lift certification.
  • Automatically updated training content: OSHA regulations always change. Keeping up with the latest regulations is just another thing you have to worry about – but not with CMO! We’ll let you know when safety guidelines change, and update your courses accordingly!
  • Total audit and inspection coverage. Some OSHA fines can easily exceed $10,000 if your company has an accident and you can’t show proof of training. With CMO, no worries – you’re always covered! 

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Minneapolis Aerial Lift Certification FAQs 

Along with how to get aerial lift certified in Minneapolis, we’re often asked these questions:

Are cherry pickers and other lifts included?

Absolutely. CMO’s aerial lift certification in Minneapolis includes every type of lift, including cherry pickers, articulating boom lifts, scissor lifts, and everything else.

Do I have to buy individual training courses for each employee?

No – we’ve simplified Minneapolis aerial lift certification, and made it affordable for everyone. When you buy one of our courses, they’ve valid for all employees that need the training.

What about fall protection training?

CMO has a complete selection of courses for all your aerial lift certification in Minneapolis. From  HAZWOPER certification to fall protection to cherry pickers and more, just browse our course catalog and choose the training you need.

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Choose for Your Aerial Lift Certification in Minneapolis, MN

Still curious about how to get aerial lift certification in Minneapolis? CMO is the answer. Our courses meet all OSHA requirements and take only about an hour to complete. Instead of trying to schedule in-house training around your workers’ schedules, they can complete these courses from CMO on their own time from anywhere. For a basic cost of just $75, each worker can become certified in aerial lift operation. You’ll receive a printed certificate once the course has been completed that you can keep in the worker’s file if an accident occurs and you need to prove the company was in compliance.

Get your employees certified with CMO today! Sign up to ensure you’re in compliance. You can speak with a training expert at CMO by calling  (602) 277-0615 or reach out online