How to Get an Aerial Lift or Scissor Lift Certification Card

scissor lift training card

If you use aerial lifts or scissor lifts in your business, it’s an OSHA requirement that training certificates be kept on file for all lift operators, even if they operate the equipment only occasionally. OSHA also has a requirement that each of these workers will need to carry up-to-date aerial lift certification cards whenever they operate aerial lifts or scissor lifts.

Aside from being required, it makes good sense from a business standpoint to see that your operators are all properly certified. An untrained or poorly trained lift operator is far more likely to be involved in a serious accident that results in injury or death than one who’s been correctly trained and certified.

OSHA also requires all employers to provide their employees with a workplace free from hazards that can cause accidents leading to the serious injury of a worker or workers. Part of maintaining a safe workplace includes having all aerial and scissor lift operators properly trained and certified. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in the employer being subject to hefty fines, prison time, or both. Worse yet, lack of proper lift operator training can lead to the injury, disability or even death of an employee.

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Workplace Accidents Involving Lift Equipment

Whenever there’s a serious accident involving a scissor lift or aerial lift, OSHA will initiate an investigation into the incident. Their investigation will include a thorough examination of all lift operator training records. Here are some of the items OSHA will be looking for during their review of the records:

• Have all aerial lift and scissor lift operators been properly trained and certified?

• Were all workers involved with the incident familiar with current OSHA guidelines and procedures for safely operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts?

• How much do the employees know about workplace safety standards? Did a lack of knowledge or training contribute to the incident?

• If the worker or workers involved were trained, did they have aerial lift or scissor lift certified operator cards? Are their certifications current, or have they expired?

• Who was ultimately responsible for the accident? Was it the employer, the lift operator or an outside third party such as the equipment’s manufacturer?

An aerial lift operator or scissor lift operator card issued by CMO will serve as proof that your employees are trained to the latest OSHA standards for operating lift equipment in the workplace. Each certificate is an important document that’s a permanent part of each employee’s training records. is the preferred choice for providing both aerial lift certification card and aerial lift operator online training.

Reasons for Choosing CMO to Train Your Employees

CMO is the leading provider of aerial lift and scissor lift operator training and certification. CMO aerial lift certification cards and scissor lift training cards issued to workers who have completed our training form an important part of the employee’s records. They serve as proof that the employee has been trained to comply with the latest OSHA workplace safety standards. Here are some highlights of our online aerial lift and scissor lift training classes:

Convenient and Flexible: Students complete the training at their own pace, working during lunch breaks, at home after hours or whenever and wherever they choose.

Affordable PR: Many employers assume having their employees trained and certified to operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts is too expensive. With CMO, that’s not the case. Our streamlined training process eliminates the middle man, so there’s no need to worry about costly third party training providers. Whenever you have the need to certify your employees for operating lift equipment, we have you covered.

Industry-Leading Expertise: Staffed by OSHA experts, our trainers are thoroughly familiar with the latest industry regulations. After your employees receive their aerial lift operator cards or scissor lift operator cards, you can rest assured knowing they have received the best possible training available anywhere.

Why Get Aerial Lift Operator Cards through CMO

OSHA will request proof that your aerial lift and scissor lift operators have been properly trained. This can be either following a workplace accident or during a workplace audit, which are often unannounced. That’s where CMO comes into the picture. When your workers train with us, all required documentation, including forms, cards and certificates are already on hand.

One of the many great things about CMO training is that there’s no waiting for your employees’ aerial lift certificates and operator cards to arrive in the mail. With our convenient online platform, you can print out certification cards for your employees’ HR files immediately upon completion of the training. There’s no waiting, no hassle and no wondering whether your scissor lift or aerial lift workers are legally permitted to operate the equipment. Just print the cards and everything else will fall into place.

It all comes down to a matter of proper training. If your employees have up-to-date scissor lift or aerial lift certificates, your chances of workplace accidents decrease because they’ve been taught all the correct safety rules

Reasons to Choose CMO To Certify Your Operators

We’re simply the best place to get your scissor lift certification and aerial lift certification cards. There are many good reasons to use CMO. We’re the real experts – our staff knows OSHA inside and out. Here are just a few ways that you and your company can benefit by using to train and certify your lift operators:

Affordability: You’ll save lots of money by having your employees train with CMO.

Convenient Format: All CMO aerial lift and scissor lift training materials are available online, and can be accessed 24/7 using a smartphone, tablet, or other digital device any time and anywhere there’s and Internet connection.

Operator cards are available immediately: This is a big plus. Once an employee has completed the training, his or her aerial lift or scissor lift operator card can be immediately downloaded and printed, which means they’re legally authorized to operate the equipment. It just doesn’t get any faster than that!

Even More Reasons Why CMO is the Best Way for Employers to Certify their Aerial and Scissor Lift Operators

CMO is the number one source of OSHA-approved scissor lift and aerial lift operator training. We’ve being certifying lift operators for more than 20 years.

Literally thousands of businesses and individuals have successfully completed our aerial and scissor lift certification programs since we first opened in 1999. Our pass rate is 100%.

Aerial lift and scissor lift operators are in huge demand across the nation. With a CMO aerial or scissor lift certification card, operators have the training needed to advance their career

All CMO online training programs are 100% OSHA compliant, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Enroll Now is the fastest, easiest, most convenient and most affordable means to certify aerial lift and scissor lift operators. All CMO’s online interactive training programs have been approved by OSHA. Having your employees receive their aerial lift and scissor lift certification cards through CMO can make both you and your lift operator employees OSHA-compliant in as little as one hour. is clearly the best choice for all your aerial lift and scissor lift training and certification needs. For more information on CMO’s aerial lift and scissor lift operator training, or for information on any of our other training programs, contact us online or call us at 888- 699-4800 or 602-277-0615 to speak with a customer service representative.

Thank you for visiting CertifyMeOnline/net’s website. We’re looking forward to assisting you with your training for aerial lift and scissor lift certification cards.

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