How to Get Aerial Lift or Scissor Lift Certification Cards

scissor lift training card

When companies use aerial lifts or scissor lifts in their business, OSHA requires training certificates be kept on file for each operator, even if he or she operates the equipment only occasionally. OSHA also requires workers to carry current aerial lift certification cards whenever they operate aerial lifts or scissor lifts.

Aside from being an OSHA requirement, it makes good business sense to ensure that each of your operators has been properly trained and certified. An untrained or poorly trained lift operator is far more likely to be involved in an accident resulting in injuries or death than an operator who’s been properly trained and certified by an OSHA-approved training institution such as

OSHA also requires all employers to provide their employees with workplaces that are free from hazards that could cause accidents leading to serious injuries or fatalities. Having your aerial lift and scissor lift operators properly trained and certified plays a major role in keeping a workplace safe. Failure to comply with OSHA requirements can result in employers receiving hefty fines, prison time, or both. Even worse, lack of proper lift operator training can lead to serious injuries, disabilities or even deaths.

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Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Accidents in the Workplace

Whenever a scissor lift or aerial lift is involved in a serious accident, OSHA immediately initiates an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The investigation will include an examination of all lift operator training records, including verification that all aerial lift and scissor lift operators have current certifications issued by an OSHA-approved trainer such as Here are some other items OSHA will look for during an employee records review:

1. Are there certifications on file for each lift operator showing they’ve been properly trained?

2. Were the workers involved with the incident familiar with current OSHA procedures for safely operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts in the workplace?

3. How much do the employees know about workplace safety standards? Did a lack of OSHA safety procedures or proper lift operator training contribute to the incident?

4. Who was ultimately responsible for the accident – the employer, the lift operator, the equipment manufacturer or other outside third party?

Aerial lift and scissor lift certification cards CMO issues to workers upon completion of our training will prove that your employees have been trained to the latest OSHA standards. Operator training certificates are an important part of each employee’s HR training records, since in the event of an OSHA audit, the certifications provide proof that a worker has been trained in accordance with the latest workplace safety standards. has been successfully training and certifying aerial lift and scissor lift operators for years, which is why it’s the preferred choice for aerial lift operator online training. Here are a few highlights of’s online aerial lift and scissor lift training

CMO Online Training is Flexible

Working at their own pace, students complete the training whenever and wherever it’s convenient – during lunch breaks, at a coffee shop or at home.

Our Training is Affordable

Many employers mistakenly assume having their employees trained to legally operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts is expensive. CMO’s streamlined online training process eliminates the middleman, which means there are no costly and inconvenient third-party training providers. When you need to have your operators receive aerial lift certification cards to operate your lift equipment, we have you covered!

Industry Expertise

Our trainers are veteran OSHA experts who understand the latest industry regulations for operating aerial and scissor lift equipment. After your employees receive their aerial lift or scissor lift certification cards, rest assured they’ve received the best possible lift operator training available anywhere.

Reasons to Have Your Aerial Lift Operators Trained through CMO

Following a workplace accident involving aerial lifts or scissor lifts, OSHA will demand to see proof that your equipment operators have been properly trained and certified, which is where CMO comes into the picture, since our staff is thoroughly familiar with OSHA regulations. Here are a few more reasons to use to train your company’s lift operators:

All Inclusive Format

Everything’s included, so there are no books or other materials to buy. Training materials are online and can be easily accessed 24/7 using a laptop or other digital device anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Immediate Certification

After employees complete the training and pass the exam, their aerial lift or scissor lift training cards can immediately be downloaded, which authorizes them to legally operate lift equipment – there’s nowhere else that getting aerial lift certification card training is faster, easier or more convenient!

Why CMO is the Best Way for Your Employees to Get their Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Certification Cards

We’ve being certifying lift operators for more than 20 years and are the number one source around for OSHA-compliant aerial lift and scissor lift training cards.Since we first began offering classes in 1999, thousands of operators have successfully completed our training and received their aerial lift and scissor lift certification cards. Our pass rate is 100%.OSHA requires recertification training every three years or following an accident where a forklift is involved – refresher training is free for life when your operators receive their original training through CMO.CMO’s online forklift and scissor lift training programs are 100% OSHA compliant and come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Enroll in CMO Lift Operator Training Now is a fast, easy and affordable way to certify your aerial lift and scissor lift operators. Each CMO online interactive training module has been approved by OSHA – having your employees train for and receive their scissor lift and aerial lift certification cards through CMO can make them OSHA compliant in as little as an hour. is unquestionably the best choice for training and certifying your aerial lift and scissor lift operators. For more information on CMO’s aerial lift and scissor lift certification cards, or any of our other OSHA-approved training programs, contact us online or call us at (888) 699-4800 or 602-277-0615 to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Thanks for visiting the website. We look forward to helping your employees receive their scissor lift and aerial lift certification cards.

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