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If you’re looking for your employees to get officially certified as operators for aerial and scissor lifts, look no further than CertifyMeOnline. We offer aerial lift certification tests and scissor lift certification tests to both contractors and small businesses that want top quality training, without the high price tag. Our process gets your employees certified in one afternoon, and provides them with the know-how they need to operate equipment safely, and you with the papers you need to combat accidents and fines.

The Importance of the Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training Test

Not having proper training and certification for aerial and scissor lifts is a very risky situation. Letting employees and other individuals operate complicated machinery like the aerial and scissor lift without the proper certifications is an accident waiting to happen. Numerous accidents happen every week across the globe from improper handling of large and complex equipment, and OSHA is always on the lookout for safety violations.

Getting top quality aerial and scissor lift training for your employees can not only keep accidents out of your workplace, but also costly fines from OSHA and legalities. However, it doesn’t have to come at a steep price. The training and testing from is affordable and the most cost-effective you’ll find on the market.

With our scissor lift training test and aerial lift training material, we’ve made OSHA compliant easier and more convenient than ever – and more affordable, too. Prepare for your scissor lift certification test with CMO – we’ll show you all the important info you need to know. Our material is carefully created and developed by OSHA safety experts, aerial lift operators, scissor lift workers, and other experienced personnel.

How the Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Test Works

Aerial lifts and scissor lifts are responsible for serious injuries and fatalities every year, but one of the most effective ways of preventing them is through training and testing. You can avoid these dangers, risks, and injuries by having your employees go through an aerial lift certification test, or scissor lift training test, today. We offer OSHA compliant certification tests for as little as $75.00 per employee, making it an ideal option for contractors and small business owners that don’t want to spend hundreds or more on other expensive options. Our simple 5 step process gets your employee officially certified in as little as a day, or at whatever pace they are comfortable with. Here is the process to get started with your aerial and scissor lift certification tests.

1.) Register Your Company – no charge is incurred during this step

2.) Register Your Operator – it’s only $75.00 to certify each operator

3.) Student/Operator Log In

4.) 60 Minute Online Curriculum & Test – no material (books and videos) to purchase and the aerial lift and scissor lift test can be done at any time

5.) Automatic Printing of Operator Card / Certificate – mailed within 7-10 days

What’s Included in Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training?

The training course from CMO teaches everything workers need to know to operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts safely, and by the book. Our program includes formal written instruction, practical training, and all documentation for leading the aerial lift and scissor lift training test. Every component you need to be compliant.

We also cover all topics required by OSHA:

• How to operate all the controls
• How to complete the pre-start equipment inspections
• How to perform maintenance
• How to comply with Fall Protection, Stabilization, and Positioning standards
• How to avoid hazards that can cause accidents, like tip-overs and electrocution
• And more!

What’s Involved in the Aerial and Scissor Lift Training Test?

In order to receive the aerial lift and scissor lift certification, employees will have to pass a written test and a skills evaluation. The written aerial lift and scissor lift test asks a series of questions, in order to prepare the aerial lift or scissor lift operator for actual working situations. This involves:

• Testing the trainee’s knowledge of how to operate an aerial lift and scissor lift
• Maneuver the lift properly and navigate different work settings
• Useful scissor lift training test and aerial lift instruction to prepare for hands-on evaluation
• Recognizing what the top hazards are
• How to prevent accidents.
• Overview of important OSHA safety regulations
• Helpful scissor lift certification test and aerial lift knowledge
• And much more

You will also have to know all of OSHA’s standards and requirements for aerial lift and scissor lift operators to qualify for the certification.

The skills evaluation is in-person and goes over various operational practices and maneuvers. Students will practice how to safely drive an aerial lift and scissor lift, and once they pass this final part, they will officially have passed the aerial lift and scissor lift training test. You will have OSHA-compliant employees who are prepared to keep your workplace safe and productive.

Here’s the bottom line with CMO’s scissor lift training test and aerial lift written evaluation: they’re simply the most effective and affordable OSHA compliant training packages available online. If your company wants to save money and abide by OSHA’s rules.

The Benefits of Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training from

Some companies will go through great lengths to establish their own guidelines or hire expensive training experts to train their employees with aerial and scissor lift operation. In most cases, both routes are costly and time-consuming. CertifyMeOnline not only offers inexpensive aerial lift certification tests and scissor lift certification tests but quick learning and testing with an hour turn-around time.

If you are a business owner and using a scissor or aerial lift helps with your day to day operations, then you need to consider getting an official OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification test and scissor lift training test for each employee that handles or will handle any type of powerful machinery like the aerial and scissor lift. We can have the entire process done in less than a day for only $75.00 per individual, and all from any device with an internet connection.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the process, or would like to get started with your aerial lift and scissor lift test! Call CMO at (602) 277-0615 for more information about our scissor lift training test material and other AWP instruction. We look forward to hearing from you!

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