The Benefits of Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

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When it comes to working in industrial settings, the right tools can make all the difference. For workers hauling thousands of pounds to great heights, heavy duty scissor lifts are essential. Of course, proper training is necessary for the proper use of heavy duty scissor lifts. With the help of, you and your colleagues can learn to use this equipment as safely and as effectively as possible.

What is a Heavy Duty Scissor Lift?

Scissor lifts are a type of construction forklift. They are equipped with platforms that raise and lower workers and their tools to high areas. Scissor lifts vary in size, fuel type, and application. Heavy duty scissor lifts are designed with major construction projects in mind. They are typically twice the width of a regular scissor lift and can handle loads of more than 60,000 pounds. Ergonomically safer than a standard lift, a heavy duty scissor lift platform helps to prevent injuries associated with heavy lifting. Of course, workers must follow guidelines for heavy duty scissor lift use in order to prevent accidents and injuries on the job.

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Types of Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

A wide range of industrial scissor lifts are available for rent and to purchase. The ideal model depends largely on your goals for a given project. For instance, a workstation lift might be the right option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hydraulic lift that is durable under demanding conditions. Extra-wide scissor lifts are helpful for elevating oversized payloads up to 60” in the air. Extra narrow heavy duty scissor lifts fit perfectly into tight spaces without sacrificing strength or capacity. Whatever your goal, odds are good that there’s a perfect option available for the job.

What is Actisafe Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Scissor Lift?

A line of stainless steel goods lifts from Actisafe feature high-end performance, advanced safety features and efficient operating costs. Plus, the heavy duty scissor lifts are versatile enough to be utilized outside their intended environment (animal processing plants).

The Actisafe scissor lifts are touted by workers, distributors and industrial equipment experts for their impressive functional capability. The lifts are especially sought after due to their ergonomic qualities, resulting in less worker fatigue and greater on-the-job comfort.Stainless Steel Scissor Lifts

The heavy duty scissor lift trucks are primarily used for lifting heavy loads. With a specialized stability system, the Actisafe scissor lifts are able to hoist significant weights while still maintaining an ultra-stable base. Because of their reliable operation and enhanced safety attributes, the scissor lifts are used in a wide variety of industrial environments – warehouses, shipyards, retail and also 3rd party logistics outfits.

Each industrial scissor lift is rigorously inspected and tested for unmatched reliability, durability and ergonomics before shipment. The indoor / outdoor lifts can also be customized to accommodate a specific user’s unique preferences.

The Actisafe scissor lifts are just one of the many models covered by Our comprehensive courses not only scissor lifts, but also aerial lift certification, fall protection training and certification and many other courses.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

Heavy duty scissor lift trucks are incredibly versatile. The uses of scissor lifts are truly unlimited. Because they’re so powerful, they can lift even the heaviest of payloads. This makes the job of the scissor lift operator that much safer. Reinforced solid steel legs help to prevent sway. Velocity fuses control descent should hydraulic power be lost. Pivot joint bearings are lubricated, and power units come pre-wired. Of course, to be a certified heavy duty scissor lift expert, operators must be properly trained and certified before they begin leveraging this incredibly useful technology.

Risks of Mishandling Heavy Duty Scissor Lifts

Construction equipment is as safe as in charge of operation. Employees should always use heavy duty scissor lift fall protection when working. It’s equally as important that operators earn their scissor lift certificate before they begin using such equipment. With the right training and experience, workers can learn to use heavy duty scissor lift platforms safely and effectively.

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Choose CMO for Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Work Training Programs

As this blog shows, it’s absolutely critical to provide the safest possible conditions for your workforce. If you need to train new employees on heavy duty scissor lifts, aerial lifts or simply update existing paperwork, has everything you’re looking for. Our courses meet OSHA scissor lift requirements and offer convenient testing, same-day certification and hassle-free customer service.

For more information about our affordable industrial scissor lift instruction programs, give us a call at (602) 277-0615, or visit our contact page to send us an email. can give your operators their required certifications with little cost and effort on your part. And don’t forget the best part – the end result is a safer, more productive workplace.

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