New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scissor Lift Varied Uses

A new line of stainless steel goods lifts from Actisafe feature high-end performance, advanced safety features and efficient operating costs. Plus, the lifts are versatile enough to be utilized outside their intended environment (animal processing plants).

The Actisafe scissor lifts are touted by workers, distributors and industrial equipment experts for their impressive functional capability. The lifts are especially sought after due to their ergonomic qualities, resulting in less worker fatigue and greater on-the-job comfort.Stainless Steel Scissor Lifts

The lifts are primarily used for lifting heavy loads. With a specialized stability system, the Actisafe scissor lifts are able to hoist significant weights while still maintaining an ultra-stable base. Because of their reliable operation and enhanced safety attributes, the scissor lifts are used in a wide variety of industrial environments – warehouses, shipyards, retail and also 3rd party logistics outfits.

Each lift is rigorously inspected and tested for unmatched reliability, durability and ergonomics before shipment. The indoor / outdoor lifts can also be customized to accommodate a specific user’s unique preferences.

The Actisafe scissor lifts are just one of the many models covered by Our comprehensive courses not only scissor lifts, but also aerial lift certification, fall protection training and certification and many other courses.

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