How Scissor Lifts & Low Level Lifts Improve Safety and Productivity

It’s a problem every painter, construction worker, maintenance employee and others have encountered – what’s the best way to remain safety on scaffolding while getting the job done? Sometimes, that last little task just seems too far out of reach.

Enter low-level scissor lifts, the latest safety innovation that’s becoming increasingly popularPainter with all types of workers, all over the world, in all sorts of working conditions.

What are low scissor lifts? How does this equipment add extra functionality to a wide variety of job sites? And how is low profile scissor lift safety training acquired?

For that last question, has all the answers. Our training modules give your company the best value and most complete OSHA compliance tools and resources – all at a great price! Check out our course pricing and select a training package today. From low profile scissor lifts to low scissor lift specialized training, no other OSHA compliance training source matches

Let’s take an in-depth look at low scissor lift operation, including the scissor lift leveler and other operational tips & tricks.

Low-Profile Lift, Big-Time Exposure and Popularity

According to a recent article in Lift Access magazine, the big advantages of low-level scissor lifts are their stability, dependability and overall ability, period, to gain access to those seemingly out of the way places that nothing else can reach.

Along with their super-convenient access, low-level scissor lifts can also traverse those tricky terrain and other uneven surfaces, all while hoisting hundreds of pounds of equipment. And that’s important for limiting needless trips up and down scaffolding. Thanks to a device called a scissor lift leveler, low profile scissor lifts are able to “grip” uneven terrain much more efficiently than traditional scissor lifts.

The article also stressed the impact of falls on one particular industry alone. In just the carpentry field, $93 million was spent for falls from scaffolding and ladders. If some of those carpenters had used low-level scissor lifts, those falls would’ve been avoided altogether. While typical scissor lifts can extend up to 50 feet and above, low scissor lifts

With fully enclosed railings, kickboards and other safety design features, low-profile scissor lifts are simply better at protecting laborers than typical scaffolding. Throw in go-anywhere mobility, and you have one of the most versatile pieces of work equipment on the market today.

And another hidden benefit of low-level scissor lifts is their improved ergonomics. With worker fatigue one of the most common causes of accidents; scissor lifts are doing their part to make the workplace a safer place.

Examples of Low Scissor Lifts

Low profile scissor lifts are increasing in popularity all the time. From better safety ratings to their easy-to-use attributes, low scissor lifts continue to make inroads as a viable, dependable, safer way to access work areas at lower elevations.

The Guardian Low Profile lift is just one example of a low scissor lift. With a check valve, remote power unit and plenty of convenient features, the Guardian low profile scissor lift is used by companies all across the world. This type of low profile scissor lift has a max height of 34 inches.

Great for unloading pallets or accessing heights at lower elevation, the Vestil line of low scissor lifts is another great option. These low profile scissor lifts are used as a smart, safe alternatives to scissor lift levelers.

The Guardian and Vestil low scissor lifts are just a few brands that are capitalizing on the increasing demand for scissor lift levelers and safer, more accessible methods for pallet unloading and other low profile lift tasks.

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