What to Look for When Buying an Aerial Lift

Is your old aerial lift on its last legs? Do you need to buy another lift to meet workload capacity? Whatever your reason for purchasing, it’s always helpful to know what to look for. Some up-front planning can help you make the best possible decision when buying an aerial lift.

What to Look for When Buying an Aerial Lift

What to Look for When Buying an Aerial Lift

Consider these factors, first and foremost:

  • Brand name. Just like automobiles and other durable goods, aerial lifts are often bought & sold based on their manufacturer. Well-established brands are trusted to deliver performance and value.
  • Height limit. Find out how high the aerial lift goes. Factor in your own requirements accordingly. And remember, you might need higher access in the future. It doesn’t hurt to go 25-50 feet beyond normal working height.
  • Tires. Heavy-duty, outdoor tires should be large enough to handle uneven terrain and other potential hazards. Tires are not as much of a concern for indoor aerial lifts, but still very important.
  • Load capacity. If your aerial lift should carry workers and cargo, make sure the lift’s maximum load capacity meets your requirements. Similar to height limit, it’s always smart to get a lift that’ll handle more than your typical carrying capacity.
  • Read & research. Gather all the information you can. If you’re looking at a new aerial lift, find reviews on similar models (same manufacturer, if possible).

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